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Happy Thursday!
As promised, here is my second blog! Incredible things are happening all around. Last night, I (along with Glen Charlow) conducted a seminar at The 36th Studio on Promoting Yourself in the 21st Century. Sandra DeLuca, who I'm sharing a class with at Primary Stages wrote on my Guestbook on my website:

"I attended your seminar on promoting yourself in the 21st century, leveraging the Internet for self-promotion. I was impressed how your finger is on the pulse of the latest developments and tools the Internet and networking sites have to offer. Your experience and advice regarding the dos and dont's of website tools and promoting yourself are invaluable. And such a great public speaker, so helpful! Thank you so much, and keep me posted on your future seminars."

The response was overwhelming. So we have scheduled a workshop for April 30th 11AM-2PM (15 people max). We are offering a recession booster...we are only charging $100.00! We had several people sign up last night, so act fast if you would like to be part of this.

Yesterday afternoon, I had my next to last class at Primary Stages with Andrew Leynse. The talent in that class is great. Alison Esterin (casting director) from Barden-Schnee sat in on the class. I did a scene from Terence MacNally's Dedications. I am pleased with my work yesterday!

Tuesday night, I FINALLY started David Friedman's singing class. My good friend, Maria Otavia joined me. Another great class! Such love and support in that room. I sang "IT'S NOT WHERE YOU START" from SEESAW. Got a great response.

Saturday, I went to the Gay & Lesbian Expo to network and take a marketing seminar. I got so much from being there. It was because of that seminar, that I started this blog. Was also able to give out a lot of cards and collected a few as well.

Tomorrow night, I'm going to Weston Connecticut to see Weston High School's production of HELLO, DOLLY! (As I started to write this, John Abernathy's wonderful version of IT ONLY TAKES A MOMENT came on my IPOD!). If you saw my last blog, you may recall that I have gotten involved with Weston's production.

I received a GOOGLE ALERT stating that Helen Story, of the costume department, was looking for hats for the production. I wrote to her to let her know that I had played Dolly and that I was willing to loan them the feathered headdress for the Harmonia Garden's segment. Helen went to my website and called to see if they could buy my Dolly gown. I said that I would loan it for the run. Helen called me and after a few conversations, I volunteered to come to the school and speak to the cast and crew IF they were interested. Helen spoke to Damian Long, the director, and he said yes. I went to the school about a month ago and spoke about the history of Dolly... How Dolly came to be, the historical time frame of the show, who these characters are, Carol Channing; I even did the Ephraim soliloquy (Ephraim, Let me go...). These kids were wonderful! See this article: Hat's Off to Hello, Dolly!

Helen then contacted the Weston paper about my involvement and Patty Gay did an incredible feature on my getting involved with this production! When I called Patty to thank her, I said if there was anything I could do to return the favor, let me know. She informed me that she was a huge Carol Channing fan and would love to interview her. I told her about The Foundation for the arts that Carol and Harry have started and that if, perhaps, she made that the crux of the article, I could possibly arrange it. I spoke with Carol and Harry and they said they would be happy to oblige! Carol even wrote a letter to the cast which will be included in their program! Two weeks ago, I arranged an interview with Jeffrey Williams on AT THE RITZ. I was there to talk about the history of HELLO, DOLLY! and Damian along with Samantha Rehr (Dolly) were there to talk about taking this show to new generations.
Anyone who knows me knows how compassionate I am about keeping arts in education and this production has allowed me to make my voice heard!

Sunday, I'm going to the ShowBiz Expo and then to another Networking Group after that. GET OUT OF YOUR ROUTINE AND MEET NEW PEOPLE!

Sad news to report...Marilyn Borden, who played "Teensy", the overweight daughter of the sheriff in the classic "I Love Lucy" episode where the Ricardos and the Mertzes visit Bent Fork, Tennessee, passed away yesterday at age 76 from respertory problems. She had been in poor health for the last couple of years. Her twin sister Roz died in 2003. Together, the two were an act that spanned over 60 years in show business, appearing with such greats as Jimmy Durante, Beatrice Arthur, and Bob Newhart. You can visit their website (designed by Glen Charlow) HERE.

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Richard Skipper

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