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"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-wing-
ed bird that cannot fly." - Langston Hughes, (1902-1967)

As you may or may not be aware, I have been working along side Carol Channing and her husband, Harry Kullijian on the DR. CAROL CHANNING ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS.
Check out this link for foundation info
Please check out:
My goal is to make the importance of Arts in Education a national campaign. The arts contribute so much to the economy, to the education, to the cultural life of this city, and I'm not convinced that everybody is always totally aware of that.

Any ideas and/or suggestions you may have are greatly appreciated!

We have raised $650.00 through my FACEBOOK page! I would love to double that by the end of the month!

Can you help? Any dollar amount helps! Please tell AT LEAST 25 of your friends about our cause today!

Thanks in advance! Carol, Harry, and I thank you!You can make a donation here:
Music in high school was the highlight and joy of every day I was there.

My fondest memories were my drama class and chorus. It changed my whole high school experience. I couldn't imagine a school without the arts. How did we do it in the 60's? And why is it on the chopping block today. I don't get it. In my town, a town full of parks and ball fields complains of money to education constantly.

However the town is YET planning another park and more ball fields.

My friend, Shawn Ryan BEAT MERYL STREEP! He reached the Number One Spot this Week on Broadway's Cafe Society Radio!

Right above Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin's "My Minnesota Home".

Go To to Purchase "Blue Skies" which includes the Number One Hit "I've Never Been in Love Before"! Go to I have this CD and it is one of my favorites.
Tell Shawn I sent you.


History Shown at Fox Theater This past weekend.Tony Award winning actress Carol Channing was a special guest and spoke about how as youngsters she and her husband Harry Kullijian visited a Fox Theater while growing up in San Francisco.

Walking down one of the aisles of Pomona's Fox she remembered San Francisco's Fox.
"This is like deja vu," she said.
Kullijian and Channing spoke about their work promoting the use of fine arts in school curriculum.
Seeing what has been done with Pomona's Fox Theater is is a sign that Pomona value the arts, he said.
After their remarks Channing sang a signature tune for the audience.
"You have to forgive me but I'm still in love with the Broadway musical," she said before singing part of "Hello Dolly!"
She sang and then invited the audience to sing along which the crowd did filing the Fox the song for the first time in years.
At the end the audience gave her a standing ovation. See full story here:

The Beales of Grey Gardens continue to fascinate!

Did you see Grey Gardens Saturday night? Kudos to Drew Barrymore, Jessica Lange, and everyone involved. I see Emmys galore for this production. Especially for Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange!Ihighly recommend renting the dvd of the documentary Grey Gardens and watching it before you watch the movie. Though, it was done so well, it could stand on its own.

My friend Jim Gavin, who also wrote INTIMATE NIGHTS (among others), has a new book coming out on Lena Horne. Being a huge Lena Horne fan, I can't wait. See what Liz Smith had to say about Jim's book here:

In my last blog, I wrote about the saga of SORDID LIVES: THE SERIES. Here is a great interview with Del. Keep writing to LOGO.

Are you around Wednesday night in NYC?
Apr 22 7pm
THE PLAYERS THEATRE, 115 Macdougal Street (below West 3rd)
Co-moderated by Sherry Eaker, editor-at-large of Back Stage. Featuring Suzanne Adams, Opening Door Theatre Company (Closing Notice Series at the Duplex); Sharon Carr, producer (Glimpses of the Moon at the Algonquin); Bill Daugherty, self-producing artist (Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? at the Triad); Richard Skipper, self-producing artist (CAROL CHANNING IN CONCERT STARRING RICHARD SKIPPER!); Lee Sommers, General Manager/Booker Triad Theatre; others to be announced.
Doors open at 7:00pm for networking and refreshments, panel starts promptly at 7:30pm. FREE for TRU members; new pricing - $12 for non-members. Please call at least a day in advance for reservations: 212-714-7628; or e-mail

Apr 3011am-2pm
AXA ADVISORS, 1633 Broadway, between 50th and 51st St., 3rd Floor

This past week will be remembered as the week we came to know Susan Boll. Susan Boll was all over the media this week! When someone described her to me, she asked "Did you see the ugly woman who sings so beautifully?" I said why describe someone like that!?!?! On Anderson Cooper afterwards Friday night was the story of a 12 year old in Springfield, Massachusetts who committed suicide earlier this week because kids were making fun of him in school and calling him "gay". When does this prejudice and hatred stop!?!?! Susan teaches us that we can still, regardless of our ignorances, see and appreciate true beauty, beauty of the human spirit and soul ~ music connects all peoples and all souls, as with the theatre, it is about CONNECTION with each other ~ Brava, Susan!

Remembering Columbine 10 years later. Everyone personally affected by this tragedy are in my thoughts and prayers.


With grateful XOXOXs for your support!
Richard Skipper

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  1. Tell Carol Channing I love her. I mean it. I have loved her and lived a 'modern' girl life ever since I saw her in "Thoroughly Modern Millie"....when I was five years old. I loved how Julie Andrews' character had to dance to get the elevator to go up...but the most important lesson I carried with me my whole life was the simple lesson about could FEEL the love Carol had for the character she played..."RASPBERRIES"...she loved and attracted love to her.

    She still does...

    This thoroughly..modern gal...who has served in the Air Force, Performed in theater, been a broadcaster in radio, travelled the world...teacher, a mother, a former wife, a lover of people...and now I am an ex-patriot in South Korea...published three books...And I am only 42...oh so much left to much to experience. LIFE is matter what you think you have or don't have. are a sparkling diamond...beautiful no matter what your are ageless, and I adore you. Marilyn