Happy New Year…Almost!

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" The meek shall inherit the earth-if that's all right with you"

Happy Friday!
What are your plans for tomorrow night? If your plans are to be in Times Square, please be careful I hope that wherever you are you are surrounded by love and peace and happiness!

Words and Music by Jerry Herman, the documentary celebrating Jerry's life was shown once again last night on PBS. Here is a man who has devoted his life to simply entertaining us.He had no agendas other than to entertain. No gimmicks, no special effects, just pure entertainment.

And next month, actually 13 days from today, Danny and I will be traveling to Palm Springs for the Palm Springs film Festival where the film, Carol Channing: Larger than Life, will be shown.it is rather bittersweet. Palm Springs was the home of Harry Kullijian and Carol. I was very excited about seeing the film once again in the presence of Carol and Harry. Dori  Berenstein has done a phenomenal job of capturing the love story of Carol and Harry and, of course, the love story between audiences and Carol worldwide.I am thrilled beyond belief that I'm even a part of this film. It is nice to know that throughout eternity, as long as film exists, that Carol and Harry and a host of other friends are united in this great film. Harry, thanks to Dori, will live on forever. I hope to share in this excitement of watching this film grow as it finds its audience and what I have known for years...that Carol is one of the greatest entertainers that has ever lived.Wish that all of you could join me in Palm Springs and to say hello in person. If not in Palm Springs, the film will also be shown at the Paley Center in Los Angeles on January 18th. I will be joining Carol and Lily Tomlin. If you will be there, please say hello. The film will be opening in limited release on January 20th.

This afternoon, I am joining friends in New York City to see My Week with Marilyn and to "break bread". I can't think of a better way to bring this year to a close… almost. Tomorrow, my blog will focus on the shows I've seen this year and I have seen so many!

I would also like to acknowledge a very special birthday today: Russ Tamblyn. I am a huge fan of Russ'. I actually wrote about him a few weeks ago in my blog when I was covering the fact that Russ Tamblyn, George Shakira's, and Rita Moreno were all immortalizing themselves even further by placing their footprints and handprints at Grauman's Chinese theater. It is nice to know that some of what was once the glamour of Hollywood still exists. I was lucky enough at that time to interview George. I am still hoping that I will have that opportunity with either Ross or Rita. If any of you reading this, know either one of them please let them know of my desires. Till tomorrow, I
 love you all.

Here are a few comments from my guestbook at www.RichardSkipper.com
Dear Richard,
This many weeks since your Jerry Herman Birthday Celebration for the Sheet Music Society - - the afternoon stays in my mind. You achieved the most wonderful combination of entertainment, education, humor, sentiment, honor and respect with regard to the work of Jerry Herman. The people you put together were each sensational and there for such different reasons, offering different perspectives. The "inside" nature of it mad it seem like we were in your living room. I thank you and look forward to your next one!

I saw and heard your presentation at ACOR last week and left with many ideas and more importantly with encouragement. As someone leaving an established career to pursue my original training in art I was buoyed up by your positive attitude. You role modeled willingness to move forward into the wild world of the web and gave us the necessary information on what to do next. Thank you Richard for your wonderful approach and good information.

 It was lovely meeting Richard Skipper Tuesday evening at the ACOR seminar. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I was particularly touched to learn that Richard is a champion of arts education, as that is a passion of mine as well.

I attended Richard Skipper's workshop at The Arts Council of Rockland on Tuesday night (11/15/11). I was prepared for an evening of scribbling down dry information which I would have promptly ignored when I got home. Instead I was treated to a fun and engaging evening. Richard provided many "ahh ha" moments. He made the information relevant, and instilled a sense of urgency to do it now! Most importantly for me, Richard gave me the permission I was not aware I needed to pursue an audience outside of my comfort zone. Thank you Richard Skipper!
Joanna Morton Gary
Spring Glen, NY

This past Saturday I attended Richard Skipper's tribute to Jerry Herman. It was just magnificent. Famous entertainers who worked with and knew Jerry Herman on a personal level talked about his life, told great stories that I was not aware of and more than that sang some great songs. Even songs that were cut but were fantastic! It was a truly great show produced by Richard. We also saw some videos that were not seen before showing a young Jerry Herman singing.Everyone loved it! I can't wait till Richard's next project. By the way I am so thrilled that another Jerry Herman tribute will be done by Richard at the Triad in NYC on Nov. 28th with a fabulous cast. DO NOT miss it!!! You will thank me and especially Richard for attending!
Ed Stimler
Forest Hills, NY

Horace: Advice is cheap, Ms. Molloy. It's the things that come gift wrapped that count! 

Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help!

Thank you, to all the entertainers mentioned in this blog! Thanks for the gifts you give to the world!
I love you ALL!! 

  Here's to an INCREDIBLE tomorrow for ALL...with NO challenges!


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                             Tomorrow's blog will be...A RECAP OF MY YEAR


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In Loving Memory of Harry Kullijian Born:December 27th, 1919 in Turlock, CA. Died December 26th, 2011 in Rancho Mirage, CA.


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