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Pi Day, Doris Eaton, Carol Woods...and More!

Happy Birthday, Doris Eaton
Happy March 14th, 2016!
Today is Monday, March 14, the 74th day of 2016 with 292 to follow.
The moon is waxing. Morning stars are Mercury and Venus. Evening stars are Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Saturn and Uranus.
On this date in 1964 , a jury in Dallas finds Jack Ruby guilty of killing Lee Harvey Oswald, the assumed assassin of John F. Kennedy.
It is also PiDay (3.14).
In 1794, Eli Whitney was granted a patent for the cotton gin.
It is also the birthday of Doris Eaton and Quincy Jones.
Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. ~Albert Einstein, born this day in history.
1912 – Les Brown, American saxophonist, composer, and bandleader (d. 2001).
 1916 – Horton Foote, American playwright and screenwriter (d. 2009).
1920 – Hank Ketcham, American author and cartoonist, created Dennis the Menace (d. 2001)
Happy birthday Michael Caine, 83 today: in bit parts in British films and TV from 1956, he became
Michael Caine
an icon in the 60s
Renowned for his distinctive working class cockney accent, Caine has appeared in over 115 films and is regarded as a British film icon. (Source:Wikipedia).
I'm a sort of boy next door. If that boy has a good scriptwriter. -Michael Caine

1943 – Anita Morris, American actress, singer, and dancer (d. 1994).
Billy Crystal, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter.

 She's as tough as old boots! Do you know when she was eight, she could crack a walnut with her fist? -Bill Owen, birthday today, as Ted in Georgy Girl

Notable Transitions On This Date
George Eastman, American inventor and businessman, founded Eastman Kodak (July 12, 1854 – March 14, 1932).
Karl Marx, German philosopher, theorist and revolutionary socialist (May 5, 1818 – March 14, 1883)
Margery Sharp, English author (January 25, 1905 – March 14, 1991).
 1975 – Susan Hayward, American actress (b. 1917)
1976 – Busby Berkeley, American director and choreographer (b. 1895)
1991 – Howard Ashman, American playwright and composer (b. 1950)
Altovise Davis passed on on this date
Alfred "Fred" Zinnemann (April 29, 1907 – March 14, 1997) was an Austro-American film director. He won four Academy Awards for directing films in many genres, including thrillers, westerns, film noir and play adaptations. Nineteen actors appearing in Zinnemann's films received Academy Award nominations for their performances: among that number are Frank Sinatra, Montgomery Clift, Audrey Hepburn, Glynis Johns, Paul Scofield, Robert Shaw, Wendy Hiller, Jason Robards, Vanessa Redgrave, Jane Fonda, Gary Cooper and Maximilian Schell.

Today, I also celebrate one of my favorite artists, Carol Woods
She will be appearing at Feinstein's/54 Below on March 30th at 9:30PM. More below on that!
Carol Woods is a spectacular performer, with a voice like a brand new trumpet and a personality that wraps her audience in a blanket of warmth and peace. In a box of crayons, she’s the fire-engine red! I’m the unofficial president of the Carol Woods fan club, which grows bigger every time she lights up a stage. Long may she reign!”-Rex Reed
She is best known for her roles in Across the Universe (2007), Sweet and Lowdown (1999) and The Honeymooners (2005). In February 2008 she received a standing ovation during the 50th Grammy Awards broadcast singing Let It Be from the soundtrack of the film Across the Universe, with Timothy Mitchum. Inspired by Barack Obama's campaign and win she has recorded the Grammy Award winner Julie Gold's song America.
The CD of America (The Song) made its debut in a Limited Inaugural Edition at the "Shades of Blue" Inaugural Gala, hosted by Create the Vision Source in Washington D.C. January 20, 2009. In July 2009, America became available to the public at large.
In early 2009 she reprised the role of Matron "Mama" Morton in Chicago on Broadway, followed by two weeks at the National Theatre (March 31 - April 12, 2009). She will remain on tour with the show as Matron "Mama" Morton through June 2010, returning to the Broadway production in July.
She is also recording material for a new CD titled Blues in the Night.
 Carol Woods Broadway theatre credits include Matron Mama Morton in Chicago. Stella Deems in the Roundabout Theater's 2001 revival of Stephen Sondheim's Follies, Mrs Crosby in Neil Simon's The Goodbye Girl (1993), Maybelle in Grind in 1985. She also made a special guest appearance in the 2002 One Mo Time revival as Ma Reed. She was nominated for an Olivier Award for her role in the 1987 London production of Blues in the Night, which led to a NYC run at the Minetta Lane Theater, and in 2008 reprised the role in a San Francisco Production. As a founding member of Tony Randall's National Actors Theatre, in 1992, Carol appeared in their first two productions A Little Hotel on the Side and as Tituba in The Crucible.
She left Big River in 1987 to
play Rose in the Off-Broadway Tommy Tune-directed Stepping Out (play).
On Tour she recreated the role of Jeanette Burmeister in The Full Monty.

She is also known for her portrayal of Big Bertha in The Village Gate's 1979 production of One Mo' Time and its TV commercial where she sang part of You've Got The Right Key But You're Working On The Wrong Keyhole and viewers were invited to see the rest in person.
In 1993, she portrayed Lorena Hickok in First Lady Suite at The Public Theater. In 1997 at the Samuel Beckett Theater she appeared as Vy, Aladdin's mother in Dreamstuff,  a contemporary musical spin on Aladdin. Her regional theater credits include An Evening Dinner Theatre in Elmsford, New York where she appeared as Jewel in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. At the McCarter Theater in Princeton, New Jersey, Carol Woods appeared in C'mon and Hear: Irving Berlin's America (1994), A Christmas Carol (1996), Greensboro: A Requiem (1996).
At Montclair State University in 1992 Carol Woods repeated the starring role in Ma Rainey's Black
Carol Woods on Line
, which she had played in London's Royal National Theatre three years earlier. During Theaterfest '94 she appeared in Side by Side by Sondheim, and during TheatreFest '98, Triplets: The Diva Musical with Ruth Brown, and Angela Robinson. For the Williamstown Theatre Festival she appeared in Hot l Baltimore (2000).
Here is our mini-interview.
If you were to die tomorrow, would you feel that you have done all that you set out to do?
If I were to die tomorrow I would have to say that there is more in life that I would like to achieve so I wouldn't be satisfied there are a lot of things that I still have to do.

What is your mission in Life?
My mission in life is to give back. I have been given so much in life. I've been helped by so many people. So it is my mission to spread the wealth with those who are less fortunate.  I place great value in the talent that has been given by God. I have an inmate ability to love people, not for who they are but for just them being human beings and I am a giver so I continue to give until it hurts.
 If I have ill feelings towards someone, I pray about it first. And I have a saying that I live by "if you pray don't worry, if you worry don't pray". I just leave them in the hands of God and you know what? Your Arms are too short to box with God!

What was your favorite toy as a kid?
When I was a child I asked my mom to get me a life-size doll that could walk and talk and she did the best she could, she got me the biggest Doll she could find. But my most favorite gift was the easy bake oven. From that day on I was smitten by the, let's be a Chef bug. I'm a great cook today and I have been for years.

Your thoughts on "failure" and moving beyond it
I really don't find failure so difficult because when I am confronted by a situation, I tackle it head on and I do the best I can and if it's a "failure", it is not because I didn't put my best effort forth and if it's a "failure", I deal with the consequences and I pick myself up and get back in the race. That's life!

Finish this sentence:I smile today because...
 I love life, it's a gift!

When I interviewed Carol, it was Friday. What does this day mean to you?
Hey, it's Friday and since I am a retiree, it doesn't mean a darn thing to me except I'm alive and well and healthy and I thank God that I'm here. But Friday means a lot for the 9-to-5ers  who have Saturday and Sunday off so I'm happy for them.

Your Secret Passion
My secret passion, well if I told you that it wouldn't be a secret, silly! But anything that I'm passionate about I don't think I have to keep it secret because how is anybody going to know how to help me if I don't tell them. So, I want to do a sitcom!

What brings you the most joy?
The thing that brings me the most joy in my life is God and my family and friends. It's not easy to find ones.

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In Entertainment News 
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Thank you to all of the artists mentioned in this blog,for the gifts you have given to the world and continue to give!
Albert Einstein's report card - 1896

Laughter is much more important than applause. Applause is almost a duty. Laughter is a reward.
-Carol Channing

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