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Sage Snakechalmer Celebrates Rita Hayworth

I am a huge Rita Hayworth fan. I always loved her films. My favorite is Pal Joey which also starred Kim Novak and Frank Sinatra. I  also remember very vividly how cruel the tabloids were at the end of Hayworth's life.
They were painting her out to be a drunk. We all know now that she was battling Alzheimer's. I remember reading somewhere that Rita's daughter,  Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, used to show her mom her films at the end of her life. Hayworth just stared at the flickering images with no recognition of the "love goddess", as she was called, before her. Princess Yasmin has spent her adult life bring awareness to Alzheimer's. 

Quinn Lemley, singer and actress has a highly successful musical homage to her career and life called The Heat Is On. Her approach to Hayworth was a fantasy of Hayworth in Heaven reliving the events of her life on HER terms.

Now, Rita Hayworth is being brought back to life, again, thanks to actress Sage Snakechalmer
The vehicle in which Snakechalmer is bringing Hayworth back is called Private Dancer, directed by Bob Degus. According to her press release, " a beautiful face masks suffering and loneliness, co-dependency and
Sage Snakechalmer as Rita Hayworth
addiction, a heart of gold and a free spirit. As she struggles internally with her carefully constructed public persona, Rita Hayworth emerges from the depths of her own denial, ready to stand up and do the only thing that is left for her to do to save her life."

Snakechalmer has sought out everything
Photographer: Colin Angus
Shot on Location at the Oceana Bungalows, Santa Monica
that's been written about Hayworth over the past few years. Sage and I sat down earlier this week to discuss the journey that has led her and us to Private Dancer.

Sage grew up in Connecticut. When she was eighteen, she moved to New York City to attend Fordham University to study art history. Her father was in finance and her mother was a teacher. They were not from an artist's background but they always honored Sage's art from the time that she was very young. She used to paint and dance and lot's of other creative "stuff: that her parents encouraged her to do. 
As a result, Sage was exposed to the arts growing up. 
The first two Broadway shows that Sage remembers seeing are Cats and Les Miz. She was in grade school when she saw Cats on Broadway. Later on, Cats was done in Sage's school, and she was part of that
Photographer: Colin Angus
On location @ The Georgian Hotel
In 2005 Sage began studying acting for her own personal interest. As if that wasn't enough, Sage opened a management company representing fashion and fine art photographers, directors, and studio artists. For over ten years she was at home with this work, traveling to London, Paris and Los Angeles and working for clients such as Cartier, Ralph Lauren, Sony Music, YSL, and Conde Nast Publications.

She closed the management sector of her business in 2011 to pursue acting full time. Sage has studied with some of the most reputable coaches in the world including her mentor and Meisner teacher Robert X. Modica. She describes her combined techniques as "entirely physical" using method with her everyday varied emotional rolodex while discovering her personal truth moment-to-moment.
Sage began getting commercial work right away as a commercial model. She also began producing.

Throughout that time, being involved in several collaborative projects, she often found herself the subject of those projects as well. She worked very closely with many artists. By doing so, she was also able to tap into THEIR creative processes. Because of the diversity of people she was working with, it was an awesome process. She was happy that she was someone in which they would desire to share their creative endeavors with.

When Sage was in college and started studying theater, she did not consider herself to be the "typical" theater student. She did not desire to follow a traditional route. On her own, she also began to study film. During that time, she studied a lot of directors. What started out as taking acting and singing classes for fun, and being a producer and a representative for artists, turned out to be a three year commitment. Through Modica, Sage started studying the Method in late 2010. At the end of
that period of study, Sage got assigned the "character" of Rita Hayworth in a program that she was involved in. She emphasizes that she wasn't cast to play Hayworth. Her method teacher, Sebastian, assigned her the "character" of Rita Hayworth as a character study in a directorial class. That was part of the study of the studio Sage worked in. He thought that Rita and Sage shared a kindred spirit. Sage reminded him of Rita. That was very flattering to Sage due to Rita's outer beauty. Sage knew of her film work but not a lot beyond that.  She accepted the challenge. Ironically, Sage had another friend who was always telling her that she was like Rita.  Sage didn't know exactly what her friend meant but she trusted her.She feels that they do look alike in their eyes and in some of the expressions they both make. She also feels that they have similar personal personae in terms of always desiring to do what the job at hand is. There is something about "showing up". Rita would show up no matter what. That is a trait in Sage's work ethic as well. 

She did the study through the program and continued to study her and write about her and got to know that
Photographer: Andy Liguz
Inspired by the life of Rita Hayworth.
Rita's life circumstances were similar to her own.

She started writing Private Dancer about two and a half years later.
Since she began to immerse herself in Hayworth's life, shehas read most of the books written about Hayworth, even finding one at the Strand that was out of print. Sage has seen most of Hayworth's films except the ones before she signed with Columbia Pictures. In those earlier films, Hayworth mostly played Spanish dancers. 
Sage has seen everything from Only Angels Have Wings up to her later films.    

Hayworth started out as a dancer at a very early age. What Sage has learned of Rita's life is that the private place she retreated to as a dancer was her salvation. The private relationship she had with dance was part of the joy of her life. It wasn't just about performing, it was her safe place to go to. It was her private world that she would enter into through her imagination.That's partly why she ended up being such a great dancer. She needed that private place to go to due to the many circumstances of her life.  

Rita Hayworth never felt like the "Love Goddess." Within the industry, Rita Hayworth was known as a very
shy person. She, however, had a very strong performance instinct that was instilled within her from a very young age. As a child, she appeared at Carnegie Hall. She also danced through her uncle's studio. He was a well known dance instructor.Family members danced on stage and screen. It was their hope that as Rita thrived in her talent that she would have the desire to continue...which she did. She did not lead an "ordinary" life by any means. Orson Welles, whom Hayworth married n September 7, 1943, said in many interviews that Hayworth just desired to be a housewife. She had very strong yearnings to be a housewife and mother. She desired a family that didn't revolve around "show business".  Hayworth filed for divorce in 1948.

Sage's Private Dancer specifically focuses on a period in Hayworth's life in which she is in her first production that she produced, An Affair in Trinidad. This was a comeback after her second child and a third divorce that was pending from Ali Kahn. She went back to work after coming back to Hollywood after a time in Europe and New York City. After fourteen years with Columbia Pictures, she finally had a little power to assert what she desired as far as her work was concerned. She established her own production company called Beckworth Corporation,which was a play on her daughter Rebecca’s name. It was kept largely a secret that she was a producer. As a matter of fact, the films that were produced under her company did not even credit the production company and/or Hayworth in order to preserve her Gilda/Love Goddess/pinup
Photographer: Martin Sobey
On exhibition on 21 Bond Street, New York.
image. Everyone desired to keep that image of a woman with men at her feet. The studio continued to perpetrate her image as Gilda. The truth was that was a working woman and a thinker and she really was a producer and she did have opinions about film making from all the things that she had been exposed to. 

This period in which Private Dancer takes place is an important chapter in Hayworth's life in which she tries to assert herself.  

Sage is a third producer on this production. 
Sage's main goal with Private Dancer is to show a side of Hayworth that has previously been unexplored. She had a very prolific career and people like to talk about that: her dance experience, her musical experience, the great range of her acting and dance. That is all one side of the picture. The flip side of what is usually written about her is her private life: the
affairs, the loves, the marriages, the relationships to Orson Welles and the femme fatale Rita. 
In all of her studies, Sage has never come across anything that discusses what it must have been like for Hayworth to grow up in this business, to be depended upon as the family breadwinner and to go on with continued success and to be able to maintain that success through many of the dark episodes that she, unfortunately, had to forge through. There are many aspects of Hayworth's life that are lesser known. There was the alcoholism that was known about publicly. Little was known at the time of the pre- Alzheimer's conditions. 

Hayworth was a very high functioning human being who had a collective of a lot of feelings that has never really been explored. She has never been written about as a real human being. What was it like to stand in her shoes in which she carried the weight of being a Hollywood figure as she tried to escape even though she kept returning to the studio system? Did she feel that she had choices? Did she feel that she had other options for her life? All of this contributed to making her a very sad woman. 
Ultimately, Sage would like the audience to know what she has discovered through focus groups and industry people beyond the "Love Goddess", that she was not only a spirited success on stage and screen, but that she experienced a private pain living up to her image and this life.

Hayworth didn't desire to be a Love Goddess. She didn't FEEL like a Love Goddess. Orson Welles said once that after he married Hayworth, there came a time when he was no longer attracted to her physically. There WERE wonderful things about her life that prove that she was not a total victim. There are other aspects of her life, however that most people don't know about. 
Sage desires to give a greater understanding of that. She wants audiences to empathize with her as a human being because she WAS a human being. 
One aspect that affected Hayworth very deeply, for example, was when the first bomb dropped on Hiroshima was named after Gilda. When she found out about it, Hayworth was deeply pained and tormented. 

Hayworth was able to play Gilda because she had shades of that character. She was an actress but that was not what she felt inside. Once Gilda came out, she was the new "it" girl. From that point on, she was never the same. That film also determined what her later acting work would be. She was a great actress but her films were limited to that range of female leads without a lot of "character". We think of Gilda as "eye candy", but that was a serious role she played. There were a full range of emotions in that film.    

Sage feels that Rita would be happy that she is bringing Margarita Carmen Cansino, her real name, to people's consciousness for who she truly is and was. 
Sage also feels that through HER work, that most of the grieving that Hayworth didn't go through or process on her own because she was a very busy woman, Sage is now allowing to happen.

Hayworth had more choice than she realized at the time and she took the choices that she thought was right for her at the time. Sage loves the idea that she can open that up for her and give her a sense of peace and a voice.

I cannot wait to celebrate Rita Hayworth AND Sage Snakechalmer on December 7th!

(Save 20%) 

Thank you Rita Hayworth and Sage Snakechalmer for the gifts you have given to the world and continue to give!
Thank you Beck Lee for introducing me to Sage. 

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Senior Star Power Proves Promising

Diana Templeton
Happy Thursday!
It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is one week away. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was brining my turkey for last year's feast. I love to cook and had 12 dear friends here to enjoy. This year, we have been invited to a friend's, and other than baking a couple of pies, that chore is off my shoulder' least until a few dinner parties for friends over the holidays come into play.

The friend that is inviting us, according to her, is EIGHTY YEARS OLD! I don't see it. As a matter of fact, to me, she is 52, my age! All my friends, regardless of what their birth certificates might tell them were all born the same year I was, 1961.
It makes it easier for me. I have no sense of direction when it comes to someone's age.

This past Sunday, I went to see award winning singer Diana Templeton in a concert performance celebrating her 80th birthday. I know that most of my readers may not know who she is, but she was a mainstay in the cabaret community for 27 years. As a matter of fact, she won her MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs) Award after 27 years of paying her dues! A lesson that most who are doing their work for the sake of winning awards should think about. I have known Diana for about twenty five years and she hasn't aged or slowed down a bit.

Diana got tired of the paradigm of New York cabaret (everything being self produced and having to worry about filling houses...although she did) and walked away a winner several years ago. However, she did not walk away from performing. She became her own self contained enterprise. She took on a circuit of senior residences, libraries, and cultural arts centers. She averages between 3-5 bookings per week! She takes the money and she is performing in front of full appreciative audiences. At Sunday's performance, she received a well deserved sustained standing ovation at the end of her show.
Last night, I went to see Frank Torren in his sold out show at Don't Tell Mama here in New York.
Again, here is a vital handsome and well dressed (he wore a tux!) man in the prime of his life doing what he does best, entertaining. I was joined by Bob Levy and Ronny Whyte. Highlights for me was hearing songs written by both performed by Frank. Here is one from an earlier show.

On Sunday, the 24th, I was scheduled to do an on stage interview with Eileen Fulton for Habitat For Humanity.
We decided to move it to February due to scheduling conflicts. Here is another great actress who is still going strong. Look for us at The Metropolitan Room on February 16th in honor of my 53rd Birthday! Earlier this week, it was announced that Carol Channing will be at Town Hall on January 20th to recapture the magic that she and Justin Vivian Bond created on Fire Island last August. I was there and cannot wait to see them together again (although I wish it was me interviewing her!) Carol will be turning 93 eleven days later. She shows NO signs of slowing down. I spoke with producer Daniel Nardicio yesterday and he told me the theater is already a third filled and it was just announced. Get your tickets now to see a true Broadway legend and a newer legend in the making!
Today, I want to celebrate these great artists who are slightly older than me and STILL going strong!
Margaret O'Brien, Randal Malone, The Pink Lady, George Chakiris and Barbara Van Orden (Photo Credit: AMIR KOJOORY)

 Kirk Douglas, Debbie Reynolds, George Chakiris, Carol Channing, Rip Taylor,Florence Henderson, Michael Learned and more, offer encouragement to Senior Star Power Productions, as they embark on a mission to establish a
year-round theatrical performing arts complex for seniors.
Cast finale: Larry Covin, Bobbi Stamm, Larry Lederman, Susie McIver Ewing, Joe Giamalva, Kit Smythe, Richard Fox, Anna Pagan, Dominick Morra,Michelle Gillette (Photo Credit: AMIR KOJOORY)

This past week, Senior Star Power Productions (SSPP) presented a teaser for their new musical revue entitled "We Have A Dream," before a star studded audience of supporters that included George Chakiris, Florence Henderson,
Jerry Mathers, Channing Chase, Kate Linder, Erin Murphy, Alison Arngrim, Lee
Purcell, Hank Garret, Lee Hale, Margaret O'Brien, Joan Steiger, Gary Martin
(retired President Sony Pictures Studios), Ron Hasson (President of NAACP), Nyla and Oscar Arslanian (Hollywood Arts Council), Councilman Mitch O'Farrell,
Leron Gubler (Hollywood Chamber of Commerce), The Honorable Senator Nate Holden and former US Rep, Diane Watson, and many others. 
Final bow: With Pink Lady center. (Photo Credit: AMIR KOJOORY)
Senior Star Power Productions has embarked on a journey to establish a year-round theatrical performing arts complex for seniors.  Their mission is
to engage, inspire and enrich the lives of seniors and, by extension, the
entire community, through the arts. A unique aspect to the theatre company
is that all SSPP productions are performed by talented seniors aged 60, 70
and 80 plus years young to show that they are still vital, creative, energetic, productive, and entertaining.

Bobbi Stamm, Susie McIver Ewing, Barbara Van Orden, Kit Smythe and Anna Pagan (Photo Credit: AMIR KOJOORY)
The idea has received positive response from screen and stage legends .
Jerry Mathers and Barbara Van Orden (Photo Credit: AMIR KOJOORY)

"Anne and I wish Barbara and Pink much success --- What a wonderful idea!"-Kirk Douglas

"Imagine a theatre company built on the premise that with age comes wisdom,
both on stage and in life.  Like Fall leaves, we are at our most beautiful
and creative before we drop."-Michael Learned

George Chakiris, Councilman Mitch O'Farrell and Leron Gubler
(Hollywood Chamber of Commerce) (Photo Credit: AMIR KOJOORY)
"I'm delighted to learn of the wonderful mission of "Senior Power" and inspiring and enriching the lives of seniors though the arts!  God bless!
As a 90 years old senior, I know we are a vital, creative and productive
asset to both society and to the arts!
I know you will have much success and reach your goal in establishing a theatrical performing arts complex for
seniors."-Rhonda Fleming

"I'm so excited and thrilled that someone had the foresight to established a senior theatrical arts complex in Hollywood.  How wonderful "Senior Power" - We have a dream!  Having an ongoing venue for seasoned talented performers. I think this is a fabulous endeavor."-Debbie Reynolds
Kate Linder, Barbara Van Orden and Channing Chase (Photo Credit: AMIR KOJOORY)

"Growing up in the Church of Christian Science, age was never an important
factor to me ... However, apparently it is to the rest of the world.  It's
nice to know there are others in this world like Pink and Barbara who encourage us to celebrate the contributions that seniors bring to society.

Keep up the good work."-Carol Channing
Mary Tyler Moore, Julie Andrews, Carol Channing (Thoroughly Modern Millie) ALL still going strong!
Rip Taylor
"Pink Lady and Babs----- I mean Barbara, now that we are all mature.  I would kill to be there to congratulate you on this wonderful endeavor and by the time you do your first performance, whatever it is, I will be of age to become a member of the company.. and if you buy that, I have a Pinto and a
Honda in Cleveland.- Rip Taylor. 

Hollywood's Pink Lady (AKA Jackie Goldberg), produced and directed the production along with associate producer, Barbara Van Orden.   Both women are famous for reinventing themselves. Pink, who after the age of 70, became
an actress, motivational speaker, and producer, also created a series of
seminars called "Get Up, Get Out and Get A Life" to encourage seniors to discover new ways to enhance their lives. Ms. Van Orden, tours the country
with her critically acclaimed cabaret act, since recovering from the devastating accident that resulted in 18 surgeries and years of
rehabilitation.  The former leading cover model, Playboy club headliner andopening act for many of the industries greats, including Frank Sinatra,
Milton Berle, Don Rickles, Buddy Hackett, Morey Amsterdam, Soupy Sales and
Red Buttons, is currently a sponsoring producer for the critically acclaimed LA's NEXT GREAT STAGE STARR, that has given many undiscovered talents their
start on Broadway.

Senior Star Power Productions is now gearing up for our 5th Rockin With the
Ages show planned for 2014.
Lee Hale and Florence Henderson (Photo Credit: AMIR KOJOORY)

For more information, please visit:

Thank you to all the entertainers mentioned in this blog for the gifts you have given to the world and continue to give!
Thank you Harlan Boll for the contents of this blog. 

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Erin Murphy, Barbara Van Orden and Alison Arngrim (Photo Credit: AMIR KOJOORY)

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George Chakiris and Lee Purcell (Photo Credit: AMIR KOJOORY)

Barbara Van Orden and The Honorable Diane Watson (Photo Credit: AMIR KOJOORY)

Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help!    
Michelle Gillette, Larry Covin, Kit Smythe, Dominick Morra, Susie McIver Ewing, Pink Lady-Jackie Goldberg, Joe Giamalva, Anna Pagan, Richard Fox, Bobbie Stamm and Larry Lederman
(Photo Credit: AMIR KOJOORY)

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Al Hirschfeld Holiday Tribute at Henri Bendel in NY

Holiday window reveal on Thursday, November 14that 6:00PM. Evening Festivities
and shopping will continue until 8:00 PM.

Following the window reveal, guests will be invited to shop for a cause; 10 percent of the proceeds  from  sales  that  evening will  benefit  The  Actors  Fund’s Al Hirschfeld Free Clinic and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.Al Hirschfeld, whose legendary quill pen captured virtually every well- known performing artist of the 20th century, will be celebrated by Henri Bendel, 712 Fifth Avenue at 56th Street.
Guests are invited to the opening of this “Hirschfeld Spectacular,” where all will enjoy a first-of-its-kind installation.
Henri Bendel has worked  hand-in-hand  with  Hirschfeld’s  exclusive  gallery, the Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd., New York, to create a truly unique presentation of the late illustrator’s work.His creative caricatures made Charlie Chaplin a cinematic must and Carol Channing a theatrical icon.  To become the focus of the hand of Hirschfeld—The Line King—was the artistic equivalent to receiving as Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony, a Pulitzer or even the Nobel Peace Prize, as an established earmark of success.  To be immortalized on his canvas was a guarantee of
fame and/or historical significance.  His artistic commentary helped define the arts and, in many ways, the nation.

Now, Henri Bendel has created a holiday window spectacular to celebrate the legendary artist, to be revealed on Nov 14th at 6:00pm.
Among the celebrated personalities used in Al Hirschfeld's line drawings to be translated into
three dimensions include: Carol Channing, Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liza Minnelli, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Bob Hope, Charlie Chaplin, Bernadette Peters, Tommy Tune, Marilyn Monroe, Julie Andrews, Elizabeth Taylor, Katharine Hepburn, Elvis, Judy Garland, Woody Allen and many more.

Visitors will see the main window of the Henri Bendel flagship store transformed into the resplendent formal dining room of a classic New York townhouse in the midst of a holiday party. The celebrated  party  guests—all  Al Hirschfeld’s line drawings translated into three dimensions—include: Carol Channing,  Whoopi  Goldberg,  Sarah Jessica Parker, Liza Minnelli, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Bernadette Peters, and Woody Allen.  Carol Channing is as Hirschfeld drew her in “Hello Dolly!”; Sarah Jessica Parker appears as she was drawn in Sex And The City; Audrey Hepburn steps out of Hirschfeld’s Breakfast At
Tiffany’s right into Bendel’s window. At the right is the artist himself, Al Hirschfeld, brought into three dimensions from his  most  famous  self-portrait.  We  see  Hirschfeld working away at his drawing table, seated in his famed barber’s chair. At the center of the window hangs a large gold- plated chandelier sparkling with Swarovski Elements. Bendel’s is one party you won’t want to miss this season!
The centerpiece of the atrium is Henri Bendel’s iconic two-story tree, covered in malachite. Atop the tree is Al Hirschfeld’s Charlie Chaplin, also sculpted in three dimensions, looking down at all who enter  the  store.  Fifteen Swarovski chandeliers adorn the tree’s many branches.

This fantasyland setting, inspired by the work of the late designer Tony Duquette, is further enhanced through trompe-l’oeil furniture and d├ęcor throughout the atrium.
In addition to the sculptures created from Hirschfeld drawings, Al Hirschfeld’s original line art will be featured throughout Henri Bendel, including a two-story-high presentation of illustrations, all from the collection of the Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd., New York. Through Hirschfeld originals and facsimiles, visitors to Henri Bendel will be treated to a cornucopia of hundreds of characters from all the performing arts, covering almost the entire 20th Century.
 Broadway actors abound: Mary Martin, Yul Brynner, Alfred Drake—Angela, Chita, and Tommy Tune—and the casts of “Phantom,” “The Producers,” “Hairspray,” and “Les Mis.” The many stars of the Silver Screen include Laurel & Hardy, Judy Garland in “The Wizard Of Oz,” and Gable and Leigh in “Gone With The Wind.” There’s Katharine Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Cary Grant, and Gene Kelly; Fred  Astaire twirls Ginger Rogers, and  Julie  Andrews flies over London as Mary Poppins.
Television: from I Love Lucy to I love The Golden Girls—and Groucho, Gleason & Carney, Stiller & Meara. Once again Shatner and Nimoy are taking off in “Star Trek,” and The Beatles are changing the world on Ed Sullivan. Music? Music: Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Ella, Lena, Elvis, and Frank, Mick, and Keith, Madonna, Jerry Garcia, Wynton Marsalis.  Bendel  even  has  Beethoven—and,  of  course,  Hirschfeld’s  good friend Houdini, and Sherlock Holmes! The Henri Bendel Hirschfeld Spectacular has hundreds more.
And every picture is worth a thousand words.

The Hirschfeld Spectacular will be on display throughout the Henri Bendel flagship store until January 2, 2014.
More than 75 years of Al Hirschfeld’s drawings, prints, and archival materials are on permanent exhibition and available to collect at the Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd., New York.
The displays in the window and throughout the store were hand sculpted by Tom Carroll Scenery, with the art direction and assistance of Henri Bendel Assistant VP of Visual, Gilberto Santana.
The Hirschfeld Spectacular poster will be available at the Henri Bendel flagship store and at the Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd.
The above poster will also be available through and The poster is a fantasia of Al Hirschfeld’s characters, with almost 100 performing artists featured! It measures 37 inches high by 28 inches wide. The Hirschfeld Spectacular Poster Design is © 2013 Margo Feiden, The images are all © Al Hirschfeld, and are provided by the artist’s exclusive representative, the Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd., New York.
Henri Bendel (, Manhattan’s famed Fifth Avenue boutique, has long influenced the shape  of American fashion. With an unmistakable sense of style and a keen eye for the new and the next in women’s accessories, Bendel’s specializes in handbags, jewelry, and gifts. Known for its instantly recognizable brown and white striped shopping bags and hatboxes, Henri Bendel continues to translate the spirit and energy of New York City throughout its 30 stores nationwide. Twitter: @HenriBendel.

Al Hirschfeld (1903-2003) is considered by many to be the greatest line artist of the modern era. For more than 75 years Hirschfeld drew luminaries from Broadway and Hollywood for “The New York Times” and almost every other notable publication. Full of wit and verve, in distinctively bold and often intricate lines, Hirschfeld captured the greats with his pen. Actors, singers, dancers, producers, directors, and playwrights, classical musicians and rock bands—from the 1920’s on, being "Hirschfelded" signified that you had arrived. Famously, Hirschfeld drew while seated in a barber’s chair in his New York City studio. Hirschfeld continued to work daily until his death in 2003.
After the birth of his daughter, Nina, Hirschfeld began hiding her name in his drawings, often tucking it into an actor’s hair, clothing, and shoes.

In the 1950's Hirschfeld began adding a number to the right of his signature to indicate how manyNINAs his drawing contained. Finding the NINAs became a national Sunday morning pastime.

Al Hirschfeld was awarded the National Medal of Arts by President George W. Bush. The Library of Congress designated Hirschfeld a “Living Legend.” And in February 2003, the United States Congress by  unanimous voice vote passed a resolution declaring Al Hirschfeld a National Treasure.

Margo Feiden began her career at age 16 when she became Broadway’s youngest producer, director, and playwright, documented by the Guinness Book of World Records (1981). Also as a writer, she researched and authored the scholarly award-winning Margo Feiden’s The Calorie Factor (Simon and Schuster,  1989);  Feiden  won  the  prestigious  Library Journal Award, which cited her book as the best written on the subject. Since 1969, she has presided over the Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd., New York, where she has been the
exclusive, worldwide representative of Al Hirschfeld, about whom she has written extensively. Feiden was the first person ever to hold an art auction on the World Wide Web (New York Times, Dec. 14, 1995). Her gallery is also known for its work in the restoration of art and documents on paper. Feiden has appeared in documentary films and on many television and radio programs.
In addition, she has been an avid aviatrix, camel racer, Mensa member, and Friar. Both she and her Gallery live in glorious Greenwich Village.

The Actors Fund’s Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic provides free health care to uninsured and underinsured entertainment industry professionals between the ages of 18 and 64. Located in New York City at The Dorothy Ross Friedman Residences (formerly The Aurora), the Hirschfeld Clinic offers urgent care, primary care, and specialty care, with low cost referrals to a wide range of specialty clinics and practitioners. Dr. James Spears, the Clinic’s Medical Director, oversees a team of general practitioners and specialists, all of whom volunteer their time to provide free medical care to the entertainment community.

For more information, please contact:
 For more information, please contact:
Henri Bendel:                                                          
Corie Rosenberg                                     

Al Hirschfeld and the Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd.:
Margo Feiden

Thank you Al Hirschfeld for the gifts you have given to the world and continue to give!
Thank you Harlan Boll and Margo Feiden for the contents of this blog. 

 With grateful XOXOXs ,

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I hope you can join us November 24th in NYC as we celebrate Eileen Fulton to benefit Habitat For Humanity! Would LOVE to see you! Bring friends! It’s going to be star-studded party!
With grateful XOXOXs for your support!
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