Sunday, March 22, 2009


I am thrilled to be entering the blogging world. I hope that all who see this will join me and share in this incredible journey with me. I'd like to share what's happening and what's coming up. I don't anticipate this being a daily blog as of yet. I just want to write about things going on in my Life and my thoughts and HOPE that you will be interested. An exciting week coming up. Tomorrow, I'm joining my dear friend Dana Lorge to see an advanced screening of REUNION. I was hoping to see LEGENDS tomorrow night starring Charles Busch, Lypsinka, and Whoopie Goldberg but I don't think it's going to happen.

Tuesday afternoon, I have my ACTORS IN ACTION GROUP led by Penelope Brackett. I can't urge you enough to get involved (Call me if you want details). It is very empowering and is causing me to set weekly goals and to stay on track. Each week, we are assigned "accountability partners" to check in with each other and to make sure we are setting goals AND achieving them! As a result of the last class and due to a discussion regarding my involvement with a Weston Connecticut High School production of "HELLO, DOLLY!", Penelope suggested I create a page on my website regarding my involvement with The Dr. Carol Channing Endowment For The Arts. I took my webmaster and designer Glen Charlow to lunch afterwards, discussed what I wanted and voila, HERE IT IS:

Talk about paying it forward, I sent the page to Harlan Boll, Carol Channing's publicist; he forwarded it on to Daeida Magazine which is doing a feature on Carol Channing. My "essay" about the importance of the arts to me and getting involed with Carol's foundation is going to run!

If you're in NY on Wednesday night, please join me:
Mar 25th @ 7pm - 36TH STREET STUDIOS, 260 West 36th Street 3rd flr. between 7th & 8th Avenue, NYC
Promote Yourself in the 21st Century! Create High Visibility Through The Internet. In this free seminar which will focus on internet marketing for actors and other entrepreneurs, I will be answering the most frequently asked questions about website and online marketing, including, "I don't have a website. Do I need one?"; "I have a website! What's next!?!?!"; "How do I get work through my website?"; "How do I get people interested in MY website?"; "How do I position myself at the top of the search engines?" Because I am waiving my fee for this workshop, and seating is very limited, reservations are a MUST. Please call 212-302-2724 to reserve your seat.
On board with me is graphic designer, GLEN CHARLOW, who brings over 15 years in the business to the participants of this class and who will discuss the concept of image; how to use the internet effectively and how your website "sells" you even before you pick up the phone. To read more on Glen Charlow please visit:

Tell me what you liked MOST about this blog, what you liked LEAST, and what you would like in my next blog to come sometime later in the week! Don't forget to visit!

With grateful XOXOXs!,
Richard Skipper

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