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Provincetown was a mixed bag. Eight years since I was last there and a different energy. Perhaps it was being in a new venue (off the beaten path),perhaps it is being eight years later...I don't know. It also could have been my "timing". I was there the week after Carnival week and the week before before Labor Day weekend.

This entire trip (to P-town) came together in two weeks! In that two week period, I got INCREDIBLE press...a full article in the Provincetown Banner, the editor's pick in The Boston Globe; we put together a band of three top musicians out of CAPE COD, and we were off and running!

Saturday night, I went to see Christine Pedi's GREAT DAMES show! SUPERB! Afterwords, we wen to see Alison Arngrim's CONFESSIONS OF A PRARIE BITCH! Also, incredible! After that, Alison, Mark, & I went out for dinner...for PIZZA! That and a hamburger at BLONDIE'S is ALL you can find to eat after 10 and/or 11PM! If anyone opens a 24 hour diner in P-town, they will make a killing!
We still had a blast.
I'm in love with Alison and her stories are HYSTERICAL!
Sunday night, saw my old co-star, Randy Roberts! No wonder he is a Ptown favorite; his show is FLAWLESS! I met Tony Kuschner, who was planning on coming into town until Hurricane Earl scared him into leaving early. He did ask for my card and promises to catch me in Ny. Although i didn't see there shows due to my schedule, it was great to see Lea Delaria, Caschetta, Varla Jean Merman, and Miss Ritchfield between shows!

Mark Robert Gordon (my director and producer), and I left for Provincetown on Friday morning, on the 27th. As soon as we got to P-town, I was interviewed on LADY DI's radio program. Thank you Jim & Mary Lahti who came up for my opening night! Phylis Frank and the former mayor of Nyack were also there to cheer me on. Michael Becker (who works with Danny) was also in attendance. Frankie Launie (who was my dresser 8 years ago at The Crown and Anchor) brought 15 people! LuAnn (who drives the Trolley in town) as well as Patricia Fitzpatrick! I heard that was good for an opening night in P-town (it didn't feel that way to me!)
As happy as I was for everyone who showed up, I would have preferred 125! Everything that could go wrong that night went WRONG! My pre-show DVD kept jumping and skipping. When the band hit the stage to begin the overture, no sound came out

of the piano (which was electric) had been unplugged and they had to start over.
We had only ONE rehearsal with the band...most of my tempos were off. I kept sticking to the floor (the room serves as a dance floor when it is not a performing space), the hem of my gown totally unraveled! It was all I could do to get through that show! I got great feedback...but I know better!
THANK GOD the second night was better! Otherwise, I probably would have shucked it all! Mary Lahti sewed the hem of my gown. She & Jim came the second night and it was a HUGE SUCCESS. My numbers continued to grow, the audience response was great! I may have gotten two bookings as a result of this run. HOWEVER, I don't think P-town is where I belong. I don't have a huge gay following. I brought in the older audience (my ideal demographic),but I don't think it was enough to sustain a run. This is a dilemma I have grappled with for years. Overall, it was great to see everyone. I flew into LAX yesterday morning and I open here in Malibu tomorrow night! The pictures in this blog were taken by "Lenny" who drove me around Wednesday night in his Morgan! That really helped! I felt like Muzzy Van Hossmere in THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE!

Well, we did raise money for the Dr. Carol Channing-Harry Kullijean Foundation For The Arts and that means the most to me right now!


Richard & Dana, Thank you so much for making this past Wednesday night such a
memorable occasion. I was honored to be on the program with so many other wonderful, talented singers. What a bore Wednesday nights would be without the joy of you two marvelous entertainers and the diverse group of artists you manage to bring each week to the Iguana. May it go on, and on, and on and on. ALICIA LITTMAN, NY

As always, a top-notch performance at St. Luke's (7/27/10). Dancers Over 40 is honored to have Richard Skipper as one of its friends. I'd say Richard is a consummate performer, but some may confuse him with the soup..., so I'll just say, PLEASE continue to channel Ms. Channing, and continue to work with DO40 on our projects! All of Dancers Over 40 LOVES Richard Skipper! And we look forward to working with him on our Agnes De Mille panel/event on October 11th at St. Luke's Theater and our DO40 Legacy Awards (which he will be hosting...for the second year in a row!) on December 12th at SWING 46 in NYC, honoring DO40 members Harvey Evans, Fred Curt, Richard Korthaze, Ken Urmston and Stuart Hodes. Sincerely, John Sefakis, President, Dancers Over40

On Tuesday nite (7/27/10), I saw something at St Luke's theater I am still thinking about today.
I saw Richard Skipper transform himself into one of the Grand Dames of American Theater, Ms. Carol Channing.
From the moment he stepped on the stage, I BELIEVED I was watching Ms. Channing. This wasn't your typical tribute show. This was a show that was put together with love and respect and it showed. I learned more about Carol Channing from this show than I ever knew!
This show was about music and life. The life of Carol Channing and all of the wonderful music she brought to the world and put her signature on. Who could imagine the role of Dolly Levi or Lorelei Lee with anyone besides Carol Channing...maybe Richard Skipper!
Richard gives performers something to aspire to. He gives audiences something to enjoy. He gives the world the gift of Carol Channing with a touch of Richard Skipper thrown in for good measure. Thank you.

Fran Giannini Leonardis, Ringwood, NJ

Even though I won't be there, WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT THE IGUANA will go on WEDNESDAY NIGHT! Show Dana your support by being there!

Sept 8

IGUANA VIP LOUNGE, 240 West 54th Street, NYC
Barry Levitt on keyboard & Saadi Zain on bass.
Tonight's guests include: Dave Likes Big Legs, Rosemary Loar ...
...and a few other surprises as well! $12.00 Music Charge/No food or drink minimum!
Reservations a must (212) 765-5454

Here's to an ARTS-filled week! Don't forget to contribute to the DR. CAROL CHANNING & HARRY KULLIJIAN FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS:

If you would like to join the Channing-Kullijian National Coalition for returning arts education to public schools, email your contact info to to be added to our elist. With grateful XOXOXs for your support!

Richard Skipper

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With grateful XOXOXs for your support!
Richard Skipper,

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