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Merry Christmas!

Here I am at a very early hour writing my blog on Christmas Day. Danny and Horace and most of the world are still asleep but I'm up and on a high and here at my desk. I had an incredible Christmas Eve. Almost a sold out show and mostly strangers and tourists! I like that! But I also had Joe Franklin, John Tantillo, Florence Ferrare, Barbara Flood, and Joan Jaffee (celebrating her birthday!) among others in the audience! Thank you all!
As you already know, I’m opening off-Broadway at St. Luke’s Theatre308 West 46th Street.
Check out our promo video created by Russ Weatherford:

Tomorrow afternoon is my third preview of Richard Skipper as "Carol Channing" in Concert. I would love to spend it with you. The show is at 73PM and I promise you will continue to stay in the holiday mood throughout as we celebrate my favorite Christmas “CAROL”. Check out for more info. If you can make it, please call me. I can get you tickets at half price! St. Luke’s Theatre 308 West 46th Street.
Also makes a nice Christmas gift! Please call me!
Richard Skipper 845-365-0720

Off-Broadway Premiere
Special Day after Christmas show at 3PM!
Opening Night is Wednesday January 12th at St. Luke’s Theatre

“Richard Skipper is a true musical comedy star! He is FABULOUS as me!”
-- Carol Channing

RICHARD SKIPPER AS “CAROL CHANNING” IN CONCERT celebrates the career and persona of the unique theatrical legend. Accompanied by a three-piece band led by John Fischer, Skipper blends Channing’s standards with original material and other familiar songs sung in a spot-on Channing-on-Broadway perfection.
The musical surveys Channing's life with many stops along the way for Skipper's unique --and riotous-- "ad-lib" interactions with the audience.
New York City has gotten
a very special Christmas “Carol” this year! Richard Skipper
brings his critically-acclaimed show RICHARD SKIPPER AS “CAROL CHANNING” IN CONCERT Off-Broadway at St. Luke’s Theatre, 306 West 46th Street (between Eighth & Ninth Ave.) Opening night will be Wednesday January 12th. The production will be directed by Mark Robert Gordon. A portion of the proceeds from this Off-Broadway premiere will benefit The Dr. Carol Channing & Harry Kullijian Foundation for The Arts.

The Dr. Carol Channing & Harry Kullijian Foundation For The Arts is dedicated to building a nationwide awareness campaign heralding the benefits of arts in the curriculum of public schools and providing musical instruments for low income school districts via the funding of scholarships for students and teachers in the arts.

Special added performance tomorrow night! December 24th (7:30pm).
Here are three audience comments from yesterday! (Taken from guest book at Keep checking website for additional comments.

I was lucky to be at Richard Skipper's amazing show today (12/22/10). Every song was perfectly done and I loved the way he had the audience involved with sing alongs and lots of laughter.
Richard was Carol Channning on that stage! I still have a smile on my face, and I know this is just the beginning of a very successful run! What a great way to kick start the holidays! Everyone should go see this wonderfully enjoyable musical experience as soon as possible..Carol Siwek, NYC

Larry Olin saw your show yesterday (12/22/10) and could not stop complimenting you. This is not a small compliment, Larry has seen Ethel Merman on Broadway, Barbra Streisand, and Judy Garland "live" three times. Larry knows theater and could not stop raving about the way you reworked the show and of course your amazing ability to improvise with the audience. Congratulations!
Michael Austin,

We went to Richard Skipper's show today. We howled with laughter, sang along a little bit, watched with awe how masterfully he delights his audience. Oh yes, I almost forgot, he sings like a powerhouse! He is doing this preview again on Christmas Eve. Go!!

Richard's performance called to mind the words: Ardor, dedication, enthusiasm and integrity. I came to see his "Carol", as a friend and because I'd never seen it on stage before.
But I left with a greater sense of my own humanity and an even greater love of theatre, which is Richard's amazing gift to the world.
I think his powerful talent and respect for Carol Channing allows him to mesmerize the audience with not only her charm, but moreover his own. If I could I would carry a sandwich sign over my back to tell the theatre community..."NOT TO MISS HIS MAGICAL PERFORMANCE".
Don't you miss him either!
Paula (PJ) Riley

Hope you and/or your friends comments will be added tomorrow night!
With grateful XOXOXs for your support!
Richard Skipper 845-365-0720

. . . the first time ever I have been shown with such love, respect and polish. Richard Skipper is a true musical comedy star! He is fabulous as me!"~ Carol Channing
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Richard Skipper,

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