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Bobbie Horowitz: Find your Mini-Qs, Tracy Stark, and Sarah Rice

I LOVE my horoscope today. A lesson for ALL of us: It's difficult to see the effect you have on others today; however, it's still useful to contemplate the results of your actions before you undertake something that wastes your time and energy. No matter how good your intentions are now, you can still come on too strong. It's not helpful to annoy someone who normally supports you. However, you could raise suspicions if you are overly cautious. Your smartest strategy is to acknowledge your own power, but wield it only if necessary.

Today, I'm writing about three of my favorite entertainers in cabaret today: Bobbie Horowitz, Tracy Stark, and Sarah Rice.
I don't even remember how long I've known Bobbie, but I have known her a LOONNNGGGG time! I first became familiar with Bobbie when she was part of Horowitz and Spector, a duo that appeared in cabaret shows playing around Manhattan in the 1970's and 1980's.

Bobbie is herself active on the internet, providing a foray of services and wearing many hats. In fact, Bobbie is a songwriter, reiki master, author, and "image and color consultant" (she highly recommends wearing purple). (Source: Elliot Glazer's blog)

Bobbie has been involved in different, yet related areas in the 70 years she’s lived thus far. . She came to realize that her mission has always been to bring joy into people’s lives and thereby help people love themselves.

She graduated from the Labor Relations School at Cornell in 1961 and, in 1964, received her license in Secondary Education from Columbia Teacher’s College. As a student and then until her son David was born she worked as an economic researcher at Drechsler & Leff, her dad’s labor relations law firm. The firm represented management. Among the clients represented were the NY Hotel Association, The Men’s clothing Association, ladies’ clothing manufacturer Anne Fogarty. My grandfather David Drechsler, who founded the firm, helped Sidney Hillman found the Men’s Clothing Workers of America in 1914.
When her son was in kindergarten she followed her childhood passion and plowed into NY Theater. She began by studying with Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg and Gene Frankel. During her life She’s performed in theater and cabarets, produced theater and events and wrote songs, winning a 1988 MAC Award for the act she performed with former songwriting partner Sharon Schapow. She continues to write songs. You can see her theatrical resume on She attributes much of the positive response she got as a cabaret performer to the “look” she’d learned to achieve as a result having been analyzed by an image consultant. This led her to become certified in the field herself, in order to be able to help others.
Bobbie is always smiling because she knows that YOU ARE a unique work of art!

Do you know that?

Let Bobbie Help You Find The Frame Than Best Harmonizes With You, the Art Piece

Let Bobbie help you get a YES more often in your lifeThat’s Bobbie at 68 yrs. young – picture taken 11/08. Ht: 5’6 & ½” Wt: 126 lbs. Stayed 126 lbs for over 5 yrs!
She will be 71 on May 22 and still weighs 126 lbs and she hasn't shrunk!

If she could release 43 lbs, keep them off, rejuvenate & keep having fun – so can you!

Find Your “mini-Qs”
I’ve been a long-term fan of Bobbie Horowitz for fifty years. Bobbie’s vibrant writing style, positive attitude, and simple-to-choose ‘Mini-Q’ ideas will help you find a healthy, happy balance in your life. If you are young at heart, read this book.
Ken Blanchard – coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and The One Minute
Manager balances work and life.

I must say Bobbie, that you wrote an absolutely fantastic little book, “Find Your Mini-Qs”! I enjoyed every page, right to the end. I suggest to everyone to read her book, great story, by a great writer, and a great person.
Love to you, and BRAVO!

Barbara Stettner – Representative for Eric de Kolb Artwork

“I’ve been reading your book and I’m truly enjoying it. It’s so well written.”

Dr. Edmund S. Kaplan MD

I want to thank you again for your book – for writing it so clearly and in such a well-organized way.
Donna Lopez
Retired Teacher, Singer

I had a great time chatting with you and got so much good information out of our meeting. I am so excited about going shopping and putting some of that information to use! I think I will feel more confident the next time I go in to audition knowing that I have made wardrobe choices that fit me and my personal palate/style, and that will translate into a better and more confident overall audition!
Catherine John, PerformerBobbie became an authority on rejuvenation by necessity! As a Certified Image Consultant she needed to be at her optimum weight ad fitness. Between the ages of 54 and 63 Bobbie gained 33 pounds and developed severe osteoarthritis. She lost 43 pounds by age 65 and at age 70 she's kept her weight and rid herself of any osteoarthritis and she has very few lines on her face. Bobbie teaches what she needed to learn. Bobbie seems to channel the path that worked for her and she also has a way to help others find their own unique and FUN path to attain and maintain their optimum weight and strength. I attest to this. Bobbie guides you to design your very own daily “way” that fits into your lifestyle. You can chip way all the “stuff” that isn’t the real you and allow the star you truly are to shine.
Thank you, Bobbie, for all you've given me! I'm looking forward to the next 71 years.
Please visit

I have been fortunate enough to work with Tracy Stark many times. I have known Tracy at least 10 years. We've been on the road together and earlier this month, I appeared with Tracy along with Sue Matsuki and Gretchen Reinhagen at Bob Egan's New Hope.Pianist/Arranger/Conductor/SingerSongwriter, Tracy Stark is a 4-time MAC Award winner, a Bistro Award winner for Musical Direction, and winner of the Dottie Burman Songwriter of the Year Award. Tracy has worked with Lesley Gore, Phoebe Snow, Karen Black, Randy Jones (Village People), Jimmy Osmond, Tovah Feldshuh, Eric Millegan, Tonya Pinkins, Ann Crumb, Marni Nixon, and hundreds of other rock, jazz, and Broadway vocalists. She has conducted, played, and sung at all the finest and the sleaziest venues all over the world. She has played/conducted on numerous television shows, including The Today Show. Her songs are included on at least 20 different compilations, and have been winning accolades in songwriting competitions for the past 2 decades.
Her last CD, ‘Feast for the Heart’ is exquisitely produced by Richard Barone, and includes a duet with the inimitable Phoebe Snow.
She is currently in the process of recording a new CD, on the wonderful MIRANDA MUSIC label.
“…a captivating artist with goosebump-raising skill…one of our country’s best musicians.”
Songwriter’s Monthly

“…perceptive and poignant, cool and hip, sassy and funny.”

“…gifted…masterpieces…beautiful…sensual…passionate…it seems like Stark can write almost anything…You’re going to be impressed.”
Electronic Link Journey

“…creative genius…”
Applause! Applause!

“She proves why seemingly everyone in town wants to work with her....”
Kevin Scott Hall, Edge NY

Here is a list of Tracy's next four appearances:Saturday,
April 30th, 2011
Metropolitan Room
MetroMinor Competition - 4 PM

Monday, May 2nd, 2011
Metropolitan Room
MetroMinor Competition - 4 PM

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011
BB King's
MAC Awards! - 6 PM
243 W. 42nd

Saturday, May 14th, 2011
Metropolitan Room
MetroMinor Competition - 4 PM
34 W. 22nd (Bet 5th/6th)

Earlier this month, Tracy played a PBS Special with Lesley Gore. It was taped at Caesar's in Atlantic City. In addition to Lesley, it featured her friends Frankie Avalon, Fabian, and Little Anthony.

Tracy is nominated for 2 MAC Awards. One for Musical Direction, and one for Song of the Year, for "Haunted" which she wrote with Marcus Simeone.
If you want to hear the song, here's the link.
Much success, Tracy, and thank you for all the gifts you give us. BTW, Happy early Birthday!

I first met Sarah Rice (officially) when she came to sing at WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT THE IGUANA. I say "officially" because I actually became aquainted with her in 1979 as the ORIGINAL Joanna in SWEENEY TODD!
We recently appeared together again last month for The Ziegfeld Society! Yes, I'm now a Ziegfeld girl!
Sarah asked me to be part of an INCREDIBLE cast on May 7th benefitting Zani's Furry Friends. I will be covering the entertainers involved in that as we move closer to the performance date.

SARAH RICE arrived in NYC with $100, two cats and a piano. Shortly after, she originated the role of Marianne in a musical adaptation of THE MISER called HANG ON TO YOUR RIBBONS, off-off Broadway. This led to being cast as The Girl in the long-running original off-Broadway production of THE FANTASTICKS. She continued in the role off and on for over two years. During that time she also played Anne in A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC, Cunegonde in CANDIDE, at the Guthrie, Miranda in THE TEMPEST, Zan in REGINA, Gretel in HANSEL AND GRETEL and Liesl in THE SOUND OF MUSIC.
Here are just FIVE of the operas in which Sarah has appeared: Candide Cunegonde Bernstein
Regina Alexandra Blitzstein
Bittersweet Sarah Noel Coward
The Daughter Of The Regiment Marie Donizetti
Linda di Chamounix Linda Donizetti
Thank you, Sarah and I am looking forward to Zani's Furry Friends on May 7th at Birdland!

Don't forget The 26th annual Bistro Awards TOMORROW night at The Gotham Comedy Club in NYC! (
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Tomorrow's blog will be about Zani's Furry Friends, Hayley Mills, and Lee Roy Reams.



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