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Happy Birthday, Sidney Myer!

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!
Dr. Seuss

What do you get when you mix equal portions of Sally Adams and Pearl Mesta and a little Auntie Mame for good measure?
You get Sidney Myer. To me, Sidney is the greatest thing to hit the New York Cabaret scene EVER!
From the first time I met Sidney, he welcomed me to Don't Tell Mama with welcome arms. When I felt I was alone in the world (in the world of entertainment), he was always there for me. He called ME a "stand-up person in a sit down world."
Sidney, to me, is Switzerland. He tries to remain neutral in terms of taking sides. However, push the right (or wrong) button, and you see him on a soapbox to rival Julia Sugerbaker. THIS is a compliment!
Today, I celebrate Sidney and his body of WORTH! Sidney, sit back and enjoy the LOVE!

HI Richard,
so wonderful of you to do a Tribute and Celebration of the Amazing Sidney Myer!!!
He has always been so gracious, supportive and REAL, which makes him so SPECIAL in this business.
He gave me the most wonderful feedback and support when I did my first Show at DTM several years ago, and his on-going encouragement and support have never wavered. His professionalism and huge heart speak volumes - He is a Rare GIFT to us all......AND, then there is the TALENT!!
Thank-you Sidney, for all you have done for me!!
Happy Birthday, too!!!!!

Jennifer Roberts

Sidney is the most giving man in Cabaret - He really cares about the performers - and it's an absolute joy when you share the stage with this immensely talented, funny man - He's a Mench!
                                                         -Joan Jaffe
Sidney and Joan Jaffe

I spent one evening with Sidney Myer.  I happened by chance and was not planned.  I happened back
in 2000 I believe.  It was an incredible night and I will always remember it.  The concert was called 'Barbra Streisand The Final Tour"   It was at Madison Square Garden. Called the final tour and this was the final performance.  I got to my seat and recognized the person in the seat next to me.  It was Sidney Myer.  What a wonderful night that was.  I was very moved by what Sidney told me.  He had a choice to buy a ticket to see Streisand or go on a weeks vacation. He chose Streisand. He loves singers!  That evening has always flashed across my mind.  So happy to have shared it with him.-
 John Jerome

Sidney basically gave me my "big break" when he booked me at the Duplex for my cabaret show, but he also supported and encouraged me. He is a positive loving person and I have never forgotten his kindness -Lisa Dascoli 
I did two shows at "Panache" when Sidney was the Creative Director, Booking Agent. This had to be some 34 years ago. I was accompanying a singer who at times refused to use the mic and did not like to take any instruction, and was closed off to most suggestions. Nevertheless, Sidney was always the gentleman, and always encouraging.
He also sang a song I co-wrote with the now deceased Dorothy Bates called The Harvard Preppy Song. Only months ago, Sidney told me it was one of his favorite songs. I was very touched.
John Todras
Sidney Myer is, as with so many other admirers, my GURU of Cabarets!  Sidney and I have known
and shared a Lifetime together (since PANACH AT THE MAGIC PAN) on 6th Avenue.
That's before it moved over on the East Side.  I knew his wonderful parents (of blessed memory) and his sweet brother. It's a family affair I can tell you which fills me with great pride to have
these memories along with and about Sidney. He's been a one in a trillion friend and great ally.
This world is a better place in endless ways because of the one and only Sidney Myer!
WITH ADMIRATION AND LOVE LOVE LOVE! On this birthday and always. 
Vickie Phillips 
Check out this video on YouTube
 Alexander's Ragtime Band! Sidney Meyer at Uncle Mike's Invitational Variety Show

Sidney Meyer has been my darling friend from the day I moved into New York in 1994. He is one of the finest people in our business and one hell of a performer.
Each time he steps on stage he brings superior showmanship with his humor and a different take on life to the audience.  I just love him.  Happy birthday Sidney
, Martha Lorin

Notwithstanding his duality of functions, Sidney Myer is the most beloved individual in Manhattan, both as a performer and the longtime booker/manager of the venerable cabaret, Don’t Tell Mama which supplies an initial stepping stone to anyone who has become ANYONE in musical theater as well as to the many who’ve remained anyone, through no fault of Sidney’s.

What cabaret manager or talent manager of any kind could be sweeter than Sydney Myer? It was my
great privileged to be booked at Don't Tell Mama many, many times. He was always interested, always kind, patient, attentive, even attending our shows. I can't imagine a nicer, more supportive person who is just a joy to know and so talented in his own right!  Much love and many good wishes to you Sydney on your birthday! Michelle Russell

The day I met Sidney I knew I'd met someone special and wonderful.  I'll never forget that first meeting, as a new artist in New York, getting ready to play Don't Tell Mama for the first time.  It was (and remains for every artist I send his way) the best introduction to cabaret there is.  In an hour's time I not only received a great education on the history of the artform itself, but a glimpse into the passion and understanding and connection that an artist like Sidney brings to cabaret.  Over the years he has been a champion, not only of me, but of my clients as well.  He never misses a show! And he always makes a point to find me and talk to me about the show with such joy and passion and interest.  He defines what it means to champion artists, and he also happens to be a dear friend.  And as a performer himself, he's brilliant. I am beyond grateful for the wonderful Sidney Myer and I wish him the happiest of birthdays. 

Thank to ALL mentioned in this blog for the gifts you have given to the world and continue to give!
With grateful XOXOXs ,

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I saw the delightful Donna Hayes at The Metropolitan Room. What a delightful evening celebrating "Ordinary" Miracles. The quotation marks are mine. There is nothing ordinary about this show! Kudos to director Gretchen Reinhagen, percussionist Donna Kelly, Bassist (It's all about that bass!) Matt Scharfglass, and Musical Director Justin Stoney. It was great to sit with Billie Roe and her beautiful partner.  Great Night! Donna's next show is Friday, May 22nd. Don't Miss Her!
Would LOVE to see you!
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  1. Sidney is simply a gentleman & I wish him a happy birthday! When I was performing as my alter ego , Sheila Gillerman, the Teen Queen of Pop Music, in the 90s, he was very supportive at Rose's Turn on Grove Street. I composed my own songs, did a disco cover of Janis Ian's Society's Child, sung to canned music (did my own singing), comic monologs. Of course, my nemeses at that time were Debbie Gibson & Tiffany. Sidney was terrifically supportive.Did a season thru Gay Pride (packed house) & returned for Valentine's Day. Hearing Sidney laugh from the back of the room gave me more moxie.

  2. It’s 2018 I’m On my way to see Sidney performbat Panache. I know him ( doesn’t everyone?) from DTMM. The world oils learn how to be from this beautiful man! ♥️Jeanie Columbo