Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Moving Forward...

My horoscope today: Your relationship with time will be a focus. There's this pull to do something different with your minutes, as you'd prefer them to feel like they are flowing one to the next instead of merely separating events. 

Happy Wednesday, November 9th, 2016!

Wow! That's all I can say...I didn't see it coming. It is here and we all have to focus on being our authentic selves. Thanks to all who have revealed themselves through this process. It makes it easier for all of us to know who we are dealing with. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. It's the ONLY way. Let's pray and hope for the best!
More about this subject further down. 
November 9 is the 314th day of the year. There are 52 days remaining until the end of the year. 162 days till Bette Midler's opening night on Broadway! THAT'S what I'm looking forward to. 
Happy Birthday, Hedy Lamarr
Where have we come from?

Today is the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

Also on this day in  1938 – The Nazi German diplomat Ernst vom Rath dies from gunshot wounds by Herschel Grynszpan, an act which the Nazis used as an excuse to instigate the 1938 national pogrom, also known as Kristallnacht. 

1914 – Hedy Lamarr, Austrian-American actress and inventor (d. 2000) 

 1922 – Dorothy Dandridge, American actress, singer, and dancer (d. 1965)

It is a new day in America. Many are sad. Many are happy. That's what happens at the end of a political campaign.
Wow! Has this been one of the longest political races ever! ?!?! It has been exactly 511 Days since President elect Donald J. Trump and future First Lady Melania Trump came down that escalator at Trump Tower to announce his run to be the 45th President of the United States.
Who would have anticipated what happened yesterday? 
It is with a heavy heart that I write today. Donald Trump IS the President-elect of the United
States, and he won on a platform of hate, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, Islamophobia, climate change denial and anti-science rhetoric. To say I am disappointed is an understatement.
However, I am. I've said it, and now I am moving on. 
Over the past fifteen months I have posted my thoughts on Facebook with never any intention of attacking anyone else or even offending. My thoughts and feelings were based on what I saw and witnessed from him, not based on second hand information. If I've offended anyone in the process, I sincerely apologize. That goes for my
blogs as well.
Along the way, I've lost a few Facebook "friends" as well. Some I thought were real friends, some I don't even know personally.  Some happened on my end. Some on theirs. In any case, I look at it all as a positive. People have shown their true colors. I feel like I have as well. The bottom line is that it is a done deal. I have no choice but to accept Trump as our 45th President. We ALL have to accept that. That is not to say we have to like it. We don't but if we try to, it makes it a little bit easier to accept. 
Yes, it is a bitter pill to follow, but I'm going to go high instead of low (Thank you, Michelle Obama). 
For me, it's time to get back to my art and to celebrate YOU! That was the purpose of this blog when I started it and it is time to jump in with both
Catherine Cortez Masto Wins Nevada to Become State’s First Latina Senator
feet on the ground. I'm not going to post that I am ashamed to be American, because I'm not. I exercised my right as an American yesterday and I have with EVERY election I have able to vote for since turning 18. I'm not going to have a temper tantrum when things don't go my way. This country is better than a basket of deplorables and "nasty women". Let's ALL rise to the occasion and show the world that we are loving and united rather than hate filled and divided. Mr. Trump, you got the job! Make us proud and this time next year my dream is that my opinion of you changes for the better. This is my last blog on the subject!

To sleep last night (actually at 4AM), I took an Ambien. I could not stop crying. The American people had spoken, and for many, it was with bigotry, hatred, and racism. Peace be with us all. We will need it.
By the way, did you know that Nevada elected the first Latina senator in US history yesterday AND California elected the first Indian-American to serve in the US Senate? Let's celebrate THAT!
Catherine Cortez Masto defeated Republican Joe Heck in the race for the Nevada Senate seat. She’s the first Latina senator in US history. She’s a former Nevada attorney general and granddaughter of a Mexican immigrant. Her campaign was focused on an immigration overhaul and future Supreme Court picks.

Our lives improve only when we take chances—and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves - WALTER ANDERSON, Editor of Parade magazine for 20 years

“And to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and to achieve your own dreams."
-Hillary Rodham Clinton, who won the Popular vote in this year's election.   

Sit back! A new news cycle is about to begin!

Thank you, to ALL who are mentioned in this blog for showing me that it is up to ME to lead by example!

With grateful XOXOXs ,

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Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help!   

Save the Date and join us at The American Popular Song Society on November 12th

Here's to an INCREDIBLE tomorrow for ALL...with NO challenges!
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