Monday, January 9, 2017

Looking forward to 2017 and Infinite Possibilities

Debbie Reynolds your optimism and positive energy is a lesson for us all
Take your broken heart, make it into art.
-Carrie Fisher to Meryl Streep

First off, a message for President-elect Trump: A lot of people are looking at our world with doom and gloom. I may not have control on what happens but I do have control on how I respond to things. Potus-elect Donald J. Trump you built a campaign on Making America Great again. I don't exactly know what you mean by that. I am reminded daily of how great it already is. My eyes are on you. I also pray that daily you are thinking of ALL Americans instead of YOU. THAT is the key to being a great leader. While you are working to make America Great Again, Rest assured, that I will be working daily to keep it great through my words and actions. A lesson you need to take to heart. You might be thinking that you want to 'drain the swamp'.
Keeping America great through Great Work!
Please remember, it starts with the people you associate with. I am praying you know what you are doing. PLEASE do not let us down.

There is so much to do in the months and years ahead to build a movement that's powerful enough to resist Trump's disastrous agenda, preserve our Constitution and civil liberties, stem attacks on vulnerable communities, and reclaim power. The tasks ahead of us may seem overwhelming … even insurmountable. But by consistently taking one bold action of resistance after another—and never letting up—we can win.

A friend of mind posted on Facebook:  It's not random optimism. It is focusing your energy to the positive, and then letting go of what you cannot change. No matter what challenges, it's what you make of what you've got, and how you roll with punches.
If one looks at 2017 with already a sense of dread, vitriol, negativity--that is exactly what you'll get, guaranteed. Misery, victims--never create anything or anyone different from that. So at the very least, it's worth a damn try to be "optimistic", isn't it?

That is not to say that we don't speak out! After telling The New York Times that he was “not surprised” that he had come under attack from “liberal Hollywood people,” Donald Trump launched his latest Twitter barrage at the most successful and beloved movie actress in modern history: Meryl Streep, who he called “over-rated.” (Read MORE)

This was posted by a friend on Facebook today in response to Trump tweeting in response to Meryl Streep's PERFECT speech last night:  I think every famous person in America should make a public criticism of Trump just so we can find out if he can resist lashing out with his thumbs even just once. Definitely Time Magazine's Child of The Year. I actually don't personally know anyone this immature. I don't actually know any children that are this immature. The fact that in
his defense he made sure to say "one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood" and "a Hillary flunky who lost big" exposes his thin skin and depth of immaturity. Most presidents and presidents-elect would not even comment on such a thing, mush less make a bunch of immature public statements about it. Do presidents really care that much what thespians say about them? 
 I didn't used to think so. I'm just praying the US of A doesn't go the way of the USFL. I think
someone in the art/tech world needs to take all the Trump tweets and play them with audio instead, but with the voice of Eric Cartman from South Park. That would be, at the very least, AWESOME.

Another friend of mine posted this on Facebook: Had a really interesting- only in New York kind of day yesterday, house managing at Color Purple with Bill and Hillary Clinton in attendance.
Spending the day dealing with Secret Service is certainly interesting and I was happy that
I had the chance to greet both Clintons; when we brought the to their seats it was like being at a rock concert; people were not just applauding- they were yelling approval at the top of their lungs. Hillary and Chelsea looked great and were nice with everyone- Bill looks thin! An audience that was primed for the final
performance of Color Purple really went crazy- Jennifer Holliday's big song resulted in a complete standing ovation in the middle of Act One. Quite a memorable afternoon. 

From Dick Cavett ...
What a cruel shock we have all endured! To learn suddenly, without warning, that Meryl Streep is "overrated". The poor woman.
And to learn it from Mr. Class himself. Will Orange Man go on to reveal that Fred Astaire was awkward? Picasso unskilled? Beethoven tuneless?
Shakespeare ( if he's familiar with the name) a mere scribbler?

Please Meryl, try and keep your head high after being so woundingly assaulted by the PREDATOR-elect.

Every year, most people make and try to stick to whatever  resolutions that they inevitably cave in on before they get half way through the first six months.

8 habits of lucky people: 1 work hard 2 complain less 3 teach others 4 share credit 5 be on time 6 be kind 7 be teachable 8 show gratitude.

The first post I saw of 2017 was how bad Mariah Carey was the night before.
I didn't see her. I also don't want to start the year with a negative tone. What really happened? Was she as bad as people are saying she is? It is easy to stand on the sidelines and criticize. I have a lot to celebrate even with all the negativity in the world.
Today's blog is about those things that I am happy about and looking forward to. As I move forward in 2017, I am committing to my vision completely AND I am making a commitment to action.
Carol Lawrence once said to me that being in this business is the greatest elixir in the world. 
The more we get, the more we desire. Here's the
with Dee Dee Bridgewater several years ago on the red carpet of the Bistro Awards
rub...the public has to want it as much as we desire to give it.

I hope that over the next twelve months and beyond that is an equal equation for me and you!
I thank all of you who have supported me in this journey. You make me want to rise to the challenge.
To those of you who don't believe in me or want to impede my successes,
Ruta Lee, Angela Lansbury, Debbie Reynolds at The Thalians.
I thank you as well. You make me work harder. Carol Channing once said to me, "For every person who likes you, there are an equal number who don't." I think of that daily. Yes, I want to be liked by you and I will work tirelessly to make that happens.
If it doesn't, I'll try harder.
Exciting things are coming up. Tomorrow afternoon (January 10th, 2017) 5PM EST, I'm interviewing Ruta Lee to discuss Debbie Reynolds and The Thalians. This will be a Richard Skipper Celebrates: Facebook LIVE! event. I will be interviewing Ruta over the phone and responding to your comments/questions.
Please join us.
One week from tonight, my latest installment of my talk/variety show returns. This is a very special one and I hope you'll join us! Reservations a MUST!  
Richard Skipper CELEBRATES - 'The 60's variety show lives in
Grateful for my friends Rose Apuzzo and Russ Woolley
Richard Skippers' warm hearted joyous evenings' Charles Busch

Richard Skipper CELEBRATES is a tour-de-force cabaret show- top names in musical entertainment, meet to talk & perform songs, stories & recollections of lifetimes & moments in show business. January 16th Celebrates the opening of HELLO DOLLY in 1964.
The guests for this ONE-NIGHT-ONLY tribute to "Jerry's Dollys" and the show include Marilyn Maye, Lee Roy Reams, BETH FOWLER, Sondra Lee, Rita McKenzie and, of course our own inimitable RICHARD SKIPPER. Musical direction by Tedd Firth, Rex Benincasa on percussion and Jeff Carney on bass.
Tickets are $30.00. also has a 2-drink minimum.
My horoscope tells me today: You are at the top of your game today and believe that you can solve
Sue Matsuki at Don't Tell Mama January 20th 7PM. Please join our party
any problem that shows up at your door.
I'll take it! It's a great way to start my week!

Here are other entertainers/events that are today's picks. 

JANUARY 12, 6:30PM / JANUARY 13, 4:00PM
A Concert Reading
Book and Lyrics by Chris Ceraso
Music by William Zeffiro
The Five Angels Theatre.
Click HERE for more info.

Everyone has that pile of music by the piano.......sings that one has meant to attack. is the chance to hear some of those with Sue Matsuki. I can't wait!

Lea Anderson Sings Whitney Houston: 5 Year Anniversary Tribute
On the 5-Year Anniversary of Whitney Houston's Passing, Seth Ward-Pyatt, Andy Crosten, and Lea Anderson present: "Lea Anderson Sings Whitney Houston: A 5-Year Anniversary Tribute Show"
Starring Lea and featuring many special guest singers including Carla Gibson, Shay Leonia, ...And more to be announced soon!

I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadow.

-Whitney Houston

They will pay tribute by performing Whitney's greatest hits at one of New York City’s best cabaret spaces. Join us in celebrating the life of pop music's most beloved icon.

Give me one moment in time.

‘Cause I believe in you and me.

Showbiz 411 reports exclusively that Barbra Streisand will be among the very first performers to christen the newly renovated Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York. According to the report, the legendary singer will perform for two nights in either April or early May. 
Read MORE 

Don't forget to tune in this Saturday, 1/14/17 @ 8 ON BroadwayHD for Roundabout Theatre Company's HOLIDAY INN!

If you are down in Boca on the 25th, I hope you'll catch my friends, Bill Boggs and Julie Budd Click HERE for more info on Bill's show.

Julie Budd will be at The Spanish River High Concert Series  In BOCA FLA  ON JAN 26 7 :30 show.Time: 7:30pm. Box office: 561 883 7760  and Tickets can be purchased at the door too. Address: 5100 Jog Road. Venue phone: 561 883 7760. Julie will be Performing Remembering Mr
Available on Amazon
and joining Julie is the fabulous Actor/ comedian Sal Richards. Show time at 7:30.

Join Two Time MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs) award winner Rev. Yolanda, and Emmy Nominated Steve Sandberg
Jan. 29, 1pm at Metropolitan Room. $24, or $15 for MAC members, $25
food/drink minimum.
Join three time Emmy nominated composer, Steve Sandberg, and two time MAC
Award winner and Blues Hall of Famer Rev. Yolanda as they co-create a
Magical Musical Evening together (actually its at 1pm in the afternoon).
Steve's virtuosity on piano will showcase his and Yolanda's original music
mixed with some pieces from classic composers.
Rev. Yolanda's Old Time Gospel Hour
"A Gender Bending Gospel Celebration"
This will be an afternoon
you won't want to miss.
Steve and Yolanda have known each other for 15 years and have had many
experiences together both in the music world as well as spiritual circles.
This is their first concert together other than some crazy nights many
moons ago in the East Village at the legendary lesbian bar Meow Mix. As
well as magical musical moments, Steve and Yolanda will share stories from
their NYC adventures in the early days!
More details about Steve Sandberg at
Details on Rev. Yolanda:

Sit back! A new news cycle is about to begin!

Thank you, to ALL who are mentioned in this blog for showing me that it is up to ME to lead by example!

With grateful XOXOXs ,

Courtesy Scott Clarke
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Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help!   

ONE WEEK till showtime: Please celebrate with us January 16th, 2017! RESERVATIONS A MUST!
Russ WoolLey and Wright BROS. Real Estate NY Present
Richard Skipper Celebrates...The 53rd Anniversary of Hello, Dolly! Opening on Broadway 7PM at the Triad on Janurary 16th, 2017 featured guests will INCLUDE Beth Fowler, Lee Roy Reams, Sondra Lee, Rita McKenzie...AND Marilyn Maye. 
 Tedd Firth Musical Director with Jeff Carney on bass and Rex Benincasa on percussion.  Richard Skipper Celebrates: A Talk/Variety Show encouraging us to celebrate each and every day and the hidden gems therein.
 Wear David Merrick red for amazing photo ops. 
Tickets are $30.00 plus a two drink minimum.  Reservations a MUST! To purchase , go toTHEIR website.  Mix and mingle with the cast  afterwards. You never know who may show up! ;)  Check out our promo:

Here's to an INCREDIBLE tomorrow for ALL...with NO challenges!
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Richard Skipper,

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