Saturday, March 25, 2017

Clifford Bell Honors Barbra Streisand for Project Angel Food

The important thing is to go with what you've got.
-Barbra Streisand, Vogue (mid 70's)

Happy Saturday! March 25th, 2017
March 24 is the 84th day of the year. There are 281 days remaining until the end of the year. 
It is a beautiful day here in New York and I am listening to Barbra Streisand singing Here We Are At Last in the background as I embark on today's blog. 
How appropriate because today I celebrate Clifford Bell and HIS celebration of Barbra Streisand.
CLIFFORD BELL, known affectionately as "Lawrence of Cabarabia", is one of the leading producer/directors in the fields of Cabaret, Concerts, and One Person Shows. As a thirty year veteran of the Los Angeles nightclub scene, Clifford has been most identified in the past with the legendary Cinegrill at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and currently at the popular MBar in Hollywood, and the prestigious Catalina Jazz Club.A BENEFIT FOR PROJECT ANGEL FOOD.
Mary Wilson is one of this year's entertainers!
This is Clifford's 19th year of celebrating Barbra's Birthday with a Charity event featuring all the best singers in town singing songs associated with Ms.S. - This year is OUR NAME IS BARBRA 2017: A BENEFIT FOR PROJECT ANGEL FOOD.

They feature popular performers from the world of Broadway, TV and Cabaret delivering both fresh and familiar takes on anything from The Gospel According to Barbra-

Very exciting entertainers this year include Mary Wilson (The Supremes), Allan Rich
Brad Ellis and Eydie Alyson
("The Bodyguard" Soundtrack/Barbra's song "Lessons To Be Learned"), Ilene Graff (TV's "Mr. Belvedere", Broadway's "Grease", "I Love My Wife"- mother of Nikka Lanzarone) & Bill Lanzarone, and Jodi Burnett Mandel (Cellist from Barbra tours and studio recording and daughter of legends Irene Kral  and Joe Burnett), Dana Meller: Les Miserables-Broadway, Shelly Goldstein, Mark Arthur Miller, Joshua Lance Dixon, Mitch Ellis, and more!!

Clifford Bell

Why THIS project? 
(Singing) It's the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.....Doing OUR NAME IS BARBRA is probably my favorite thing I do all year...It's so much fun to be both creative choosing songs and to pay homage to the huge source of inspiration that the Great Barbra Streisand has been to so many.

Finish this sentence: I'm very bad at... accepting  the worst in people.  Being hurt or disappointed by someone still can destroy me.

Who are your artistic heroes – who have had an impact on you and your work?

Barbra. (Obviously!) Peter Allen.  Oprah.

Name one thing you would like to change about this profession and why

I wish there was more transparency.  Most of the negative things I know about and/or have experienced could have only happened in the cloak of darkness and secrecy.  I think if everything was seen, a lot of bad behavior would be curtailed.

Ilene Graff and Ben Lanzarone
What is it about the business that you think has changed for the better...and for the worst since you began in it? 

I think the Internet has made power more available to the general public...Opportunity is much more available than it was when I began...which is great.

For the worse....I think it's a free for all, which is good for opportunity but bad for standards, or measurements of merit.

How important are the arts to you personally?  

100%  More important than food/water/air.

Are you making the kind of art that you envisioned you'd be making? 
Yes...I think I am.  I did used to think I would have stayed young and cute for longer than I did, but other than that I'm really proud of what I do.

Has it really been 55 years? 1962 opened this week... I Can Get It For You Wholesale at the Shubert Theatre on Broadway.

How would you describe the arts scene where you grew up?
I had two upbringings...One very cultured..while my parents were married...My father was a Symphony Conductor and I was brought up in the world of music.   And two, after my parents' divorce, my Mother remarried a man that had a non-Musical profession so it was less filled with the Arts...but they always took me to see everything that came around and they were always up on the latest Broadway music.

Gordon MacRae
Do you recall some great parties in real living rooms where people got up and sang and told stories? my childhood we had Gordon MacRae sing in the living room.  And Greer Garson came to the house....I was about five so the details are a little fuzzy.

Do you feel like you’re playing a party in somebody’s living room when you are on stage?

I think that is an "as if" to aspire to.

What are you most proud of?

Many many years of sobriety.  Almost three decades.

What is the one song that resonates most with you? 
Here's To Life
Barbra Streisand and Elliot Gould

If you had the opportunity to stand up for the NEA, what would you say?
I understand that this quotation has been erroneously attributed to Winston Churchill but I think it remains one of the most profound statements on the subject,,,,whoever said it...  "When asked to cut funding for the Arts during World War II, Winston Churchill reportedly said "Then what are we fighting for?"


Life is so much better when you stop caring about what everyone thinks, and start to actually live for yourself!!

Sit back! A new news cycle is about to begin!

Maureen Kelley Stewart had her own successful show celebrating EY Harburg
Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.” — E. Y. “Yip” Harburg

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Richard will be joined by Karen Oberlin, Leslie Orofino, Maureen Kelley Stewart AND...A MYSTERY GUEST

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Nobody celebrates legends like Richard Skipper.
The interior of the Laurie Beechman Theatre
If one of your faves is being feted, there's nowhere on earth more fun to be. And honestly even if you don't care about the honoree, master showman Richard and his talented crew serve up a fabulously good time.
-Ben Rimalower

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You Never Know Who You Might See There and what might happen!

Thank you, to ALL who are mentioned in this blog for showing me that it is up to ME to lead by example!

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  1. Thank you so very much, Richard. As usual, your blog is classy, informative and fun! Thank you for supporting our event which raises money and awareness for the amazing organization "Project Angel Food" which was created by Marianne Williamson 27 years ago and is still going strong. You are a treasure and I'm very grateful for you.

  2. Richard an Amazing Blog today as always and especially "Project Angel Food" information! Thank you for celebrating Barbra Streisand today!!!