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It's Last Call: Being a FRIEND in the age of Social Media

Hello, Dolly! It's Nice To Have You Back Where You Belong!!
The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it. Hubert H. Humphrey

Happy Juneteenth, 2017!
Also known as Juneteenth Independence Day or Freedom Day, is a holiday that commemorates the June 19, 1865 announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas, and more generally the emancipation of African-American slaves throughout the Confederate South.
Thanks to ALL my FRIENDS who contributed to the success of yesterday's show and all of the shows this season!
It is also National Martini Day! It's a good thing I don't drink! Today's political climate could force anyone to drink, regardless of what 'side' you are on!

Today is the 170th day of the year. 
My horoscope today tells me that I'm still riding a creative wave but it takes a more practical turn today, enabling me to craft my ideas into something tangible. I FEEL IT! The 'WORD' for the day is IDEA . Think of this word as your mantra for the day. First apply the word to yourself, THEN apply this word to EVERYONE YOU meet. Think of this word as you respond to EVERY POST you see throughout the day. The 'word 'for TODAY is IDEA ! Please pay it forward...
What has challenged you today? I'll tell you what has challenged me. Social media. I am making major changes and purging my contacts! 
This Wednesday (6/21) we celebrate the Summer Solstice, a spiritual time when warmth and blessings flow forward.In order to allow this, we all have to let go of that which is weighing us down.
I get a newsletter from Dee Wallace who is a very spiritual person. I have had the pleasure of interviewing her and I look forward to her newsletter. Today,in her newsletter, another lesson jumped out at me.  They always do! 

Her newsletter begins today with Conscious: Awake to one's own creation.
She goes on to say that "What we teach in this community is creating our lives because we are awake to our own existence.
With Raquel Welch (No reason to post here except I like it!)
We are awake to the Power of Who We Are and choose to create ourselves fully in the moment and in a conscious state. "
She goes on to say, "In Neale Donald Walsh's book Conversations With God, Book Four, God states: The degree a species is living in an awakened state is reflected by the degree to which that species self regulates.
The challenge we are all fortunate enough to play with right now, no matter how frustrating that might be, is choosing to be in the moment...every the muscle of conscious choice is exercised consistently and permanently.
We are in the state of grace of awakening ourselves to the self-creation we are here to experience. "
I have achieved some great successes in my life and some massive failures. I am far from where I desire to be at this point in my life.  I do realize that up to this point, there have been some who have helped me along the way and have kept me up and going.

There have also been some that have impeded my progress. Guess what? I allow it. 
I'm still allowing it. I am responsible for the people I allow into my life AND those that I keep around who seem to continuously bring me down over and over. 
I have mentioned also in previous blogs that I have received the distinction of having 5,000 friends on Facebook. It is more of a hindrance than an asset. Out of those 5,000 friends, according to where I am today, I have 3,196 people following me. How many of those do I actually know or who actually know me?
How many are actually interested in my day to day comings and goings? 
When was the last time they reached out to me genuinely because they desired something instead of because they were/are interested in me and what I have to offer beyond a need.  
The point is that I am seeking a totally immersive interactive experience, not only through social media but with ALL who desire to call me friend or whom I call friend.
Those of you who are creating this with me, you are staying. I am, however, making some cuts.
Years ago, in my late thirties, I was in a rather abusive caustic relationship. I ended up in therapy to figure out WHY I was gravitating towards this. My therapist at the time came in one day and gave me a gift, an address book! Remember those?
She asked me to transfer names from my old address book to the new one. Here was the criteria for transference: When I came across a name, did that name engender a warm fuzzy feeling or a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach or indifference. ONLY the ones who gave me that happy feeling were to be transferred.
Even if it was someone with whom I had not corresponded in some time, the same criteria applied to all. 
ONE person in this photo is a TRUE friend. The others, sadly, at least to me, are merely acquaintances (a bitter pill to swallow!)

Facebook has created these strange little kingdoms in which we are the kings and/or queens of those kingdom's. Each person is determining who and what is acceptable or allowed. People are banished if they have a differing view than you. People have become snarky and bitchy and catty, oh my!
This is no way for us to be communicating with one another!

As I sat down to begin today's blog, I was listening to Louis Armstrong's iconic recording of Hello, Dolly! That recording had a major impact on the success of the original run of Dolly. 
Publicity photo or true friends out for dinner?
Several years ago, I was asked to speak about Dolly to a high school that was doing a production of Dolly. One of the kids asked me what the core of the show was. I had not thought about it before, but without missing a beat, I said, "She must be a great tipper. Why else would waiters be doing cartwheels at the mere mention of her name?" The kids all laughed and the director told me that gave him a glimpse into the direction he would take with his Dolly.
I've thought about that quite often. 
All who know me know that I am writing a book preserving the oral histories of those who have been part of this landmark musical. 

When I first considered writing this book, I made sure nobody had published anything like it.
I have interviewed many actresses who have played Dolly.
I have also interviewed those who have worked with ladies. I've heard it all! The good AND the bad! 
Because I choose to CELEBRATE, I will not share the negative aspects that I have heard!

I am on a path that is so well trodden, but if we don't know what others have gone through, we will probably feel alone in the wilderness. I have been feeling a lot of that lately.
It is my hope that this blog will have a positive
Why, Millie, you're a boob. We could have made it on cut glass alone.
effect on your angst, reassuring you that others are facing the same difficult issues.

I want to be that person that people gravitates towards, like Dolly, instead of retreating when I walk into a room!
On Friday, I went into a deep funk that was hard to shake. 
It actually sent me into several 'aha' moments. I will try and hopefully clarify this seismic shift in terms of where I am in terms of my friends, acquaintances, and business contacts. Some reading this blog might ask, "Does this mean me?" If you ask, perhaps it does.
I'm a people person. I always have been and human interaction is very important to me.
My answer: Good Conversation and being out with nfriends not consumed with their devices

It was something I craved before the dawn of social media and I am finding that I am craving it now more than ever.
Social media was supposed to bring us closer together and yet it has drifted us further apart.
How I would LOVE to go back, as I've mentioned in previous blogs, to three TV channels black and white, all stations off around Midnight, except on Friday night.
Annie 'EQUALITY' Hughes: A TRUE Friend!
Best shows of the week were on Friday night at 9pm. Going to the Library weekly. Converse was the Number One brand of tennis shoe AND it was affordable. We had to go to each place and pay our bills. Captain Kangaroo.

I'm throwing back the curtain and showing my followers the little man behind the Wizard who is always trying to put forth a positive image of a man. 

Let's Be Friends! I promise you a great experience! 

Today's blog is dedicated to Guy Lombardo who was born on this date in 1902. He made New Year's Eve an event to Look forward to!

Life is so much better when you stop caring about what everyone thinks, and start to actually live for yourself!!

Thank you, Kathleen Hassett Hochberg

Richard Skipper Celebrates is the Greatest show(s) on earth! Richard Skipper is the ultimate host, performer, artist, friend and quick witted delight!! Every show we have been to, he has made us feel like part of the family of incredibly talented performers gathered. September can't come soon enough😘
Kathleen Hochberg, Easton, PA
Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.-Judy Garland
Though I have not have the great fortune to see Richard's show's live (Please come to Vegas!!!)   I do have the great fortune of calling him one of my dearest friends. And that dear ones, is  a great blessing indeed.   Richard is a blessing to all who he encounters.   His positivity will help you through the hardest of days.   Truly one in a million :)  May God continue to bless all you do!  
Love, Jamie Farrar

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Thank you, to ALL who are mentioned in this blog for showing me that it is up to ME to lead by example!

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  1. Well, I read this blog with much interest and re-read it with even more. I, too am searching for those deep relationships - many I have, and many are acquaintances - I need to value both for what they are and understand the distinction. Thanks for this blog