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Tiffany Bynoe
When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.
— Erasmus.

Happy March 23rd, 2018!
March 23 is the 82nd day of the year. There are 283 days remaining until the end of the year.

My horoscope tells me that although I might be tempted to bury my feelings today, it’s time to leave my comfortable intellectual world behind to discover the richness that waits in the vulnerable realms of intimacy.  I'll take it!
I'm continuing today with my series celebrating Cabaret Month.
As I begin today's blog, I'm listening to The World's in Rhyme: Bill Solly's Greatest Hits-Volume 1.
I appeared in Bill Solly's children's sow in the early Eighties, The Cat in the Castle. I played the royal cat catcher, Ham Hamwich.
I think it was typecasting!
That was when I became familiar with Bill Solly and his music.
There are so many great artists that those of us in the industry may or may not be familiar with. My goal through Richard Skipper Celebrates is to give them a little bit more exposure.
Thanks to good publicists, really good artists are brought to my attention and the subject of today's blog is no exception to that rule. Tom Estey, thank you for introducing me to Tiffany Bynoe! I am now a fan!

Tiffany Bynoe
Tiffany Bynoe (born Tiffany Williams) is a
contemporary gospel singer with a background in '90s urban music and an affection for modern pop and R and B production. Singing since shortly after she could talk, Williams grew up in Akron, Ohio, where her grandmother, a radio promoter, advised the young vocalist to take every opportunity to perform publicly. Having competed in Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater multiple times -- winning three -- and declined a record contract offer by age 16, the singer was already an experienced entertainer when she moved to New York City after finishing high school. There, she signed with Pendulum Records. Her debut album, Tene Williams, was released in 1993 under that moniker, and the single "Give Him a Love He Can Feel" hit the Billboard Hot 100 and various R&B and dance charts. Around that time, she married producer Kyle Bynoe and started a family, which led to a prolonged break from pursuing her own music career, if not from the industry entirely, and a relocation back to Akron.
The family found renewed focus in ministry, with Kyle shifting from work in secular to religious music. In the meantime, Bynoe appeared as a guest or backing vocalist on the occasional gospel recording and founded a nonprofit called Gabby's Heart, which advocates for families dealing with children's heart conditions like her own daughter's.
In the 2010s, Bynoe returned to the studio with an objective to make music with positive messages and released the ballad "Your Love Completes Me" in 2011 as Tene Williams, and "Blessed by the Best" in 2013 as Tiffany Bynoe.
Preceded by the single "Seasons" and produced by her husband, her debut Tiffany Bynoe album was expected in 2016.

Enjoy our Interview...
Who/What keeps you going in the creative process? 
Who? God - Knowing I have a purpose that could touch and change reach someone life

What, other than music, has inspired you recently? 
Compassion for humanity wanting to see the messages of love and understand you exist for more than just yourself I quote: Oprah lean into the dream

Who are your biggest musical influences?
Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole, Phyllis Hyman, Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Luther Vandross, of course, my uncle Howard Hewett

What are your thoughts on today’s entertainment industry
Change! It’s an even playing field now that gives the opportunity to the independent artists to have more control over their masters and option to negotiate with the major's nothing is wrong with the majors but you can create your own door now

Tell us a secret.
When I step onto the stage I become whoever I want to be... shhh

What about your career isn’t working?
Right now it’s all working the process is necessary...the team helps vision and Dream ..also I have a book and other ways to reach and get in front of people... you must be creative

How did you hear you’d booked your first big gig? 
Through my manager

What is your favorite event in the entertainment industry?
Well several, one is the Grammys, The Oscars the VMA Emmys. I love fashion and creativity. I can view this in each of these events.

If you could have coffee with any living person, it would be
Oprah Winfrey

If you could trade places with anybody for a day, you would choose… 
Oprah Winfrey-
Why? Having the resources to help people is very inspiring to me...

If there were no barriers to entry, what is one thing you would be doing? 
Using my gifts like Michael Jackson and those who had a message and compassion for humanity to help make a change in the lives of others

If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be? 

What is one instance of knowing you are living in your vision? 
When someone comes up to you and writes and expresses how the message of my songs has touched and encouraged them right when they needed it the most, my heart melts when I hear this and when I give them my story and encourage them not to give up and to be OK with scars because you are still beautiful..

To be successful in this business, it takes… 
Willing to know that the process is part of the journey and being led by your passion and Heart with dedication and patience and integrity A pure heart will always win

Name one person you would like to see profiled in my blog 
Bette Midler- I love her.. hopefully I’ll do musicals one

What's next?
My Book: Ugly Duckling No More.
4/0 and Fabulous online fashion - and Talk Show
Olive Tree Collection” my makeup line

Anything else you wish included?
 My Brand includes all of the above.. we should go into our dream jars and pull out what is in our hearts and fly.
Come Join the Pond where love is accepted. Different is allowed... 
For years while I was tending to my child who had heart disease. I take all of my dreams and visions, ball them up, and put them in a jar.
That’s how I came up with “dreams in a jar”.  This is a show I want to film showing me taking what I wrote down on that piece of paper and share the experience of me accomplishing those goals.

"Seasons," the new single from Tiffany Bynoe, now available for download. Get it on iTunes, Amazon Music, or Google Play! Listen HERE.

Richard's Friday Picks
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Today is the birthday of Joan Crawford. Her legacy has forever been tarnished because of Mommie Dearest but I still celebrate her body of WORTH.

Fay Wray Travels HD We recently lost Rick McKay. Thank you, Michael Lee Stever, for bringing
Rick McKay and Fay Wray
this to my attention.

Ken Rush has worked in the cruise industry for over 31 years, starting as a DJ, then worked his way up from cruise staff, shore excursions, and stage and production. After only four years with Royal Caribbean, he became one of the company's youngest cruise directors. He is now part of the “elite” take out team – introducing the latest ships like the Quantum of the Seas, the Oasis, the Allure and most recently the Harmony of the Seas. Enjoy this great interview with Ken HERE.

San Francisco! Only a handful of seats left for this weekend's Broadway Bound cabaret at the Circus Center. Grab your seat and Cabaret Chanteuse Madame Leanne Borghesi and the Roger Glenn Trio will see you at the Show! xoxoxo
Now, go and do something nice for someone without expecting anything in return!

Here are a Few Testimonials for Richard Skipper Celebrates: Next One March 18th 1PM Laurie Beechman Theater:
April 8th, 2018

Russ Woolley Proudly Presents
Richard Skipper Celebrates
Broadway and off-Broadway Firsts...and More!

1 PM Brunch Show Laurie Beechman Theater 
Lane Bradbury created the role of Dainty June in the original Broadway production of the classic show Gypsy starring Ethel Merman.
Annie Hughes off-Broadway Closer Than Ever
Lauren Mufson Broadway and National Touring companies of Mamma Mia!
Marta Sanders Best Little Whorehouse In Texas Original Company

Musical Direction Joe Goodrich with Rex Benincasa on Percussion, Steve Doyle on bass, and Erik Lawrence on Sax
With music, reminisces and an afternoon of fun and show business! 90 minutes of merriment and excitement …Right on the heels of the 2/11 Russ Woolley's CELEBRATES Richard Skipper's’ BIRTHDAY…SELL-OUT Extravaganza…

When and Where:
Sunday, April 8th - 1 PM, Doors open 12:15

THE LAURIE BEECHMAN THEATRE, 407 West 42nd Street (lower level of the WEST BANK CAFE) Producer: Russ Woolley $30 ticket plus $20 food/beverage minimum - exquisite and reasonably priced food and drink

Richard Skipper has assembled a great cast to entertain and honor Broadway and off-Broadway artists… RICHARD SKIPPER has become synonymous with “feel good entertainment of the highest quality”. For decades Richard has entertained thousands and celebrated the careers of many of Theatre Row’s finest and most honored stars… It is now our turn to honor artists and the roles they created and/or made their own… The afternoon will prove to be an event where all will arrive and leave with smiles! This will be similar to the old-fashioned TV specials and series where we get to chat with and honor this Entertainment Icon.

So — Order your tickets now online…

A Few Audience Testimonials
I had the immense pleasure of performing in Richard's Nov. 5th show. Richard's introduction of me was so lush, that I was looking behind myself to see who he was talking about! So, with his wonderful band behind me, I hope that I gave the folks something to 'write home about"! By the end of the evening, I felt as if I had been missing out on a tradition that is integral to showbiz!! Before I could even get through the doors of the theater, I was warmly greeted by people who had seen me perform in other venues but were "fierce cheerleaders" of the 'RICHARD SKIPPER CELEBRATES MOVEMENT' ...YES.I see this as a 'MOVEMENT', a wonderful way to keep us 'Baby Boomers' connected to iconic shows that set a standard for every show that would come down the pike! Richard's show took me back to the grand days of variety shows that drew you in and held on to your heart for 60 to 90 minutes every Saturday and Sunday evening. Hey Richard, I could've sworn that I saw Pearl Bailey, Perry Como & Dinah Shore sitting at a table in the back of the room! If you ever need me again, just remember the lyrics of that famous Michael Jackson song and "JUST CALL MY NAME AND I'LL BE THERE"!
Denise Spann-Morgan, Brooklyn NY

Just had the pleasure of attending my first Richard Skipper Celebrates at the Laurie Beechman today.  I was captivated from beginning to end. I had no expectations, I thought it was just going to be a conventional cabaret (not that there's anything wrong with that :) ) but instead it was an excellently produced, thoughtful and warm celebration of music and music-makers.  I will be back!  
Ann Kittredge, NYC

I attended the premiere edition of Richard Skipper Celebrates last May, and wrote at the time, "...the musical entertainment blew the roof off the joint..". I was so looking forward to celebrating my own birthday at the Richard Skipper Celebrates June 20th edition, the following month, but due to circumstances, as described by Richard, he had unfortunately canceled it. I was mortified but nevertheless attended a few more editions this past year. I especially love the transition of the event to the Laurie Beechman Theatre. The terrific brunch alone is worth partaking and the musical entertainment and hijinx are the Cherry on top! I am so looking forward to the next editionSo let's get the party started... who wants to join me at Richard Skipper Celebrates...?
Avi Duvdevani, South Amboy NJ 
The show is also made possible by Wright Bros. Real Estate. 

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