Monday, May 2, 2011

David Friedman's THOUGHT EXCHANGE!

Your mind is the root of all imbalances and is creating everything uncomfortable and unhealthy for you.

"I would like to see a picture of Bush pumping gas into his car! like tomorrow during the day! And Trump walking down 5th"
That quote is one of hundreds I've seen on FACEBOOK and Twitter before going to bed and upon getting up this morning. Isn't it amazing how the entire world and our lives just change on a dime? I remember 9/11/2001 like it was yesterday. As I write these words, my clock is reading 9:11 AM. Eerie Danny had left for work. I got up to find we had no coffee in the house. So I took Chip, our late great first Yorkie, for a walk and to get a cup of coffee. Everyone talks about how beautiful that day was. It was unbelievably gorgeous. I remember thinking that as Chip and I went for our walk. When we walked back in the house, the phone was ringing. It was Danny. He was in Jersey but could see the World Trade Center from his vantage point. He saw smoke billowing out of the first tower. He said he had heard on the radio that a plane had hit the first tower. I turned the TV on just as the second plane was hitting the second tower. It happened to be one of the most surreal moments of my life. I called my neighbor, Grace, to see if she was aware of what was going on. She wasn't. I told
her to come over immediately.
We sat and watched in horror as the tumbles fell. I tear up as I write these words. Grace thought that it was a dramatization. I said, "No, Grace, this is really happening". I sat there all day watching the events unfolding. I still cannot believe it happened. But it did!
And, last night, I once again sat in disbelief as it was announced that Osama Bin Laden was dead! People are dancing in the streets in celebration. Why is their evil in the world?
When I leave this planet, I hope that every person who has encountered me will have pleasant memories and thoughts.
Is there anyone at this moment who is mourning his death? As I watched images of Osama last night, I imagined that THAT is the face of evil. The devil incarnate. Imagine if that kind of evil had been harnessed for something positive! I lost a dear friend that day, Gene Clark. Can't get him out of my mind today. David your book is more timely now than ever! From "We Can Be Kind" to "Listen to My Heart", "Help is on the Way", "We Live on Borrowed Time", "Trust The Wind", and "I'll Be Here With You", David has written songs of inspiration, love and hope that take on new emotional meaning in these challenging times.
On Saturday night, after having spent an entire day with Carol Channing, a woman who is ALL ABOUT positive energy, I went to a book signing at Borders for my friend David Friedman (pictured above with me). David has a new book on Thought Exchange. (Overcoming Our Resistance To Living A SENSATIONAL Life)
This is what I was originally going to write about today and then the events last night compelled me to write something on my thoughts on 9/11 and now, the death of Osama. It is the elephant in the room that everyone is thinking about today.
But I LOVE David Friedman as a songwriter: , as a spiritual coach, as a teacher, and as a friend.

"Practicing David Friedman's THOUGHT EXCHANGE ideas has been the most fundamentally life-changing, positive experience I've ever had."

Renowned Disney composer David Friedman is proud to announce the publication of his latest book, The Thought Exchange ($18.99). This 450-page book takes us on a journey that begins where most of us started and perhaps still are; firmly entrenched in the ambitions, strivings and frustrations of the physical world; and leads us, step by step, discovery by discovery, to this new world, the REAL world, that has always been right here, inside us. In this world, we not only find that we have all that we’ve looking for, but we discover that the “outer” world has no choice but to reflect the contentment, success and peace that we already have, and have always had, inside of ourselves. By opening this book, you are taking a journey that perhaps you have begun many times, only to get lost, frustrated or sidetracked along the way. This book will lead you, in ways you’ve never been led before, to where you’ve always truly wanted to be.With multi-platinum recordings, Broadway shows, Disney Animated Films, Television scores, and a teaching and lecturing career that spans the nation, David Friedman is truly someone who has made a major mark in all areas of show business.( THIS BOOK! You will thank me. I'm looking forward to starting the next chapter in my life with David Friedman's THOUGHT EXCHANGE!
(Buy THE THOUGHT EXCHANGE by David Friedman

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