Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sue Matsuki, David Kenney, and Phillip Officer!

On Saturday afternoon, I will be part of a very special benefit for Zani's Furry Friends. I have written about that in previous blogs. It will be at Birdland Jazz Club, 315 West 44th Street RESERVATIONS A MUST!!!!! 212-581-3080) at 4:30PM. One of the entertainers that I am sharing the stage with is my dear friend, Sue Matsuki (pictured above with David Kenney and Phillip Officer).
When I get up to start my blog each day, I think about what I'll write about. Sue's beautiful ad that she had in the recent Bistro Awards program caught my eye this morning so I thought I would write about Sue. I've written about her before. Doing a google image search this morning, I found a picture of Sue with David Kenney and Phillip Officer and, voila', I had the theme for my blog today!
The picture above is with With DAVID KENNEY & PHILLIP OFFICER following their Live-In-Studio On-Air performances at EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN to promote their Fall 2004 engagements.
Sue Matsuki is not Japanese. She comes to her name through her Japanese husband, Kenro. She took his name when they married because it was a "trade up" name. You see, her maiden name was Trosell, which made her "Suetrosell" which, to her, always sounded like an antacid. At least "Susiematsuki" makes her sound like an Asian Porno Star.
Sue is actually of Swedish and French descent which means nothing really except that she's a big chested, great kisser (her words, not mine!).Visit Sue Matsuki's website at www.SueMatsuki.com

Please keep checking into Sue's SCHEDULE page for upcoming gigs.

Sue also receives many great comments from the press and fans and, of course, she shares them on her REVIEWS page. What makes Matsuki so varied? Well, when was the last time a cabaret entertainer mixed the likes of Irving Berlin and Elvis Costello? When was the last time a jazz singer delivered one-liners worthy of a stand-up club? And when was the last time a performer captured your heart, not with carefully planned "tear-jerking" patter but with simple sincerity that informed every sung note and spoken word?Sue does it all! Looking forward to Saturday, Sue!

David Kenney has a great radio show called EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN.EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN began on radio in Boston in the mid-1970’s under the title “The Great Entertainer." The broadcast focused entirely on the music, career and life of a particular Star. Each Saturday morning, the Boston radio audience tuned in to listen to a show spotlighting such talents as FRANK SINATRA, BARBRA STREISAND,
After moving from Boston to New York, in the spring of 1979 (I moved to New York in the summer of '79!), producer/host DAVID KENNEY approached the Program Director of WBAI-FM about the possibility of bringing a program like “The Great Entertainer” to the New York airwaves. The program expanded its focus to feature vocal groups and Big Bands, as well as solo performers. In addition to these “feature artist” segments, the show presented an unusual blend of big band Jazz, Swing, Standards, Showtunes and Contemporary Cabaret. http://www.oldisnew.org/indexaudioon.html
can be heard every Sunday 9-11 PM(ET)
over WBAI 99.5 FM
and on the Internet at:


I Love and miss Phillip Officer! Phillip Officer was such a fixture of the NY cabaret scene throughout the 90s and then he moved to Las Vegas. Phillip Officer is one of those rare performers who truly inhabits a lyric, wearing it as if it were a second skin. Thus, he is able to take the most overdone standards, like "Over the Rainbow" or "Heart and Soul," and breathe new life into them. He is also an accomplished actor and made his Broadway debut in the cult classic Side Show playing the Geek. FANCY MEETING YOU: The songs of EY Harburg is available at Amazon.com
(Buy THE THOUGHT EXCHANGE by David Friedman http://www.librarytalespublishing.com/products/The-Thought-Exchange.html)

Tomorrow's blog will be YOU TELL ME...the first three suggestions I receive!

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