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Get Pro-Active in Your career! Advice for Entertainers and those who book them!

"When all men think alike, no one thinks very much."
-Walter Lippmann, American journalist (1889-1974)

Happy Friday!
What a brilliant quote I found from Mr. Littman this am and it sums up perfectly what I see all around me on a daily basis. Not thinking, thinking like everyone else and complacency.
Since I started writing my blog on a daily basis in April, I desired to do a blog that is like no other on the internet. I wanted to do a blog that would build up the entertainers that I write about. Please note, I do not call them performers. To me, there is a huge difference. A trained seal is a performer. It does what it needs to do, or trained to do, in order to get that fish. It's concern is never about the comfort level of its audience or those around him. It's all about the fish (remuneration).
An entertainer, on the other hand, is focused on ENTERTAINING THE AUDIENCE!
At least that's what I set out to do. And it doesn't start from the moment you walk out on the stage, it's starts the moment you get a "seed" planted in your head that you would like to do a show.
The truth is, I do believe the cabaret "community" is a marvelous means by which to help each other understand how to build and maintain a meaningful NETWORK through the smart use of both on line and in-person networking tools and opportunities. If you are not currently taking advantage of ALL that the internet and social media has to offer you in the 21st century, LEARN!

Learn from practically everyone, from a teacher to a high-tech marketer, from the person who designs your BRANDING materials to the person who books you at whatever venue to the person who is taking your reservations...and trust me, just because someone is booking you or answering the phones at the venues. that doesn't necessarily mean they know what they are doing.

I bet you if you call most of the cabaret venues today at 4PM(which is the time, for some reason, that they start answering the phones) and ask the person answering the phone to tell you about the shows playing tonight, none of them would be able to answer your questions! The major exception to this rule is The Metropolitan Room. They start takinf reservations at 12 noon and Marla, and Joseph, and or anyone else answering the phone seem genuinely interested in taking care of the caller's needs AND just as importantly, seem to have an enthusiasm about the entertainers appearing in their venue!

Unfortunately, in the other rooms, there seems to be a major disconnect between the "piano bar" and who is appearing in the "cabaret rooms"? Why is that? How much trouble is it for the people answering phones to familiarize themselves with the entertainers that are being booked in the venues they are working in. In today's fragile economy, I would be doing everything in my power to make sure that MY venue is the most successful one in town. Make your venue the ONE that everyone wants to play in!

And this advice extends to ALL the entertainers that will read this blog. For my readers who are not in this business we call show, extend the same information to your business and personal lives.
Online tools like Twitter, blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on have created an enormous opportunity for individuals to build their reputations and create networks with unprecedented reach.
How many of those of you reading this blog have shows tonight, in the next week, in the next month, in the next year?
What THREE things have you done today to promote your show? What three things has the venue done to promote you?

IF we all work together, we can succeed. No man is an island. Since writing this blog, I've had some entertainers contact me to feature them. I welcome ALL requests! However, with some, they have no web presence at all. Trying to find out anything about them is like finding a needle in a vast universe. Websites that have not been updated or touched in six months or longer. I've written about some who have contacted me to tell me that the info I'm blogging about is outdated.
Well, duh, that's ALL that's out there!

Well, if that is ALL the info that is out there is outdated, you are outdated. In today's world, everyone wants quick fixes. There are no quick fixes. It is a daily responsibility. Make a list, you've heard this before!, of 3 things you wish to accomplish today! This weekend, next week, next month and over the next five months. Make sure that your event or show is THE ONE that everyone wants to gravitate towards.
There are MANY choices out there. Right now, there are over 500 channels on my cable.
I also have satellite radio with over 100 channels showcasing any genre of music (I'm listening to the 40s channel as I write this)I have my computer with the world at my finger tips. I can order a movie either on line, ON DEMAND, or through netflix. In other words, why should I leave home. MAKE me desire to leave home!
No longer are you confined to do business or create relationships with people I know in "carbon form", face-to face meetings.
Folks, here in NY look at the choices available to us!
On my events page alone on Facebook, the top five "events" for me to choose from is to take the time to vote for someone to sing with Barry Manilow (a brilliant PR move, I might add on Mr. Manilow's part!) It keeps his name "out there" and builds up an interest in his upcoming tour beyond the usual routes.
Everyone, you can grow your network exponentially with people from all around the globe.

3 Tenors in Search of an Act2 - Older But No Wiser!Highly recommended, by the way!

Tuesday, June 21 · 9:00pm - 10:30pm
Don't Tell Mama NYC
343 W. 46th Street
New York, NY
Edd Clark, Steven Tharp, Bill Brooks, Paul Stephan

Jacob Aviner at Toquet Hall

TONIGHT, June 17 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Toquet Hall

From Jacob's events page
"Hey guys, this Friday I'll be playing at Toquet Hall! Doors open at 7, and I'll be on at 7:30. I'll be opening for some pretty awesome acts, including Brendan Rivera and Pablo Sebastian. Closing will be Wilton's very own Weathervane! Please come and show your support! I'll be selling CD's if you're interested as well.

For my music, listen and download at"
For Brendan Rivera, listen at

And for my Iowa friends, The Father's Day Show! Too Many Cats! 2 Nights! 17 & 18th

Today at 7:30pm - Tomorrow at 7:30pm
216 4th Street
Des Moines, IA
Created By
TooManyCats, Dave Stuck

And in Hollywood, THOUGHTS 'ROUND MIDNIGHT in Los Angeles for ONE NIGHT ONLY!

TONIGHT, June 17 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm
M Bar
1253 Vine Street
Hollywood, California

And in Bloomfield, New Jersey!PIANOS TOP TIER CABARET

TONIGHT, June 17 · 8:30pm - 11:30pm
36 Broad St, Bloomfield, NJ
Created By
Fran Giannini Leonardis
"Please come out and support live music! Pianos is the place to be on Friday's for Cabaret in No. Jersey. 3 performers each performing a 25 minute sets with a mix of standards from the American Songbook and classic Broadway show stoppers.
Tim Taylor on the piano!!!
There is $3 door charge and a $12 food and drink minimum....Where else can you get dinner AND a show for a total of $15 in NJ or NY!"

My question to the five "events" I listed here, what can of a web presence do each of you have? I ask the same of YOU!
Get pro-active in your own careers! If you need guidance, CALL ME!I can help you ALL get to the next level!

I own nothing, no copyright infringement on anything included in this blog intended.

Thanks for being a loyal reader of my blog!

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