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Gary Dakin: The Psychic Medium

Don't limit yourself-remove the barriers and believe that it is possible.

Gary Dakin was born in the Lancashire mill town of Ashton-Under-Lyne in 1959, the fifth son of Alfred and Olga Dakin. His memories of his father seem to be blocked these days but he does seem to remember him as a man who had conflicts within himself and what he wanted from life. He was not in Gary's view a very good family man as he often took his frustrations out on his children and wife in the form of physical abuse and verbal abuse. He was also an unfaithful husband and was known for his womanizing.
Gary begins each day with, as he calls it, a "slight meditation."
The aspect of his "work" that he loves the most is his connection with people, cross interaction.
There is a theatre in Leeds in Yorkshire which is the location of Gary's fondest memory of his profession. It was the location of a TV program called The Good Old Days. To stand on that stage is awe inspiring.
As you can see from the beginning of this blog, Gary is very upfront and honest about his childhood. He believes the pain must be addressed directly. There is no pretense about what was. It was a reality of his past.
He felt that by being that upfront in his bio on his website that it was a way of dealing with that pain. He mentions his father a lot. He does not hide his disgust of him. He does have some fond memories of his father, but they have been overshadowed by the negative. He holds on to the hate he holds for anyone womanizing.
He has huge challenges dealing with any kind of deceit in people.Although his father's wrath was never directed at him, he used to beat his brother. Maybe there was something within Gary that prevented that anger towards him.
This next question comes from Sarah Dashew. What is Gary's favorite season and how does this affect him?
Gary's favorite season is spring when the flowers start to bloom. This is a time when most people are very positive about times to come. He doesn't really like the autumn. He's OK with summer.

He mentions an amaryllis plant that was given to him. Nearly twenty years ago, a lady, who is also a spiritualist, gave him this plant for Christmas. For the past eight years, it hasn't flowered. This year, it miraculously, has flowered again. It is a sign, to Gary, of greater brighter things to come.
When it comes to other psychics, there are very few that Gary respects. There are only one or two that he totally respects. He rates his abilities upon stage presence, how he can project a psychic show, and how he can get messages from the spirit world, quite accurately. He finds a lot of these
TV mediums may have abilities, but not necessarily strong abilities.

The producers are just looking for entertainment. They are not looking for a particular ability. In the UK, where Gary still resides, they suffer very badly from that. Although he doesn't like it, he is not going to change.
Gary has been a "professional" psychic for over twenty years. He has been around hundreds of people in his lifetime that he has felt nothing from and he has done hundreds and hundreds of readings.

He would never go up to a stranger and tell them something he was reading from them.
It is also a process that he cannot turn on or off.
It is a very natural process for Gary. He has an opinion that every person who walks the Earth has a psychic faculty. Some people act, some people dance, everyone has talent in one area or another. This is Gary's. He doesn't feel that this makes him more special and this does NOT tie into religion in any way, shape, or form.
Gary does have a website and remains in touch with his and followers mostly through that.
He does have a strong connection with publishers in New York but hasn't decided to write a book as of this writing. He has been published in a few magazines. He has written about spirit guides and other areas of psychic phenomenon. He can write. His writing abilities are quite honed, but for now, follow the website.
The strangest thing that has happened to Gary involving the psychic realm was when he visited Alcatraz. He was visiting San Francisco right after 9-11. Although there have only been three deaths on that island, the vibe there, the pain and suffering, in the air was enormous.
The biggest lesson that Gary has learned in his professional life has come in the past year and a half. About eighteen months ago, a voice came into Gary's head. He does like to help others, but sometimes the spirit world is there to help him as well.The voice in his head said, "Life can turn on a penny." That is the one lesson that Gary, and myself, have learned.
Our lives can change in less than thirty seconds. It can either be positive or negative. Last year, Gary was having dinner with his brother.
Two days later, he was dead. He died in a swimming pool swimming with his granddaughter.
I am reminded of this on a daily basis. I had a Psychic reading from Gary prior to this interview. He began the reading by asking if I had any questions. I told him that I would just be an open channel. I was amazed at his insight to me and certain happenings in my life right now that have not been discussed publicly.
I came away believing in Gary!

We had a huge laugh when I asked him his biggest vice and his greatest virtue.
He promised total honesty and he delivered. He loves to drink. He is not an alcoholic, but he likes to indulge. He loves to socialize and drink.
That alone can be a vice or a virtue. It is all interchangeable. His drink of choice is red wine. One of his greatest times was in San Francisco.
He joined with a group called the San Francisco Golden Gate Corkscrew Collector's Society.  
They are a group of people who actually collect cork screws, antique ones. He was on a patio at a winery drinking wine at a bottle buffet.
Looking back, it was one of the nicest times of his life.
IF there was a vice, he would have to say sex. A lot of mediums or psychics are very powerful in that direction.
He doesn't know why. There are a lot of gay psychics. There seem to be gay psychics than straight ones. Gary is straight.

Before Gary walks out on stage, there is a hope that everything goes OK. Every entertainer of any description can be very nervous. Gary deals with nerves by jumping up and down and shaking himself.
He goes into a "zone". There was a time when he first started, that he began to visibly shake on stage uncontrollably.
Gary's professional schedule is "controlable" at the moment. At age 54, Gary tends to do the gigs he desires to do. Gary is a Gemini. I am an Aquarian. We get along very well!
Gary considers himself a very good student of life.
Gary believes being middle aged is a terrific advantage. There is a realization now all is not lost.
Since I deal mostly in the arts, I asked David his favorite composers. In the classical sense, he leans towards Mozart. He loves the sound of the harpsichord. In "modern day" music, he leans towards Paul McCartney. He is a great songwriter, very basic, Gary thinks. "He connects with people, doesn't he?"
One of Gary's role models is Princess Diana. She is not his single role model, but she brought a lot of light into this world during her life. She also dealt with and stood up to a lot of darkness. She was a saint in Gary's eyes. She did a lot of things wrong, but she was a saint.

Getting back to where we started, the one thing that Gary remembers most about the house that he grew up in was that it was haunted. When he was five years old, his mother left him in her bed when she went to the store to get some things for him. He was left in the house alone. He heard a voice from outside the bedroom door. The voice said, "I hate little boys." Living in that house was terrifying.
Does Gary think that spirits, our souls have a gender? Gary's answer to that is no. He believes that sometimes people are born to the wrong sexual body. He has had very strong first hand situations with this.
Gary in Alcatraz
The world right now is shifting through very difficult doubt times. Gary sends love and inspiration to all who will see this. Please visit his Website for more info.

Thank you Gary Dakin for the gifts you have given to the world and continue to give!

With grateful XOXOXs ,

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