What Good Is Sitting Alone In Your Room?

"People of accomplishment rarely let things happen to them. They go out and happen to things."
-- David S. Goyer [Lenardo Da Vinci's final line in Da Vinci's Demons]

I don't want to ruin your Monday, but I thought I would share what the next 20 days will bring us.
This past weekend began with our annual trek to Sylvia's in Harlem for my black eyed peas and collard greens with Horace's groomer, Lisa Di Falco (see my last blog).
Unfortunately, Lisa's mom was unable to join us.
Her partner, Jerry, was in the hospital. Sadly, he passed on later that day.
Our condolences go out to all whom he touched.
Yesterday afternoon, we went to see the Transport Group's next to last performance of Once Upon a Mattress. Jackie Hoffman was a PERFECT Winnifred the Wobegone as was Lypsinka as the Queen. It was also a thrill to see Jack Donahue and Jay Rogers in the company as well as the brilliant contributions of Ken Fallin.It was fun to run into Mark Sendroff (second time this week) and several Facebook friends came over to say Hello. Afterwards, we had a wonderful dinner in the home of Jana Robbins. We were joined by Ron Abel and his partner, Chuck. In the great news to share department, their production of Hazel by  Lissa Levin,
Lissa Levin
starring Klea Blackhurst will be getting a full scale 10 week production at the Drury Lane Theatre in Chicago starting in April.
I am hoping that the next stop will be Broadway.
This show WILL MAKE Klea a star and I see a Tony in her future. Speaking of Klea, she has joined the cast of my celebration of Peter Filichia to be presented at American Popular Song Society on February 13th.
This is one show you will not want to miss!
Check out The Amazing Kreskin's interview with Phil Bhojwanay on his new show- "SO TELL ME"

2016 is here and now that the party’s over, it’s time to bounce back from the tranquil holiday season and get to work.
The first day of work of 2016 brings with it the dread of a dawning realization for most… you’ve made New Year’s resolutions, and you have to stick to them.
Happy Birthday, Dyan Cannon

Or, at the very least, you should give it the old college try.
According to a study by the University of Scranton published in the Journal of Psychology,  45 percent of Americans usually make resolutions, but only 8 percent are successful.
Yesterday, Donald Trump put out his first TV ad. It's exactly as bad as you'd imagine -- and proudly champions some of his most atrocious proposals: He's calling for a temporary shutdown of Muslims entering the United States... He'll stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that Mexico will pay for.

Post on all areas of social media, your resolutions; Tell those who’s opinion matters to you. It also found that those who explicitly make resolutions are ten times more likely to succeed in accomplishing them. 
Developing self-awareness is important for better relationships and for a more fulfilling life, both in the workplace and at home. 
Let's make that a goal for the New Year. 

With January here, the first 2016 weekend found us with cold weather. 
Fortunately, it was a sunny, warm weekend and temps inside never dropped below 62°. I was a lucky guy! 

Happy New Year everyone. May everything you wish for yourself come to you in 2016. May those
with challenges be able to find the strength and peace to just "be" through the journey to a loving end. 
May those who help others continue to inspire all of us to do the same. With gratitude to you all for your support  and love. 
CHEERS! (Thank you, Sue Matsuki)   

In an age of globalism, cabaret is a fundamentally local art: a private concert in an intimate nightclub, where music and storytelling merge at close range. And no city offers as wide a range of thrilling cabaret artists as New York City, from world-famous Broadway and pop stars to outrageous downtown provocateurs. Here's where to find the best of them this week. (Source: TimeOut New York)

 It is a New Year and with that comes with new shows to see.
The New Year is upon us, time to chill, relax, get over your hangover from New Year’s Eve and in fact, partake of that great american tradition, making New Year’s resolutions. I’ve always thought of those as somewhat of a new beginning. Sad that most folks don’t make it past a week, without breaking them. But, there are a few who actually make New Year’s resolutions and then have the self-discipline to hold through with them. I am one of those! (Read More HERE)
I guess in a way that’s what New Year’s resolutions are, a test of our self-discipline. After all, if we can’t plan to do something that’s useful to ourselves and follow through with it, how are we going to ever keep a promise to anyone else? Besides, how are you going to survive if you don’t have any self-discipline? If there was anything that required self-discipline, it’s survival.
Make your New Year's Resolution to get out of the house and partake of what is out there to do. Because I live in New York, MOST of my focus is on the New York Night life Cabaret scene.
These are things to do every day in New York. If you are bored, you have no one to thank but yourself!
Bernie Frushpan of the Metropolitan Room kicked off the year with his second annual cabaret marathon.
Last year, it was to break a word record for Guinness and they succeeded.
There was a LOT to like about what Bernie hopes will be an annual tradition. In my humble OPINION, it is not all that I feel that it can be. I have some suggestions, Bernie, if you would like to hear them!

There's lots to do in New York this week. Saturday Afternoon in NYC!: A Very Special Afternoon with   Julie Budd in Conversation with Bill Boggs
at the American Popular Song Society: January 9th
Local 802 AFM 322 W 48th St, New York, New York 10036  AT 1:30PM!
Call Richard Skipper Celebrates at 845-365-0720 if you need more details.
January 9, 2016    9:00 PM Doors, 9:30 Showtime
The Metropolitan Room, 34 W. 22nd Street, New York City
$25, plus two drink minimum
What started as Witti Repartee's actual bachelorette party in 2014 was such a hit the second time around,
they’re coming back for thirds!
Dorothy Bishop and the Dozen Divas Show
With such hubbub about desnudas in Times Square over the summer, New York City needs more old fashioned sass, and they’re giving it to them! 
Co-hosted by Ms. Ermine Muff, the socialite and reformed debutante (best known as the spouse of the late billionaire furrier, Mr. Eaton Muff, whose famous ad campaign, "Pass the cold Connecticut winters by slipping into an Eaton Muff... Eaton Muff Furriers of Bridgeport," is known globally), this year’s edition of Witti Repartee’s Broads, Bawds and Bachelorettes 3 will feature performances by several old favorites, as well as a few new additions to my growing stable of girls and boys gone wild.
 The 2016 Edition will feature performances by Broadway World Award Nominee Dorothy Bishop The Dozen Divas Show”); legendary Richmond, VA drag star Natasha Carrington; cabaret favorite La Diva; stunning newcomer Ellia J. Garlands; Robin Kradles (“The Diva Selections” at Don’t Tell Mama); co-creator and host of “Wigsticks,”  Steady Mess; NYC's modern-day Auntie Mame and Miss Symphony Space 2015 Ruby Powers; Award winning singing actor from Broadway's The Threepenny Opera and the upcoming The UnCivil War Brian Charles Rooney (“Bedbugs! The Musical); the Queen of the Bears, singer/songwriter Candy Samples; Brooklyn’s Shape Shifting Chanteuse Louvel; and other surprise guests!
Check out Charles Trunski's blog interview with Dorothy Bishop from last month. 

Witti Repartee’s Broads, Bawds and Bachelorettes 3 is produced under the aegis of  Kaleidoscope Collaborations, which connects passionate artists and volunteers with progressive causes for the purpose of using their talents to raise awareness, build relationships and provide resources for non-profit organizations working to improve the lives of our neighbors and communities.  All proceeds will benefit Iris House, a 23 year old organization founded to meet the needs of women and families impacted by HIV/AIDS in Harlem and the South Bronx.

with Carly Ozard Summer of 2015
A gorgeous art deco pendant necklace in black, crystal and lapis created and donated by MOANS Couture jewelry will be the focus of a progressive auction.
 Look, It’s the dead of winter.  The holidays are over.  Everything is grey…except the hot, funny and celebratory parade of spectacles that they’ve got for you at the Metropolitan Room!

Tickets for Witti Repartee’s Broads, Bawds and Bachelorettes 3 are $25 and there is a two drink minimum at the Metropolitan Room.  They are available online at http://wrbbb3.brownpapertickets.com.
Please join them if you can, and if you can't, mark July 16th, 2016 for Witti Repartee's 5th Annual 39th Birthday Celebration: There's No Cure Like Travel!

Midday Jazz Midtown is an ongoing jazz program for the midtown community. Concerts take place in the Sanctuary of Saint Peter's Church and are presented by Midtown Arts Common in cooperation with Saint Peter's Church. Ronny Whyte is the producer.Saint Peter’s Church, in partnership with the Midtown Arts Common, hosts a jazz concert for the midtown community weekly on Wednesday’s at 1:00 P.M. A nominal donation to cover presentation costs is requested at the door. Held in the Sanctuary of Saint Peter’s Church, these popular midday concerts feature well-regarded artists.
The programming is overseen by jazz pianist Ronny Whyte.
The late Edmund Anderson created Midtown Jazz at Midday in partnership with Saint Peter’s Church and the Midtown Arts Common to provide opportunities for the community of midtown Manhattan to hear good jazz music over the typical business lunch hour. The program has run continuously since it’s founding in 1982.
Ronny Whyte

Monday and the buzz about Buddy Beaverhausen is back! Read his entertainment blog full of reviews and celebrity interviews! Post-Nuclear Lust and his life as an underground filmmaker revealed! Remembering Natalie Cole and Donna Douglas! Exclusive Q and A with Richard Pryor Jr.! Review of the film Suffragette featuring Meryl Streep, and of Denise Spann-Morgan's holiday show at Metropolitan Room!
Plus surprise celebrity Q and As to come in 2016, along with so much else, only at djbuddybeaverhausen.blogspot.com.
Kelley Karel is currently portraying  Hillary Clinton. Kelley adores Hillary, am a dead-ringer for her and as an actor/singer, I impersonate her all over the country.
www.singinghillaryclinton.com For some of the “Heart of Hillary,” check out HE’S JUST MY BILL or a little Comedy-Potential POTUS PEFORMS PERFECTLY. And in NYC, One woman show - HILLARY CONFIDENTIAL: A Heart-To-Heart Cocktail Cabaret, at The Duplex, Feb 20 7pm and Feb 27 4:30pm 2016.

Just wanted you to know a little about
The Best To You In All You Do!

‪#‎HillaryClinton2016‬ ‪#‎PresidentialRace2016‬
Lorna Luft is fresh off cancer surgery and triumphant again and is performing this week! Michael Musto just interviewed Lorna about her health, her family, and the relationship she says she had with Barty Manilow!

Rest In Peace, Natalie Cole.
I loved your voice, your spirit, your versatility, your soulful tenderness on ballads such as this standard most closely associated with Ella Fitzgerald.

Do you have your tickets for Merman's Apprentice? Wow! Two weeks from tonight. expect loud singing and a great time! Please click on the above link and leave a comment if you have seen this amazing show.

Happy Birthday, Patrick Cassidy!
One always has to know when a stage comes to an end. If we insist on staying longer than the necessary time, we lose the happiness and the meaning of the other stages we have to go through.
2015 and the centennial of Sinatra comes to a close
Closing cycles, shutting doors, ending chapters – whatever name we give it, what matters is to leave in the past the moments of life that have finished.

- Paulo Coelho
 What Disney princesses would look like without makeup...

Once upon a time there was a place called off-Broadway, a rich, vibrant world of entertainment that basked in simplicity, silliness, purity of heart and creativity born of limitations. It was the cool kid, a non-commercial entity that didn't try to knock anyone's socks off with lavish sets, special effects, movie star power or anything other than sheer energy, fearlessness and a can-do audacity. Sure, there were frequent flashes of brilliance, challenging ideas and innovation, but there was also the fetching charm and entertainment of perfect golly-gee gems like Dames at Sea. This wonderful little musical is back, but not for long because the world simply doesn't know what's good for it. (Just look at the people we elect to office.) Back in 1968, this daffy, endearing show launched the career of an unknown Bernadette Peters and it is often remembered mainly for that. Forget Bernadette. You'll long-remember the revival at the Helen Hayes Theatre as a smart spoof that cleverly digests the history of musical theater (and film) and condenses it into a 6-actor tour de force.
Spoiler alert: it is relentlessly silly. But the writers obviously loved and understood the genres they were pastiching with crazed abandon. The book basks in show biz cliches, and song after song steals the essence and sentiment of familiar standards and works them into something that is paradoxically fresh and gently funny. (Okay, sometimes not so gentle - just wait until a demented "Beguine" stops the second act.) Maybe the songs don't always move the action like we are carefully taught they are supposed to, but they are filled with energy and life and a big-hearted sincerity that peeks through the spoofiness; and the direction and choreography by Randy Skinner keep things moving at a breakneck pace. Rockettes. This terrific cast of six fills the stage with enough machine gun rat-a-tat dazzle for a Radio City Music Hall, but how nice to be rat-a-tatted in a more intimate setting. The cast is top-notch, helmed by a madwoman named Lesli Margherita as the monstrous Mona Kent, the leading lady from hell. She is a master class in over-the-top deft comic styling. Production values are tastefully tacky, and right on the mark, from the nicely detailed sets and costumes to the clever and comic lighting to the period-perfect orchestrations, retooled by the master of them all, Jonathan Tunick. It all seems so effortless (though the actors have every right to drop dead from exhaustion) that you may not realize how much skill has gone into this production.
Apparently dazzling tap dancing doesn't require a lineup of 30
I found it a total pleasure to turn off my brain  and turn on an endless smile, sit back and just have innocent fun for two hours. See it this week, or be a little sadder for having really missed the boat. -Bob Ost

(Editor's note: It played it's final performance yesterday)

From Roxanne Richards-LeCorps:
Happy Birthday, Dyan Cannon!

Dear family and friends:
Thank you so much for your support, Likes and feedback on my venture as a radio host with City World Radio.
I’ve had the opportunity to interview people who changed the world. Did you know my guest Linda Amiel Burns’ father’s horse won the Kentucky Derby in 1951, or that her father owned a restaurant with Jack Dempsey and she opened her own restaurant where Anthony Bourdain was her chef? Linda went on to help thousands of people find their voice on stage.
Another guest, Julie Budd appeared on the Merv Griffin show over 100 times and she was hand-picked by Frank Sinatra to sing and accompany him on stage.
Her stories are legendary.
I interviewed a charming young rapper; Don Christian whose uncle was Teddy Pendergrass. Don has a magical voice, cutting edge style and his paintings rival his vocal talent. I can’t wait to see and hear what he’s up to.
Covering the arts is very important to me but I have also pored over tough issues like helping victims of sex trafficking or how the Red Cross has helped millions of people.
Dyan Cannon in Doctor's Wives

Thank you again for being there and offering your suggestions. Stay tuned on FB and on-air for more exciting broadcasts of Live with Roxanne – An American Journey.

 9 Psychological symptoms of stress 

 Victoria Justice and Reeve Carney Join Laverne Cox in Upcoming Rocky Horror Reboot
The new TV film will hit the airwaves in 2016. (Sourece: TheaterMania.com)

Thank to ALL that are mentioned in this blog for the gifts you have given to the world and continue to give! 

Make 2016 the year of YES!
With grateful XOXOXs ,


Check out my site celebrating the legacy of Jerry Herman's Hello, Dolly!


Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help!              

Here's to an INCREDIBLE tomorrow for ALL...with NO challenges!
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January 13th, Julie Budd in conversation with Bill Boggs at American Popular Song Society 
Local 802 AFM 322 W 48th St, New York, New York 10036  AT 1:30PM!

and her Musical Director Herb Bernstein along with Julie’s band
join  Julie Budd
The celebrity artist-in-residence of Manhattan's
Metropolitan Room talks about her career and performs
selections from her new tribute album.
Talk/Performance/CD Signing

Call Richard Skipper Celebrates at 845-365-0720 if you need more details.
Many surprises are in store. Please contact me if any questions.
Please LIKE Richard Skipper Celebrates on Facebook
Admission is Free for Members/$15.00 for Non-Members .

Doors open at 12:30 for those who want to buy sheet music Also members can take tables and sell their stuff. 2:30 -1:30 "Flea Market" 1:30 seating - showtime: 1:45 - 3:30.



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