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2016: A Time of Reflection

Ending this year on a high note: Seeing Josephine Sanges tonight at Don't Tell Mama: NYC
You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. - C.S. Lewis

Happy December 30th, 2016!
December 30 is the 365th day of the year. There is one day remaining until the end of the year. Usually at this time of year, people are looking back and reflecting and being hopeful about the future.
Looking forward to celebrating the return of Hello, Dolly! to Broadway
I'm no different.
I have been looking over these TOP 10 Lists floating around. To all entertainers who are on the lists, I congratulate you. You were lucky enough to get THOSE critics in to see you. To all others, it doesn't mean you "didn't make the cut" based on merit; it means, in most cases, you were not even seen by those compiling these lists.
Very sad at the passing of Tammy Grimes this year. Lucky enough to have known her
For 2016, make the work the goal. Awards, reviews, and making Top Ten Lists are bonuses! 

I know that many are saying that 2016 has been one of the worst years ever. We have lost a lot of friends this year. However, for me, it has been about dinner with friends, seeing their shows, celebrating. THAT is what I am focusing on NOW, yesterday, and forever!
Speaking of which, I need to point something out here. 
OK, folks: I just got 'attacked' by someone one who was upset that he wasn't invited to a dinner at our home. I also had someone who I thought was a friend do the same earlier this week. We live in an age in which every move we make is now documented with photos, posts, etc. If I throw a party or a dinner and you feel excluded, PLEASE reach out to me. I am accessible by phone AND email. IF I don't respond within 24 hours, call me. I respond to all and I will never ignore anyone. I make it a point to respond to everyone. I know what it is like to be the recipient of that behavior (meaning, no response) far too many times.
There have been many (some CLOSE friends) who don't either RSVP or offer regrets. When it comes to invites, it is based on those that I interact with OUTSIDE of social media. I also make it a point to NEVER ask my friends if they are going to someone's party or after talking about a party that I've been to because I want to be sensitive to the feelings of others at this very sensitive time of year.
If I was upset for every event/party that I wasn't invited to, I would live constantly being upset. I am flattered that it means that much to you to be invited, but I am upset that others feel hurt.
Also, as crazy as this seems, I have 5,000 'friends' on Facebook. I realize that 90 percent of those are not true friends. If I send two or three private messages and I never get a response, I tend to 'unfriend' because I sense no interest. I do this because I am out on a regular basis and people are constantly giving me their business cards. I need to make room for those that DO desire to interact with me.

Facebook has skewed the way we interact with one another. PLEASE reach out if you feel slighted. Many times what you consider a slight has to do with variables that have NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU! I'm accessible!
A TRUE friend of mine weighed in:  Isn't it your prerogative? When did we become a society that has the audacity to question a person "why wasn't I invited?" Really? I think "social media" has destroyed the word and definition of "friend" and what that truly means. 
I happen to agree with her. 
Another friend weighed in as well:So sorry that people are like that. Just because you are friends with someone does not entitle them to anything you do. What happens when you host a small intimate gathering? You can invite them all and should not. When we were doing annual
birthday/Christmas parties, that would be about the only time we hear from them. We have had some people that we had been doing home dinners and parties for over 30 years and what did we get in return from them = ziltch ! They would do things with their neighbors but not us.
I agree with that statement as well.    

Working to be the best ME in 2017: Share 3 things you feel grateful for that I did over the past 12 months.
We stand together no matter what.
We cannot allow the progress we’ve made to be lost. We stand together, we’re not giving up.
In addition to the wonderful entertainers that I have either been able to share a stage with or even to be in the audience of, a big THANK YOU! I would also like to acknowledge the great musicians that I have made music with especially Michael Lavine and Bryon Sommers. Also, thank you Jeff Carney, Rex Benincasa, Donn Kelly, and Steve Bartosik. I'd like to thank all of the radio stations and radio hosts who have given me a platform and a voice. I loved co-hosting Talk of the Town with Lisa Dascoli this year. Thank you to our engineer Patrick Mirucki. I'd like to thank all of the guests who joined us this year and to all who tuned in. Lisa and I are assessing our next chapter and hope to have some news to report soon.
with Julie Budd
I'd like to thank Julie Budd, David Meulemans, as well as the artists who entrusted me with their PR needs this year. It made me appreciate that side of the business even more so. For those of you who are contemplating a publicist for the new year, I can help you weigh the pros and cons. 
Regardless of what side you are on, there are always so many variables involved. 
A recent dinner at our home
The first show I saw in 2016 was Ed Asner at The Metropolitan Room. Thank you Beck Lee for arranging that as well as all the other shows you arranged for me to see over the past year. I'm looking forward to beginning 2017 with Marilyn Maye, once again at the Metropolitan Room (on the 5th).
Getting started once again on my book celebrating the legacy of Hello, Dolly! I am on the fast track. Will keep you posted. 
Saw Charles Baran's Show in February. Woe cannot believe it has been that long. He and his husband then joined us to see Marta Sanders. She is returning again in January and you can rest assured, I once again will be there.
Richard Skipper Celebrates Halloween 2016 with Leanne Borghesi, Marta Sanders, Deborah Stone, Laurie Krauz, and Kelley Karel as The Singing Hillary Clinton
Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere-
Chinese proverb

I want to thank all that I have interviewed this year and especially Harlan Boll for setting up many of those interviews. My next one will be on January 4th at 4PM with Loretta Swit. I can't think of a better way to kick off the New Year and I am looking forward. 
I also have enjoyed my involvement with American Popular Song Society this year. They meet on the 2nd Saturday from October through June and it is truly the best bargain in town. It is $50.00 for a year to be a member and attend all shows. It is $10.00 at the door. 2017 kicks off on January 14th. Please join us. American Songs, British Singers. It is held at Local 802 Musicians Hall.

David Maister, a Brit who teaches seminars on the history
Celebrate 2017 with Music
of popular music in Boston, will, with extensive use of performance videos, explore how British performers took popular American hit songs and turned them into hits in Britain and around the world. In many cases, these performers took American songs and made them even more popular back in the U.S. than the originals had been.
Here are a few of my highlights This Year 

Exciting Things coming in 2017. Stay tuned...
Producing an event at APSS celebrating Peter Filichia's The Great Parade celebrating the Broadway season of 1963-64. Check it out HERE

Celebrating my 55th Birthday at The Harp Bar with Sarah Rice, David Vernon, and Fred Barton. 

Working with Sally Darling and Wendy Scherl and getting to become their friend. 

Attending William Madison's book signing of his biography of Madelyn Kahn along with Joanna Gleason, Barbara Barrie, and Austin Pendleton. 

Seeing Fun Home on Broadway with Michael Cerveris and Rebecca Luker.
Rebecca Luker as Helen Bechdel in Fun Home.(Source:

Attending Robert Cohen's recital in his home and then seeing Tanya Moberly's amazing show later that night. 

Hosting The Salon with Peggy Eason as featured artist. 

My Facebook LIVE interviews.

Seeing Lisa Dascoli give Mrs. Robinson a run for her moment in The Graduate on the 37th anniversary of my coming to New York

My annual trip to Malibu.

Seeing Chasing Rainbows starring Ruby Rakos at Goodspeed Opera House. A special shoutout to Lisa Hale and the entire Goodspeed family for always making me feel so welcome. I saw every show in their season and I am looking forward to next season. 

Being crowned King of the Beaux Arts Society. Thank you Tom Stevens

Seeing Cathy Szabo at Don't Tell Mama earlier this month (thank you, Sue Matsuki!)

Cathy will be part of my Richard Skipper Celebrates birthday show on February 12th Brunch show at
This Blog is dedicated to Dana Lorge who passed on earlier this year. Love and miss you every day
The Laurie Beechman Theater 1PM. Details coming soon!

Thank you Glen Charlow, Danny, Jannie Wolff,  and to my producer Russ Woolley and Wright Brothers Realty for making all of this possible!

Looking forward to the New Year! The WORD for the day is Reason. Think of this word as your mantra for the day. First apply the word to yourself, THEN apply this word to EVERYONE YOU meet. Think of this word as you respond to EVERY POST you see throughout the day. The word for TODAY is Reason! Please pay it forward...
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Thank you, to all mentioned in this blog for the gifts you have given to the world and continue to give! 

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With grateful XOXOXs from YOUR pro-active friend,

Check out my site celebrating the legacy of Call on Dolly: From Carol to Bette!


Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help!  
16 Days till showtime: Please celebrate with us January 16th, 2017!
Richard Skipper Celebrates...The 53rd Anniversary of Hello, Dolly! Opening on Broadway 7PM at the Triad on Janurary 16th, 2017 featured guests will INCLUDE Beth Fowler, Lee Roy Reams, Sondra Lee, Rita McKenzie...AND Marilyn Maye. 
 Tedd Firth Musical Director with Jeff Carney on bass and Rex Benincasa on percussion.  Richard Skipper Celebrates: A Talk/Variety Show encouraging us to celebrate each and every day and the hidden gems therein.
 Wear David Merrick red for amazing photo ops. 
Tickets are $30.00 plus a two drink minimum.  Reservations a MUST! To purchase , go to THEIR website.  Mix and mingle with the cast  afterwards. You never know who may show up! ;)

Here's to an INCREDIBLE tomorrow for ALL...with NO challenges!
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Countdown to Bette Midler's Opening Night in Dolly:110 Days!
Today, I celebrate Cady Huffman, Dolly in Stock

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