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Julie Budd!

"Life Is Short..."Live, Love and Laugh"
- Julie's Popa Saul Erdman

Happy Christmas Eve!
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! I know because I got an early Christmas present yesterday. I got to interview Julie Budd. I have been in love with her for as long as I can remember.
If I saw that she was going to be appearing on a show, I had to see it. And that excitement is STILL there!
Every time I hear her sing!

" I love and adore her and I'm thrilled that you've written about her on your blog. I look forward to reading it! I think Julie is one of theist underrated vocalists of our time. As well as being such an intelligent, funny, caring and all around wonderful person." 
                                                 Michael Williams

 Julie Budd is considered to be one of the most exciting singers on the scene today. While enjoying a multi-faceted musical career, Julie Budd's credits range from television to film and the New York stage, from symphonies to the most lavish casinos and showrooms in the country. 
DONNA McKECHNIE's opening night: 
STAN FREEMAN, and Jim Brochu
She began her professional career at the tender age of twelve, after meeting record  producer/orchestrator, Herb Bernstein, who immediately took Julie under his wing and introduced her to Merv Griffin at a recording session in New York City.
 After hearing Julie sing, this "Mini-Girl with the Maxi-Voice" was invited to appear on over 100 of Merv's TV shows. 

When Julie received a standing ovation from both the audience and the entire TV studio staff, it was just the beginning.
 From there she went on to appear on The Tonight Show, Entertainment Tonight and every other major TV show. In the years that followed, Julie co-starred with such legendary performers as Frank Sinatra, Bill Cosby, Joan Rivers, Bob Hope, George Burns, Liberace, and Carol Burnett.
 As Julie recalls, "What a way to grow up and start in this business!!! These people were wonderful to me. Some kids went to school, but I went to work and learned from the best. Each one of these performers was a great professor to me and I was lucky to have had the opportunity to know them all. I owe so much to them." 
 Julie began to blossom as an adult and now...a Headliner in her own right, she has been touring with her own one-woman show. 
Her concerts include performances at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, The London Palladium, Tel Aviv's Israel Performing Arts Center, venues in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and major symphony halls in the United States. 

The New York Times raved with a full two-page glowing retrospective of Julie's career, declaring Ms. Budd "The Consummate Performer." 
As Julie states, "I have sung for presidents, I have sung for the troops, I have sung in some of the finest halls and opera houses in this country. 
Yet, I remember being a little girl in Brooklyn, singing from stoop to stoop, dreaming of these days. It is so unbelievable to me, and it is so wonderful to be lucky enough to live your dream." 
 Julie has also pursued a successful acting career, having appeared with New York's prestigious Circle Repertory Company and Playwrights Horizons and starred in Neil Simon's They're Playing Our Song. She was also in Catskills on Broadway On Broadway with the Original Cast at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater. Moviegoers will also remember Julie's starring role in Disney's The Devil and Max Devlin with Bill Cosby and Elliot Gould, for which Julie received glowing notices.  

Along with this role, Julie had the great pleasure of working with her talented friend Marvin Hamlisch, who together with Carol Bayer Sager, penned the title song Roses and Rainbows for Julie, recently re-recorded and re-released for all of her fans this year. 
The film was recently repackaged and released on VHS and DVD, and can be seen regularly on the Disney Channel.
Lately, Julie has become a favorite featured artist with some of the finest symphony orchestras in the country and has also appeared at some of the most prestigious Performing Arts Centers around the world. She has performed with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, The Kennedy Center with the National Symphony, The Austin Symphony, the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, the Philadelphia Pops, the Boca Pops Orchestra and the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and has appeared with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and many others. Julie has collaborated with some of the most noted and celebrated Maestros, including her gifted friend Marvin Hamlisch, who she continues to tour with all over the country. 
 Julie's CD Pure Imagination (After 9/Touchwood) was named one of the Top Ten CD's by Entertainment Today and received a HHHH (4-STAR) rave from Stereo Review - one more star than Barbra Streisand, two more than Celine Dion. Julie's next CD, If You Could See Me Now, received glowing notices from People Magazine and other publications. Her recent CD release The New Classics, has been acclaimed as her best work to date. She is currently in the process of writing a book about her days as a child prodigy alongside the greatest entertainment legends of all time. 

Julie supports the VARIETY CHILDREN'S CHARITY and appears each season as one of the hosts of its telethon. She also supports the Muscular Dystrophy Association and has also contributed generously to various other charities and telethons. Fans can connect with Julie at her website and can keep up with her touring engagements and exciting events throughout the year. With all of her talents, it's clear that "The Mini-Girl with the Maxi-Voice" has indeed become "The Consummate Performer".

 Thank you, Julie, for the gifts you have given the world over the years! This blog is for your fans! Presently and future!

The First LIVE Show On Broadway That Julie remembers seeing was "Fiddler on the Roof " with Hershel Bernardi.
She says it was pure MAGIC..

She went with her big sister, Jill...whose birthday is today! Happy Birthday, Jill! They were both kids. Jill was allowed to ride the train to the city, So she took Julie with her. They LOVED it and had a great affect upon Julie and her sister too.

Julie says theater can really raise the thoughts of those who attend. Even at an early age, Julie was so taken by the hard work, the magic and the joy in performance as well.
The Show Was on Broadway....and they got all dressed up to go...not like today where folks have become so relaxed about that...They treated this with the point of view, as..."a very very special day...and it was!

Growing up, the arts were very alive in Julie's house . As a kid growing up in Brooklyn and not very far from Manhattan, every weekend their parents exposed them to more and more culture...they were amazing..They took them everywhere!
Julie can't even remember a time when she was not on stage..even as a little tot ..she started as a pro at the age of 12.
She was surprised to remember how prepared she was.

She was, even then, aware of preparation, Her costumes, music, of it...even then. It was up in the Mountains here in NYC . She was singing in a Talent show. She had a very clear sense as this is where she was supposed to be.
She was at one with herself. She was hooked! .......Her First Professional Job was on the Merv Griffin show. She was 12 years old and It was LIVE! She was in rehearsal and again ...Even though she had no real training, she knew she was where she was meant to be..... Now it was showtime.. and  she felt the hot light go on....

Julie's thoughts about Arts in the school is very clear..
"WE NEED IT! Are we going to get it??? That is another story..With all these cuts..I don't think so..therefore, We need to provide it on our own." Performers need to get involved and help to provide this..Parents need to expose the children as their parents did.
 Julie says need to take this into our own hands or it will not happen.

Jim Brochu with KATHLEEN FREEMAN, 
Julie's thoughts on Carol Channing  receiving the 2012 Kennedy Center Honor

OF COURSE SHE SHOULD be honored!!!!!!!! I love Her and she remembers as a little kid being on shows with her.
She is our National Treasure" and should receive the respect that comes with that!
Count her in!!!!!!

Julie's most recent appearance was at Resorts Hotel In Atlantic City, a huge concert for the Schultz/ Hill Foundation. An absolutely Wonderful evening Of Gershwin..One of Julie's favorite concerts this year.

She loved every Moment of performing that show.
And now Julie is on her way to the Lyric theater to perform Two concerts "SHOW-STOPPERS" Can't wait!

What is your biggest success in this industry?
I think My biggest success is that I am still here! When you think of all the talent out there and the Performers that have had all kinds of success and you say to yourself???
Where are they??? Julie is proud to say...that with all the changes and the trends and all the craziness in this industry that I have lived through...I AM STLL HERE!

The lowest point of the business for Julie?
That is a hard thing to answer..As I never have expected it to be easy. This industry is a struggle every day for everyone. no matter who you are! I have had some huge disappointments I have had some huge highlights.. but you just gotta hang in there.
It's about..How you hang in there....

Changes in the industry???

Look...Changes are going to happen..And so many different aspects are going to dictate that..change is never going to stop.
The important thing is..If you want to stay in the ballgame, you need to be able to make changes too.

I asked Julie about her role models and she answered that although thoughout her career she has known and worked with the greats, Frank Sinatra, Liberace, Bob Hope , George Burns. you name them,  she is so fortunate to to have known and worked with them.

But Julie's role models are her parents and Grandparents AND that is the truth!!!

What made you become a performer / Artist

I always was! and you ask....Am I "Happy?? What is that???? I can tell you this.. I am always working for more and I am always working to be better at what she does and, yes, she is Happy to say, she has been so fortunate to do what she does.. and she feels and she has always felt...I have an Angel on her shoulder.

Julie feels that she been guided and somehow protected...She is grateful to say ..She lives in a state of grace..a state of gratitude. and if she had more money, she would most certainly still be her ...just me with more Money! .........

If a genie popped up and said...JULIE !!!! You get Three wishes...
Julie would say...great!
I wish for All the wishes I want THREE TIMES!!! What can I say???... .{ It is a Brooklyn, "Lets Make a deal " thing! } 

If you could travel anywhere in the world and spend some time there, where would you choose, and what would you do? 
I Love Switzerland ...I find it to be so peaceful, Denmark is so Beautiful as well...But when I need warm weather, and I really like that ... I enjoy Israel ....I love it there .Actually , I could see myself living in any one of those places...But I always come back to Good Old NYC!!!!
One Of the Greatest cities in the World! { AND H and H Bagels is still here! }

Julie, Eileen Fulton, and me

And What would I do????? I would do what I do here of course...
OYE VEY, Can you just imagine Shlepping All the Music and Costumes!!!!
Tell us about The New Classics CD

I did this CD for all of the folks out there who for quite some time were asking me to re-record Roses and Rainbows. Before I knew it, this became a project of passion. I have always cared deeply about my work. However I don't think I've ever cared as much about a single recording as I do about this one. Herb Bernstein's brilliant orchestrrations make this album as amazing as it is. This album is dedicated to all of the wonderful people who have supported me over the years. This album is for you. It came from the heart.
Buy Now 

Julie Budd has a big voice and a rare clarity of diction that draws listeners into her lyrics
People Weekly

Here are a few comments from my guestbook at
 “Richard Skipper was the producer of a wonderful tribute to Jerry Herman last week at the Sheet Music Society of New York. He displayed a talent, not only for organizing a great panel, but as a host and moderator who asked intelligent questions and kept the program moving. Thanks to Richard, it was a great afternoon.”

I attended Richard Skipper's workshop at The Arts Council of Rockland on Tuesday night (11/15/11). I was prepared for an evening of scribbling down dry information which I would have promptly ignored when I got home. Instead I was treated to a fun and engaging evening. Richard provided many "ahh ha" moments. He made the information relevant, and instilled a sense of urgency to do it now! Most importantly for me, Richard gave me the permission I was not aware I needed to pursue an audience outside of my comfort zone. Thank you Richard Skipper!
Joanna Morton Gary
Spring Glen, NY

This past Saturday I attended Richard Skipper's tribute to Jerry Herman. It was just magnificent. Famous entertainers who worked with and knew Jerry Herman on a personal level talked about his life, told great stories that I was not aware of and more than that sang some great songs. Even songs that were cut but were fantastic! It was a truly great show produced by Richard. We also saw some videos that were not seen before showing a young Jerry Herman singing.Everyone loved it! I can't wait till Richard's next project. By the way I am so thrilled that another Jerry Herman tribute will be done by Richard at the Triad in NYC on Nov. 28th with a fabulous cast. DO NOT miss it!!! You will thank me and especially Richard for attending!
Ed Stimler
Forest Hills, NY

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Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help!

Thank you, to all the entertainers mentioned in this blog! Thanks for the gifts you give to the world!
I love you ALL!! 

  Here's to an INCREDIBLE tomorrow for ALL...with NO challenges!


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