Daryl Glenn, The New York Sheet Music Society and Meredith Patterson!

"I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me."
-Dudley Field Malone, American attorney (1882-1950)

Happy Thursday!

I have learned from the three subjects that I am writing about today and I think you will all agree with me that they all aim to please and keeping the great American songbook alive.
I'd been hearing about Daryl Glenn;s "nashville" show long before I heard about him and/or saw the show. If you've missed this show, you can see it when it plays Feinstein's on September 11th! I highly recommend this show, one of the best I've seen! Don't believe me? Well, Daryl and this show achieved the trifecta in cabaret: The Bistro Award, The NY Nightlife Award, and the MAC Award!

Daryl Glenn, Jo Lynn Burks and Jay Rogers sing Dolly Parton's "With Bells On" at The Metropolitan Room in NYC Sunday, Dec 21 2008

director: Vince Degeorge
backup vocals: Tanya Holt, Bryan Dobson
guitar: Chris Delis.
bass: Ivan Bodley
drums: Dan Gross
fiddle: Kenny Kosek
pedal steel: John Widgren

Stephen Holden in the NY TIMES wrote on November 2, 2009

"A satire of a satire made with love: if that description of the revue “Daryl Glenn and Jo Lynn Burks Play and Sing Robert Altman’s ‘Nashville’ ” sounds self-contradictory (how many satires emanate from love?), it evokes the heartfelt nostalgia of a popular little show that has been playing at the Metropolitan Room on the first Sunday each month.

You may recall that Robert Altman’s great 1975 film, “Nashville,” the object of the revue’s slightly campy veneration, offered a jaundiced vision of Music City as a symbol of all that was both right and wrong with the United States on the eve of the Bicentennial. Because most of its songs, including Keith Carradine’s Oscar-winning hit, “I’m Easy,” were written and performed by people outside the country music establishment, none, including “I’m Easy,” which became a mid-size pop hit, made a dent on the country music charts. One of the songs, “It Don’t Worry Me,” heard twice in the show, resonates with the current recession.
In the end it is Mr. Glenn’s unconditional love for “Nashville” that trumps any condescension and makes the revue that kind of light-hearted entertainment that, if expanded, might have a chance for an Off Broadway run. But in Nashville itself? No way."

Daryl has a MYSPACE music where you can sample his music and learn a little bit more about him.
Right now, Daryl is recording his debut cd. As you can see from the poster here, they have an upcoming "fundraising" concert to help raise the funds. I wish Daryl much success with this! However, I have to ask, Where is the "nashville" cd!?!?!
This should have been recorded and THIS show should be presented around the country! Just my two cents!

Here's another review: from talkentertainment.com

Daryl Glenn & Jo Lynn Burks & "Nashville" at the Metropolitan Room

Oscar E. Moore “from the rear mezzanine” for Talk Entertainment.com

GooGoo Clusters anyone? All you have to do to get one of these tasty marshmallow, caramel, roasted peanut combos covered in milk chocolate candies is to correctly answer some trivia questions about the classic 1975 Robert Altman film NASHVILLE at the Metropolitan Room the first Sunday of each month at 7pm.

No, they aren’t showing the movie. Daryl Glenn & Jo Lynn Burks, a dynamic duo to be remembered with backup vocals by Tanya Holt & Brad Wills and a six piece country western band (Ivan Bodley/bass, Jo Lynn Burks/piano, Chris Delis/guitar, Dan Gross/drums, Kenny Kosek/fiddle, John Widgren/pedal steel) are performing the songs from the film in their 2009 Bistro, MAC and Nightlife Awarding winning cabaret show with a decidedly Grand Ole Opry influence. Jay Rogers was guest artist lending his considerable talent.

“Nashville” is a complete hoot! Charming. Infectious. And oh so entertaining. Great singing and a real down home country party atmosphere that has been given great pace and a depth of feeling usually absent in such shows by director Vince Degeorge.

The exuberant and personable Daryl Glenn delivers “It Don’t Worry Me” with a fine voice and with a naturalness that seems to say, “Come and give me a big hug.” It is obvious that he loves the music and its message. Pianist and musical arranger Jo Lynn Burks is another natural with a winning smile and a terrific voice who is just as beautiful to look at as she is to listen to. She seems to say, “I’ve been there and back and I know what I’m talking about. And I love what I’m doing.” She also plays a mean piano. Alone or together they are simply great.

“I’m Easy” by Keith Carradine which won an Academy Award, “Memphis”, “My Idaho Home” and their fantastic duet “Tapedeck In His Tractor” are but a few of the incredible songs from the NASHVILLE soundtrack album recreated so lovingly at the Metropolitan Room by Daryl and Jo Lynn.

They will get your toes a tapping and your heart beat a racing with their engaging and disarming renditions and delightful cabaret show. It’s no wonder that they are the Triple Crown Cabaret winners for 2009.

www.metropolitanroom.com Daryl's website

Visit www.oscaremoore.com

There’s a reason Daryl Glenn & Jo Lynn Burks Play and Sing Robert Altman’s Nashville won the 2009 Bistro, MAC and New York Nightlife Awards: it’s a damn good show. Backed by a kick-ass band, Glenn and Burks work their way through all the songs that appeared on the soundtrack of this classic Altman film, as well as a few that were in the movie but didn’t make it onto the album. From Keith Carradine’s “I’m Easy” to Karen Black’s “Memphis” to the sublime Ronee Blakely’s “Tapedeck in His Tractor,” the easygoing Glenn and Burks create magic on stage. Both have terrific voices and, joined by special guests like Lisa Asher and Jay Rogers (who sings a hysterical version of Henry Gibson’s “200 Years”), they take a terrific idea and make it their own. See Nashville is on Sunday, Aug 2 at 7pm at the Metropolitan Room. Don’t miss it!

-david hurst, NEXT magazine

And what can I say about NASHVILLE? Just one word: Incredible! Country music - or is it Blue Grass music? - at THE METROPOLITAN ROOM - who knew? This show won cabaret's 2009 triple crown: The Nightlife Award in January, The Bistro Award in April and the MAC Award in May. And deservedly! And now they kicked it up another notch, adding a guest performer each week - last night it was the fiery Lorinda Lisitza! (Next month Lisa Asher!). The songs - all from the acclaimed film of the same name - just kept on coming, with hardly a moment for us to catch our breath. The excitement and fun was so overpowering, when the show ended everyone in the room wanted more (including me). I already have my reservation in for Sunday, July 5th (the day before my official birthday)!

-stu hamstra, cabarethotlineonline

Cabaret and Other Wanderings with Sandi Durell
daryl glenn & jo lynn burks
play and sing
robert altman’s “ Nashville ”

By: Sandi Durell
December 20, 2008

“Nashville” – the movie? Shades of The Grand Ole Opry? What’s it doing in New York City and at the Metropolitan Room? It’s actually been a while since Daryl Glenn and Jo Lynn Burks got together to present their musical interpretation of Robert Altman’s 1975 movie “Nashville.” To top it all off, “Nashville” has just won the 2008 Nightlife Award for Best Cabaret Duo and Group.

Together with a five piece back-up band that aided and abetted the former Miss Alabama and Miss Miami Jo Lynn Burks on piano (she is also Musical Director and Arranger with lots of Broadway credits) and Daryl Glenn, who cleverly conceived the show and is, in his own words, a native Kentuckian doin’ his country thang, the movie lives musically featuring famous Keith Carradine songs “It Don’t Worry Me,” “I’m Easy” and Ronnie Blakely’s “Bluebird” and “Tapedeck in his Tractor.”

Nashville is a 1975 American film drama, directed by Robert Altman, depicting the country music and gospel music businesses in Nashville, Tennessee and combines them with material on U.S. presidential politics. The film weaves together multiple storylines that eventually coalesce in the final half-hour in a climactic sequence at the Parthenon in Nashville. Among its many musical sequences, the song "It Don't Worry Me" is the film's theme, heard sporadically throughout and then performed at the climax. The film featured a large ensemble cast including David Arkin, Barbara Baxley, Ned Beatty, Karen Black, Ronee Blakley, Keith Carradine, Geraldine Chaplin, Shelley Duvall, Scott Glenn, Jeff Goldblum, Barbara Harris and many more.

The show is quite an undertaking on the part of Daryl and Jo Lynn that rewards the creators and the audience. Other reminiscences of the movie include “Memphis” and “Rolling Stone” (Karen Black) and “For The Sake of the Children” (Richard Baskin) that pulls on the heart strings.

Between the songs were audience participation questions such as “What put Barbara Jean in the hospital?” The answer: A fire baton twirling incident! And there were prizes for the right answers. And what were the prizes? GooGoo Cluster Candy Bars!

Surely a musical departure for the Metropolitan Room, it was a treat that needs repetition, hopefully, sooner than later. The fabulous band was comprised of Ivan Bodley, bass, Chris Delis, guitar, Dan Gross, drums, Kenny Kosek, fiddle, John Widgren, pedal steel guitar. Back up vocals included Tanya Holt and Bryan Dobson. The show is directed by Vince DeGeorge.

TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!! Daryl is opening for Tiffini Saint Ranae at a new place (for me)...Desmond's Tavern. ll PM. Go and see them. bound to be a blast!!!

There you have it! Reserve NOW for "nashville" at Feinsteins on September 11th! And help support Daryl's upcoming cd! I'm rooting for you, Daryl!

There is a wonderful organization in NY called THE NEW YORK SHEET MUSIC SOCIETY. An organization that keeps the art of Sheet Music Society.
They also celebrate our musical heritage while celebrating the current crop of songwriters and preparing for our future in great songwriting.

The New York Sheet Music Society was established in 1980. It began with a small but dedicated group of collectors, who, through the courtesy of the late Sammy Cahn, president of the Songwriters' Hall of Fame, met at One Times Square to exchange sheet music and stories about songwriters, singers, and songs. Now a thriving non-profit corporation, the Society has over 400 members spread across the nation.
From the start, NYSMS meetings were lively affairs, and they continue to be. Celebrity drop-ins quickly became one of the Society's attractions. Many of America's great songwriters have discussed their careers, their collaborators, and their work methods. To hear them perform their hits and tell the stories behind the songs is spellbinding. We also invite the cream of today's biographers and historians to share their insights. These exciting programs are preserved on videotape in our archives.
Just this past Saturday, at their final meeting of this season, the great Marty Panzer appeared with a cast that he brought in.
Marty Panzer presents final season program for New York Sheet Music Society

If you’ve listened to Barry Manilow songs, then you already know Marty Panzer. He was lyricist to Barry’s music on many of the top hits. The NY Sheet Music Society, an organization that keeps the Great American Songbook alive and more, was fortunate enough to have one of its members, Broadway theatre producer Pat Addiss, suggest and make arrangements for Panzer to present the Society’s final program of the season on June 11th.
Marty is what some have deemed “raw and untamed and hysterically funny” as he presented recollections of his life story along with several songs. As a kid, he saw “Jacques Brel” and when he started out in the mailroom at CBS, listening to Judy Garland doing a special and hearing “A Cottage for Sale,” that was enough to change his life’s direction. He also met Barry Manilow in that same mailroom and the two discovered not only that they could work together, Barry writing music, Marty lyrics but a friendship that has lasted to this day. They wrote commercials like Frito Lay, Cheetos and others. They were approached to write a theme song for Jack Butcher who was running for Governor of Tennessee. They got $750 and eventually Butcher got 20 years when the FBI caught up with him.
Marty was Barry’s lyricist until he moved to California. Marty was looking for collaborators; not an easy task. He first connected to a composer who wrote a #1 song for Streisand but he wasn’t right as he was stoned within half an hour. Next was a country writer, but no, he wasn’t right.
Then he met Steve Dorff and together they wrote “Through the Years,” the song recorded by Kenny Rogers that put food in Marty’s mouth for the next 30 years. Eric Bergen, one of the LA Jersey Boys, currently working on a show of Marty’s songs, sang this iconic hit.

The phone rang in Marty’s house: “You don’t know me but I am the biggest star in the world.”
It was Julio Iglesias who stated, “Your titles are better than most people’s lyrics.” He loved “Who’s Been Sleeping in my Bed.” That call resulted in Panzer writing “The Last Time.”
Michael Crawford cried when he heard the new song “Tonight” written by Panzer for EFX that ran for seven years.
Panzer partnered with Larry Grossman during his Disney years, writing for The Lion King 2 and Pocahontas 2. Megan McGinnis sang “Where Do I Go From Here?”

“This Song Will Never Sell” was one of his most important songs along with “All The Time.” Written for his mother, Panzer’s “Christmas With My Prince” was sung by Megan.
Brian Lane Green sang “I Am Your Child” and the afternoon ended with Kevin Early singing “Even Now.”
Marty Panzer has had an unbelievable life and because he’s such a fine storyteller, he was able to transmit the joys and sorrows and funny times (and there were many) to an enthralled audience at the NYSMS. He is a prolific writer and presented one of the best programs imaginable. Next, perhaps, an autobiography?

I would be remiss not to mention some of the other programs this season.
Danny Aiello presented his Christmas Gift in December, with selections from his latest CD “My Christmas Song For You;” the lovely, talented Award-winning Karen Oberlin performed the songs of Frank Loesser (Jon Weber on piano); the definitive sheet music collector, musical director/performer Michael Lavine with behind-the-scenes stories; Bob Spiotto doing his entertaining Danny Kaye show “Courting the Jester;” author and Wall Street Journal music columnist Will Friedwald on the “Great Jazz and Pop Singers of the 20th Century,” and the 10th Annual Songwriter Series produced by Sandi Durell (Board member) featuring new and contemporary songwriters that keep the Great American Songbook alive and growing. The Series saw Larry Kerchner presenting with Daryl Kojak, Sean Harkness, Dan Gross and singers Chris J. Handley and Erica Scanlon Harr; Mary Liz McNamara with Ritt Henn and Sharon McNight; Beth Falcone with Erin Leigh Peck, Jerry Lanning and Heather Jane Rolff; Brad Alexander (Drama Desk Nominee) and collaborator Adam Mathias (Drama Desk Winner) with Jeremy Jordan, Sally Wilfert and Bayla Whitten; Frank Evans with James Scully, Adam J. MacDonald and Deborah Tranelli and more.
It appears that the NY Sheet Music Society is one of the city’s best kept secrets but it’s time that it is no secret any more!
Programs begin again in October 2011. They meet the 2d Saturday of the month at Musician’s Union Hall (Local 802) on West 48th Street, NYC. The organization is headed by Linda Amiel Burns, who is President.
You can attend all the monthly musical meetings, find your favorite song during the pre-sheet music trading time and receive the monthly newsletter all for a yearly membership of $50. www.nysms.org Visit New York Sheet Music Society on Facebook as well.
Sandi Durell
Reviewer - Producer
917 270-5599
Outer Critics Circle Voter & Drama Desk Member
American Theatre Critics Assoc.
www.examiner.com (NY & National Theatre & Cabaret Reviewer)
www.T2conline.com - Managing Editor (Times Square Chronicles)

Producer: www.sharellproductions.com
Broadway Live and Hollywood Live

Join The Sheet Music Society! You'll thank me!

Many years ago, I did summer stock at Theatre By The Sea in Matunick, Rhode Island. I did a show called LITTLE RHODIE'S BURLESQUE SHOW. It was a very traditional old fashioned Burlesque Show. I appeared as both Judy Garland and Carol Channing in that show. It was directed by Richard Sabellico. Also in the cast was Meredith Patterson.
(Seen here with Lennie Watts)Meredith is a triple threat. She can act, sing, and dance...and she does an incredible Marilyn Monroe! She is am amazing talent and I have been proudly watching her progress since then. In 1998, I next saw Meredith in the incredible production of FOLLIES at The Papermill Playhouse. That was when I met Ann Miller.

When Meredith starred in 42nd Street on Broadway in 42nd Street, Ann flew to New York to celebrate with her! Here is Meredith in 42nd Street in Moscow!
In 2003, I went to see her in THE BOYFRIEND at The Bay Street Theatre directed by none other than Julie Andrews! It was a wonderful production and I was so proud of Meredith. She even introduced me to Julie Andrews!

Meredith Patterson in Princess Diaries II and some excerpts from Boston Legal.

Meredith's speech to AMDA graduating class and her receiving her BFA

Follow Meredith on TWITTER

Meredith will star as Sandy in GREASE at Surflight Theatre in Beach Haven, NJ June 22nd-July 15th. For tickets visit www.surflight.org

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