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Ron Greenfield: Aspects of Entertainment

I dwell in possibility…
-Emily Dickinson

Happy Friday!
A lot has gone on in the world in the last five weeks surrounding the subject of the right to free speech. I do not advocate censorship but I do hope that more and more will operate from a "moral" compass.
My philosophy for ME is that if I've offended one person in my art, I have offended one person too many.

I think we all have an obligation to raise the bar and to continue to raise the bar. That is the goal and purpose of Richard Skipper Celebrates.
I love the internet and social media. It has opened doors and made connections that I thought could never have imagined. The other side of the coin is that it can cut like a knife.
2015 for me is about being an "earth angel". I want to raise the bar, to elevate, to celebrate. I am cleaning house and dispensing with those that don't contribute in a positive manner and/or are just taking up space or
who only make snarky comments. I have two words for all of you, GOOD BYE!
Now...on to the positives!
Earlier this week, someone shared a positive posting on my page and the source was Ron Greenfield and Aspects of Entertainment. I only had to spend a few moments on his website and seeing his posts to see that we are kindred spirits.
Interestingly enough, I moved from South Carolina to New York. He moved from New York to North Carolina. I encourage all of my readers to check Ron out. I reached out to him to do a blog feature and I was thrilled that he agreed to do this. Today, I celebrate Ron Greenfield,, and their Body of "Worth"
About three years ago, Ron was working with someone to produce their movie. The other person was the writer and director.
Ron knew all the whys and wherefores.The other person started to pull a prima donna act. He kept responding by saying, "Since I'm the writer/director, I should do this" or, "I shouldn't do that." When one is producing an independent film, you have to "beat the bushes". Ron eventually withdrew from the project. He started to think about what was next for him. One day, he started to free associate all that he had done in this industry...from theatre to film to games.
He started to write down everything that he had done and it turned out to be several pages. He realized that he had done a lot. Over the next few days, he began rolling ideas around in his head. He then decided to move those ideas from his head to a website. He had done all these aspects of the entertainment industry, thus the title.
As stated above, Ron grew up in New York City, Brooklyn to be exact. From a very early age, his older brother and he were encouraged in the arts. That included the fine arts. They were always taken to museums, to concerts, to plays, all aspects of theatre. His older brother, Ray, and he were exposed to all of this from a very young age.
As a kid, he was in art classes. For as long as he can remember, Ron was always drawn to the visual first, whether it was color or setting, or whatever. From movies and theatre, he was always drawn to the visual setting of whatever he was experiencing. In the theatre, he was always fascinated by how the scenery was moved.
By the time he was seventeen, he was already working in summer theatres in Pennsylvania and Connecticut.
By the time, Ron was in college, he knew he was going to do something in this business. He was always intrigued by the titles and closing credits on movies and television. Names like Saul Bass and Wayne Fitzgerald were names Ron would often see. At that time, there were no schools or training for this. It was very corporate oriented. The design classes at Hunter College, for example, was geared towards corporate design. He knew from the beginning that if he going to do this, he would have to rely on his own resources to find the kind of job he wanted. He knew it was out there, he would just have to do the leg work to get it and to find out where they were. He would go to a school guidance counselor and tell them he wanted to design graphics for television, they didn't know what the hell he was talking about.

We are talking about a forty year career in this business.
What does Ron do when he needs a little "nonsense" in his life?  
He likes to travel or just hang out with his friends and just "shoot the breeze". He admits that many of them are "out on a limb".
Anything entertaining, he loves.
What does he desire more than anything?  
He is really putting himself out there and he feels at this stage of the game that he has had so many blessings and so many good things happen to him that he desires to now pay it forward. He is in the process of trying to get representation to start speaking. He had written a book called Perspectives on Entertainment
What he is really focused on right now is positioning himself as a lecturer and educated expert, which he is. 
Why should someone hire Ron Greenfield to do the things that he is talking about that he would like to do?
There are very few people out there who can articulate and also know what the creative process involves, but also as to how it relates to the entertainment industry. Ron has covered so many areas. There are very few people out there, like Ron, who has his background who can talk about it from any point of view. Read his blogs, his articles, and listen to his podcasts. He is all about creativity. 
He certainly feels that all people, whether they are in the business or not, have some kind of talent. To Ron, it is a sin, if it is not being utilized or expressed.
What is next for Ron?
He is not sure. In the last three or four months, he has been trying to get major traction. He is not just talking here in the United States. He has had people responding to him from all over the world, Australia, France, Italy, South Africa. A lot of people are asking him, "Where were you?" He is hitting a chord with them on the subject of creativity and the obstacles. No one in their life has had an easy path. There are always obstacles. What he tries to share is what obstacles he has faced and how he overcame them.
On a personal level, people feel as if Ron is joining them in their conversations. He gets into their head. They feel that he knows what he is talking about. It makes him relatable on a very strong basis.
If Ron could change one thing about today's entertainment
industry, he would like to see more of those people who are in the outer stratosphere be able to make the transition to the forefront. 
He would like to be able to open more doors for those people and lend a hand. There are so many young people, whether it be in the film business or the theatre, who are finding their voice, but they need to be established. Look at the talent that is out there. When you see it, you see the talent. Where are we going to find the next Stephen Sondheim, Martin Scorcese, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, or Barbra Streisand? Where will they be coming from? Ron really desires to examine who is out there and start opening doors for them.
The trajectory of Ron's career once again with him being born and raised in New York. That is also where he saw his life being.
with Sidney Lumet
As the entertainment industry was changing, he found himself in Los Angeles. He started working in various studios, then he found himself working for Aaron Spelling. Sometimes he would just pinch himself, not believing this was his life. Here he was, a kid from Brooklyn in Hollywood! Not only was he working in the industry he loved, he was working with one of the legends of the entertainment industry. It still boggles his mind sometime.
Ron considers his career a 60/40 split. When he began to design trailers and on air openings for the studios, he was very focused. He went at it very aggressively. Going to Los Angeles was not something that he really planned for. Like anything that anyone experiences in life, along the way, you will meet people who guide you and people who will mentor you.
with Phaedra Valencia
At a certain point in his work, he was contacted by Spelling asking him if he would like to join them. 40 percent of his career, Ron feels was not planned for and leaves that to a Greater Power , with the remaining 60 percent being what he physically worked for.
The industry  has changed tremendously since Ron began. It has now become totally a global community. At the time that he moved to Los Angeles, which was the mid eighties, pretty much, the entertainment was a cottage industry. It has changed the nature of the whole business.
If he could change one thing about Ron Greenfield, he would change something he works on consistently. He is a very impatient person. When involved in a creative process, he is always fighting against wanting an immediate result. He tries to just let nature take its course. He knows that he does not have to be on top of everything all the time. Things happen! Deal with it as it happens instead of stewing about it. One of
the things that Ron has tried to do for himself when he gets a job or when someone says they are going to do something and they don't, he tries to convince himself that this is not the only game in town. There are many different directions that one can choose to go in. He just has to figure out which direction that should be. Who can open that door or who else can he connect to?
There are a lot more options now than there was fifteen or twenty years ago.
Aspects of Entertainment started three years ago and Ron never visualized it would get to this point.Ron is now trying to add more videos and more resources. He desires to be able to direct people to certain places when they come to the website. He desires to add more topics on the blog. At the time of our interview, he had just published his latest blog having to do with another aspect of entertainment, puppetry, a subject that many people don't think about.
Whatever Ron writes about or whatever he talks about, what his videos are about, it always relates back to creativity. He is trying to expand that platform.
What does Ron feel are the three essentials that are necessary for building a successful career in this business?
You have to have a Purpose. You have to know what you desire in life.
The people who have succeeded, and he is not talking about major bucks and/or physical things, he is talking about those that are respected. They all share a Passion about what they do. Throughout all the years, those are always the people that he has gravitated to. It is true of performers, dancers, singers, first assistant directors. Whatever you do in this industry, you have to be driven by this passion. Why give 200 percent of yourself if the whole SELF is not behind it.
The last of what Ron always refers to as the three Ps is Persistence.Without persistence, you are not going to get anywhere. This is true if you are looking for your next job or gig. If someone says "no", it is only a no. You have to go forward and figure out what the other options are.
If all of those three Ps are in place, you will find the right doors to knock on.
From starting out as a graphic designer to creative services and then into marketing, Ron had a responsibility to design a campaign whether he was working on a film project to a theatrical project, or a TV project with someone else's vision, he had to make it visual for the audience. He realizes that he will not always please everybody. He feels, however, at this stage of the game, this is how HE sees it, this is how he feels it, it is how he will say it and express it. For all Aspects of Entertainment, check out Ron Greenfield's Website.

Thank to ALL mentioned in this blog for the gifts you have given to the world and continue to give!
With grateful XOXOXs ,

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Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help!    

Here's to an INCREDIBLE tomorrow for ALL...with NO challenges!

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  1. Wonderful post about Ron Greenfield! He's a terrific guy and a creative force of nature.

  2. Superb post. Richard. A true pleasure to have recently been the recipient of Ron's artistic advice! And to find kindreds amongst the chaos - another ++.