St. Patrick's Day,Sally Darling, Steven Fales... and MORE!

Love is never defeated, and I could add, the history of Ireland proves it. — Pope John Paul II

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
It is March 17 , the 77th day of the year . There are 289 days remaining until the end of the year.
As a kid, I always loved St. Patrick's Day. It was fun for everyone to be seen in several shades of green, my favorite color. To me, it was as if everyone was living in the Emerald City. As an adult, and living in New York, I see it as something different. 
I try to avoid the city at all costs. I've never understood the attraction for people to get "wasted". 
It seems, as we have with most celebrations, that it is less about celebrating our heritage and more about drunken debauchery. 
I'm thrilled that schools this year are cracking down on truancy. Kids cutting class today WILL pay a price. This is a great move on behalf of NYC. Also, New York’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade steps off with hopes of closing a long chapter of controversy over including gays in the largest and oldest U.S. celebration of Irish heritage. Groucho Marx’s letter of resignation to the Friars’ Club read  “I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members.”
Congratulations to all of those that struggled for years in the LGBTQ community to be a part of this parade. I can understand, somewhat, if those that have been fighting are truly of Irish heritage. My hope is that now they will march proudly to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with no other agenda. PLEASE don't make it a freak show. I know there may be many who will hate what I just wrote.
I'm just tired of seeing the bar lowered lower and lower. We have seen it seep into every aspect of our world. What is wrong with operating from a moral compass and trying to navigate through the waters of life with a higher standard?
Today, I DO celebrate St. Patrick's Day and my Irish friends, but like St. Patrick, I think it is time to drive away the snakes! We ALL know who they are. 
I'm sorry to note the passing of Frank Sinatra Jr., who's died of a sudden heart attack, while on a concert tour.(He died before a performance in Daytona Beach, Florida.).

At least, he was on the road doing what he loved most. Rest in Peace, Mr. Sinatra Jr. My condolences to your family and loved ones.
There are several notable Birthdays that I would like to acknowledge Today
 1901 – Alfred Newman, American composer and conductor (d. 1970).
 1919 – Nat King Cole, American singer, pianist, and television host (d. 1965)
Rudolf Nureyev was born  on this date ,1938. Did you see him perform? A classic clip to celebrate: Click HERE

Patrick Duffy, American actor and director.
Kurt Russell, American actor and producer
Lesley-Anne Down, English actress.
Gary Sinise, American actor, director, and bass player (Lt. Dan Band).
Jorge Ramos, Mexican-American journalist and author.
Happy Birthday, Vickie Lewis!
Gary Beech, Vickie Lewis, Andrew Cato (Producing Artistic Director/Chief Executive) Fran Weisler, Hello, Dolly! Maltz Theatre, Florida

Christopher and Dana Reeve
Dana Reeve, American actress, singer, and activist (d. 2006).
Rob Lowe, American actor and producer.

Notable Departures on this date
Capucine, French model and actress (January 6, 1928 – March 17, 1990).
1993 – Helen Hayes, American actress (b. 1900)
2002 – Rosetta LeNoire, American actress (b. 1911).
2002 – Sylvester "Pat" Weaver, American broadcaster, created the Today Show and The Tonight Show (b. 1908).
2006 – Oleg Cassini, French-American fashion designer (b. 1913)
2011 – Ferlin Husky, American singer and guitarist (b. 1925).
2014 – Gene Feist, American director and playwright, co-founded the Roundabout Theatre Company (b. 1923)
55 Years Ago Today Sheila Finn was on the cover of LIFE Magazine

There are thousands and thousands of stars in the sky, but we don't have enough fingers to count them- Capucine
Today, I would also like to celebrate two of my favorite artists, Steven Fales (on his birthday) and  Sally Darling! I will get back to Steven in a moment. Let's start with Sally. She will be receiving The Hanson Award from
Sally Darling: “Perspectives”
MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs) on March 29th at BB King's to close out Cabaret Month.
The Hanson award is presented to a performer or performing entity of outstanding talent who is a MAC member. The recipient must have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to cabaret. The recipient cannot have made their debut in the past year, nor have ever been a nominee for a MAC Award.
 Performers of the major engagement caliber are not to be considered.
The Hanson Committee's choice must be submitted to the MAC Board in writing for ratification. The Board will ratify the committee's final decision barring any extraordinary circumstances.
Sally will be returning to Don't Tell Mama on April 17th along with Matthew Martin Ward in a new show, Totally Noel...With a Bit of Sally.
I will be there! I hope you will join me. Here is our mini-interview.

What does the Hanson Award mean to you?

To those of us toiling in the cabaret vineyards, the recognition and honor bestowed by this award is overwhelming. We do this work because we love it, but we often do it without acknowledgement. This award is coveted and
rightly so. It is prestigious, and when one thinks of those who have received it in the past, it is also humbling. I want to honor the Hansons for creating the Hanson Award and for limiting it to the 'unsung'. This is inspired, it seems to me, and shows a remarkable appreciation for performers and performing talent.

With Bobbie Horowitz, Barbara A Malley, Jaye Maynard, Gretchen Reinhagen, Joey Infante, Charles V. Baran, Mike McDonald, Ruth Carlin Sudock, Bob Diamond, Ricky Ritzel, Meg Flather and Jay Rogers.
with Richard Skipper and Ellen Lawrence
What is your biggest challenge each week?

I'm a doer, always looking ahead. My biggest challenge each week, each day, is to fully be where I am at the moment. When I'm working, creating, I'm totally immersed, but otherwise I tend to focus on tomorrow.

New Year's Eve Resolutions. Did you make them and, if so, have you kept them?

I don't make them. They’re seldom kept, so it’s less disappointing not to make them in the first place!

Compliment three people.

There are so many people I admire and could compliment, but I'm going to keep this personal.

Matthew Martin Ward
First, Matthew Martin Ward. Not only is he an extraordinary musician, composer, arranger, amazing accompanist ­ it's a joy to share the stage with him.

Second, my brother Jock Darling, also an xceptional musician whose good taste curbed my tendency to excess. He set the example of dedication, perseverance, and “practice until you have it in your bones".

Third, Sidney Myer, always sensitive, encouraging, supportive, and a terrific performer himself.

What does it take to succeed on Broadway these days?

Preparation, determination, and a whole lot of luck!

At what point, if ever, did you think of quitting? 
I've never thought of quitting.  I've changed ways of expression (I.e., book narration) but I've always found and pursued an outlet for my talents.  And it's always involved my voice.
Don't Miss Sally Darling at Don't Tell Mama on April 17th!
Reserve HERE
Happy Birthday, Steven Fales He is a classically trained playwright and actor who has gained broad recognition in both the theatre world, gay community and the LDS community for his award-winning one-man play, Confessions of a Mormon Boy.
I am thrilled at Steven took the time on his birthday to answer a few questions.
I asked him to begin by reflecting by what this birthday means to him.
It's my birthday so I'm feeling reflective and excited. I believe we are always at the perfect age for each of us as long as we keep moving in the direction of our dreams. Our dreams keep us young. However, boy have I wanted to be 46 ever since I turned 44. I feel 34! Something about this time in my 40s feels magical and fresh: the kids are raised, traveling dues are paid, and my best creative years are ahead. 
Steven's latest solo comedy: MY MORMON VALENTINE
"the one-man Book of Mormon".
I feel like I finally know who I am and have found my voice.
I'm really grateful for all those who were there with and for me during the rough Recession years when I couldn't seem to get ahead with all kinds of unexpected personal and professional challenges coming in like a tsunami! It sure makes you appreciate the good time and makes me want to pay so much forward. Things are getting good. I've been circling like an airplane for a while and I'm landing.

Name six things you could not live without:
iPhone/WiFi; texting my dad or my kids with the latest inside joke; sweets before bed (guilty!); ALONE time; the next show (or idea for a new show); the Rocky Mountains (basing and exporting FROM Utah)

What is your unique value proposition?
I've got your Oxy-Mormon right here! actor/writer/producer/dad

Who gave you your break in the business?
Steven Fales of the ‘Mormon Boy Trilogy’
My excommunication from the LDS Church (Mormons) was my unexpected big break. I dusted off my MFA and went to work writing about it. It was the cornerstone of Confessions of a Mormon Boy and the rest is history (still in the making).

What was your most embarrassing moment onstage?
Countless zippers undone. But once my Errol Flynn wig flew off during a double pirouette playing Frederick in The Pirates of Penzance at Connecticut Repertory Theatre. It was such a scream people thought it was part of the choreography!

Why do you keep doing what you do?
I keep learning and growing with each new solo play/show/cabaret. The arts not only helps teach others but teaches ME.

What do you still want that you don't have now?
I am really loving my solo performance career but I want to join a bigger cast party. I've got performing on Broadway up my sleeve and a feature film I'm working on getting made.

Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
Do I celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Dahling, it's my birthday every year. I can never quit St. Patrick's.

What Wednesday wisdom would you like to offer my readers today?
Always look for and seek the truth behind "the truth".

What is your election fear?
My fear is that people are voting based on cult brain or obsessive cult disorder whether on the Left or the Right. I'm a self-righteous independent. I make them EARN my vote every time. I don't just give it away to the cult-du-jour.

"All we have to change the world is our story."
Stay In Touch with Steven!
Mormon Boy Productions, LLC
Twitter @mormonboy

Confessions of a Mormon Boy (Live from London) album now available on iTunes!
Missionary Position

In Other Entertainment News
Carol Lipnik
Talk about April showers!  A geyser of talent is set to rain on Downtown’s alternative supper-club Pangea next month.  Among the headliners are the alt cabaret goddess Carol Lipnik -- who reprises her bewitching self-titled show for an open run of weekly Sundays beginning Sunday April 3 at 7pm, and Mad Jenny, the brainy provocateur of downtown cabaret -- who continues in her acclaimed Weimar cabaret “Love und Greed” on the first Monday of the month, i.e. Monday April 4 at 7pm.
Italian-Mediterranean hideaway Pangea is a unique restaurant-bar and cabaret with a downtown vibe that programs a wide range of quality performers and shows representing a diversity of styles and aesthetics.  The unique music and dining experience (featuring a deliciously priced Italian-Mediterranean menu) mixes sophistication and adventurous creativity.

Ken Fallin's Hamilton
Can't get into the show? Can't get enough of listening to that great cast album? You can take home a little piece of Hamilton for your very own. 15" x 18" mounted and signed piece of art by the artist.

I have to share this: 
Trump's First Night In the White House (a vision)
On the first night he spends in the White House, he is visited by the ghost of George Washington.
He asks him, "George, what can I do to best serve the United States?"
Donald Trump through the eyes of Ken Fallin
The ghost of George Washington responds, "Never tell a lie."
He says, "Oh, I don't think I can do that."
The next night, he is visited by the ghost of Thomas Jefferson.
He asks him, "Thomas, what can I do to best serve the United States?"
The ghost of Thomas Jefferson responds, "Do not bully the people."
He says, "Oh, I don't think I can do that."
On the third night, he is visited by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.
He asks him, "Abraham, what can I do to best serve the United States?"
The ghost of Abraham Lincoln responds, "Go see a play.”
(Thanks,Michael Colby for this story)

Thank to ALL of the artists mentioned in this blog for the gifts they have given to the world and continue to give!

With grateful XOXOXs ,


Check out my site celebrating the legacy of Jerry Herman's Hello, Dolly!

Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help!    

Here's to an INCREDIBLE tomorrow for ALL...with NO challenges!

President John F. Kennedy and Ambassador Thomas Kiernan - March 17, 1961
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Bridging the Past with the Present

Richard Skipper,


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  1. Top o'the Mormon to you, Richard Skipper! Thanks for featuring me. You have always been so great to me. I will never forget you filling "Missionary Position" for me at FringeNYC2010. And of course, all your hard effort putting on Carol Channing for me at Don't Tell Mamma when I did "Mormon American Princess" there. YOU were the diamond that night. Smiles from Salt Lake City!


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