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Tanya Holt!

Tanya Holt
"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." -Oscar Wilde

Happy Tuesday! 

I hope this finds you well and preparing for a creative day. As I start today's blog, it is 6:45 AM. Wanting to get this published by 9:30. Busy day today! I'm going to the Lincoln Center Library to start the "preliminary" research on my Hello, Dolly!  book project. 
A friend of mine is joining me to focus on dates of productions and tours as I focus on Eve Arden! 
 Then I'm meeting Bernard Furshpan at The Metropolitan Room to discuss some exciting projects that he is thinking about. Stay tuned for my blog interview with him coming up next week. 
I'm so excited, I am conducting two interviews today. Dawn Hampton, suggested by Mark Nadler! And Mary Ellen Ashley who has done 13 LUCKY productions of Hello, Dolly! I can't wait to share their stories with you!

On Sunday morning, I watched a recent MAC seminar on Cabaret Critics. It is on YouTube and I recommend that everyone in cabaret take the time to watch this. Sherry Eaker put together an impressive panel, for the most part. One of the panelists, however, turned me off immensely. She was arrogant and smug and did no favors for herself in terms of getting me to want to follow her either as "critic" or "artist". Roy Sander really moved me when he got a little choked up when he taught about all of those artists who do great work who are not always recognized. Today, I'm writing about someone that MOST in the cabaret community know but don't really know. Tanya Holt! Tanya was recently on the cover of Cabaret Scenes, a distinction I have never had, so she's doing something right! She's doing many things right. Right now, she happens to be at the right place at the right time. She is the booking manager at The Metropolitan Room. She is also a great singer in her own right! 
Today I am celebrating Tanya Holt!   
The first live show Tanya remembers seeing was the Jackson Five in concert at the Westbury Music Fair.  
She was between the ages of 4-6 years old. She went with her two older sisters and she remembers the Jackson family came running down the aisles and out of excitement her older sister Caryn tapped LaToya on the back.
Tanya was exposed to the arts growing up. She used to put on shows for the family and she would sing and dance. Her father and brothers were musicians and in school she was a part of the Chorus and Music Theater programs.
Tanya’s first professional job was at Computer Associates. She worked in the sales accounting department as a customer service representative.
Tanya joins me in KNOWING that Arts in Education is important. Kids these days need a positive outlet. She only knows what it's done for her kids being a part of the Arts and she is relieved that they get to express their creativity.  
Tanya says both of her kids are very talented.

Tanya told me that she was always told that she has an old soul. Perhaps THAT is why we both get along so well! She doesn’t necessarily think she was born in the wrong era, however, she does relate to the Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and the Dinah Washington era. 
“They just appeared to be down to earth, authentic women. “
When I asked Tanya about her thoughts on Carol Channing as I do in all my interviews, Tanya said, “I think Carol Channing is an icon and has accomplished so much in her career.  
Her longevity speaks volumes!! She deserves to receive the 2012 Kennedy Center Honor because of her overall commitment to the arts. 
She is truly triumphant!!!”

Tanya’s most recent appearance was the Metropolitan Staff Spectacular Benefit on Feb. 9th, 2012. 

If you missed it, don’t despair!  Tanya will be back at The Metropolitan Room on  Tuesday, March 6th at 7pm and Wednesday, March 14th at 7pm
Tanya feels her biggest success in show business was performing at the Cabaret convention in October 2010 
Tanya has faced a few low points over the past few years. 
Losing her father in 2000 and her divorce in 2001 and she says she surpassed it by surrounding herself with close friends and family to help her get through the rough spots!!! 

Being in this close knit cabaret, we are inundated with requests to see so many shows! I asked Tanya how she deals with it. She says by being completely honest whether lack of affordability or lack of time factors in.  
Tanya feels like her career is just really starting to evolve! She is happy and enjoying the process. She doesn’t feel that she has accomplished what she set out to do but she’s working on it.  
She prays a lot and she tries  to stay creative and keep busy!!!  
She feels that Facebook is currently the best way to reach people to build and sustain your audiences. 
A genie pops out of the lamp, he grants you three wishes. What are those wishes?
1. Health   2. Prosperity  3. Wealth 

 If you could travel anywhere in the world and spend some time there, where would you choose, and what would you do? 
  The Carribean!! I would do absolutely nothing but relax and rest as I am ALWAYS working and on the move!!!  

What is your favorite song? And yes, you can only pick one!!! 
 One of my favorite songs is:  "I Have Nothing" ~ Whitney Houston

What is the last stage show you saw.  Local or professional.   
The last stage show I saw was "Follies" with Julie Wilson & Rosamond Hirschorn. It was pretty cool sitting in front row orchestra next to Julie who was in it twice!!! She would lean over and tell me all the changes that have been made since she played the leading roles!! 

 If you could change places with anyone in the world for 24 hours, who would that be and why?
 I wouldn't change places with anyone! I am comfortable and love being in my skin! 
When do you know it’s time for a  Tonya Holt show? 
When I watch other shows and leave COMPLETELY inspired!!

 Do you make a living at this or do you have a survival job? Please elaborate on your thoughts on this? 

I always believe if you do what you love first the money will follow. I haven't been doing this long enough to say I do or don't make a living at this! For now it's a labor of love. Who knows what the future holds!!

What is your favorite compliment?  
    My favorite compliment is the one I get about my two daughters and how great they are!! That assures me that as a parent I'm doing a good job at raising them.

Tanya, thank YOU so much for the gifts you give to the world ...both on and off stage!

Tanya will be performing at the Metropolitan Room
Tues. March 6th, 2012 at 7pm & Wed. March 14th, 2012 at 7pm
20.00 Cover + 2 Beverage Minimum
For Reservations go to www.metropolitanroom.com or (212) 206-0440
Tracy Stark on Piano, Matt Wigton on Bass, Directed by Lennie Watts


Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help!

Tomorrow's's blog will be... My Exclusive Interview with George Marcy

Thank you, to all the mentioned in this blog!

  Here's to an INCREDIBLE DAY for ALL...with NO challenges!
With Brett Kristofferson, Julie Reyburn, Jim Speake, Lina Koutrakos, Gretchen Reinhagen and Tanya L Holt.

Now, GO OUT AND see Carol Channing: Larger Than Life  now in theatres.


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